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  1. Didn’t know there were jointed spin atoms. Nice!
  2. purple
  3. release
  4. pin
  5. Jimmy
  6. Not what a local tackle shop posted
  7. old-school
  8. Can offer $37 for the used eely
  9. Keeper swam by me, while I was swimming at the beach. They always appear ghost-like at the beach; like sight fishing bonefish.
  10. Length and weight please.
  11. Still interested in buying, if you can spare one or two.
  12. Looking to trade BM Maple Spins (Old Stock for New Run).
  13. Thank you for the offer, but I'm all set with eel skin.
  14. I have old run black over purple, fire tiger and green mac.
  15. or something close to white or yellow