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  1. wet nurse
  2. For head lamps, I loop the strap around the shoulder strap of my waders, pulling the light through the strap loop and then snugging up on the loop.
  3. weiners
  4. “Early” Is during the first few weeks of the start of striper activity for the area in which you fish.
  5. sled
  6. So, early spring brings the first push of stripers which tend to be on the small side. But there's a few LARGE in the mix. How do you go about targeting the bigger fish in the mix? Is it a night time game? What lures are you throwing?
  7. Valyrian steel
  8. cooper
  9. close
  10. vilified
  11. Marvin (the Martian)
  12. canine
  13. For full moons, pick a spot that has artificial light (like lighted bridges) and fish the shadow line.
  14. chordate
  15. whole