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  1. I had thought there were four that I indicated, unless the 2nd clear one is a picture of the 1st, removed from its packaging. Let me know.
  2. Interested in the new clear one and three used ones (clear, yellow and one of the rainbows in the picture with the yellow one, if they're 110s) if you decide to split. GLWS
  3. Thread closed. Thank you Tim and SOL.
  4. If there LDS-18s, I’ll take the lot.
  5. I’ll take it
  6. Thank you, but going to pass on these latest ones. The earlier black one is an LDS-18, correct? Let me know if you find any more LDS.
  7. Top one looks like the longer lip (LDM not LDS) ? Compare it to the black one. Both should have a lip that looks like the one that Jayfish posted. Stubby, rounded shape and not straight, long and narrow. Let me know. I only want the short raindrop shape. They should look like this:
  8. Yes New or used is fine
  9. Sure Post pics
  10. $36 and add it with others
  11. I’ll take the others
  12. I want all three.
  13. I'll take them, so long as they are LDS (short lip) and not the LDM longer lip.
  14. I will take this. Thank you.