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  1. No pics. Had my hands full, fishing from a simple on top Ocaen kayak Frenzy. Forgot my pliers and paid for it with two stuck trebles in my hand. Switched from jumpin minnow over to single hook nlbn to save myself from getting stuck again. Couldn’t even get a boga measurement as I didn’t have my glasses. Fish size was estimated based on past experience. The larger fish took me for heck of Nantucket sleigh rides. Had to revive the Stripers. The bluefish - it was all I could do to get back my lure. New to fishing from a yak but better than from shore as the fish were on the move, pushing bait. No rod holders. Just me and the fish. Not the best of situations as I wasn’t expecting anything over 20 #s. It’s okay to be skeptical. I would be too, if I didn’t know better. Thought twice about posting, but thought it was worth sharing.
  2. Monster day in the back bay. 3-15#, 2-20#, 25#, 30# and what must have been close to the 26# state record for a bluefish. All on my schoolie set-up.
  3. Plenty of backpay action this afternoon. Slots and superslots. Fish were crazy aggressive and power-feisty. Left them still churning up the water.
  4. What are the leading two knots for ?
  5. Rhode Island fishermen's advisory board resigns, accuses state of prioritization of offshore wind projects
  6. Shouldn't be too far off, hopefully.
  7. You know striper fishing is off when the discussion turns to all sorts of other fish.
  8. I’d prefer to fish in the rain than in dense fog. Waders, splash top , the hike and the fog makes for one uncomfortable outing. Poor Nighttime visibility where a light isn’t of much use. Doesn’t seem to improve the bite either.
  9. Tend to shy away from using rear hook for both plugs and slug-go types when targeting stripers. Find it to be safer and less apt to injure fish. Stripers it seem tend to be head hunters whereas bluefish attack from the back. Am I truly missing out? What percentage of your stripers fall to the rear hook?
  10. Might be that you could still rig the back end on a smaller head.
  11. I always wonder why Mystic doesn’t release them in their home state. Maybe it’s not allowed?
  12. What’s your preference and why?
  13. Steve - what about freezer storage/no salt option Can you leave hooks on?
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