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  1. New bunker surf howdy and new a400 swimmer in trade.
  2. Got any used CCW swimmers?
  3. Steve, Thank you so very much my friend.
  4. Three times the charm. Hoping to snag one or two.
  5. Yup.
  6. What size darter are you interested in? The smaller or larger one?
  7. 3rd times the charm?
  8. Struggled with weedy conditions last night. Huge dead harbor seal washed up on the beach.
  9. And one more try.
  10. ROW

    Keep an eye on Shoreline Access Legislative Bill H 8055. Passed the House of Representatives. Now it's the Senate's turn.
  11. Still looking.
  12. Still looking to try one around some boulder fields.
  13. Nice!!
  14. Looking for a Scabelly 5 in. Floater to try, new or used.