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  1. Strange. Mine actually went up after buying my house. And then it went up more when I did an old fashioned straight refi to get a lower interest rate when the rates bottomed out in 2011.
  2. Just as everyone was laughing about me being broke and drowning in debt, I happened to check my credit score today and (Yes. This is my real score. The guy who shares my same legal name that went bankrupt isn’t me, he’s 4 years younger. I’m the original...) Anyone who says 849 is not possible Just copied what they read on WebMD
  3. Of my previously low credit score. Paid off a student loan with about 15-20 years left on it a month or two ago. Guess that completely disproves the good at paying interest theory of credit scores.
  4. Here are some pics. Ms. Kipp signed on page two. She was killed by mail bomb. The program is “Delta” same name as the internment camp in Guantanamo bay. Ironically, the Unabomber had been involved with the same type of program. Cue X-Files theme song.....
  5. I truly LoL’ed over this one. Good one!
  6. Know anyone that fits the bill?
  7. This is a joke. So now the Commander in Chief has to take orders from his assistants? The fact that he was told he could not congratulate Putin is proof this government is trash. Because it is obvious now, that no matter what he said, the news banners on all of our TVs would be trashing him for it. Like it it or not, he is the President. And so is Putin. The morons taking the hard line on Putin are the fools who are too stupid to realize that that’s how you wind up with North Korea shooting off advanced ICBMs and thermonuclear weapons. We are closer than ever in our history to actually getting hit with a nuclear attack. The traitorous government we have from the last 16 years put us there. This isn’t a statement about how great Trump is, it’s a statement about how terrible the traitors are. Realistically, those traitors are in the pockets of foreign business interests. They’re just not investigating themselves for it. Were going to wind up with a war. And there is no way to prevent major mass attacks on the US Homeland. But, hey, at least we can watch an idiot analyst laugh on TV about how Putin is just bluffing about the capability of the Russian military. They had missiles that go 15,000 MPH since the Cuban Missile crisis. That’s how fast all real ICBMs go.
  8. I just realized I had free monthly credit score monitoring, but unbeknownst to me, I now lost 6 points off my score by checking it again after the first time Thats my real score. Every realtor and attorney at my closing said they had never in their lives ever seen a couple both with credit scores that high. And they werent exactly young, they’d all been doing real estate over 30 years. But they said they knew that had to be the case, because at the time (in late 2007) they revised all the lending criteria to eliminate the all the sham deals and every other deal in the area couldn’t get approved. I just love how no one believes me, but they’ll believe anyone else. No matter how full of **** they are.
  9. No, I have never gone bankrupt. Any ****** who knows my legal name should also know that I have never resided in the federal court district that the only other person in America who has the same legal name as me filed for bankruptcy in. I have also never been arrested or charged with a crime like the other guy who copied my legal name was. This has come up before for me, because a records search without the birthday or SSN might pick the imposter up as me. Very important for the world to know this
  10. Of course you do.
  11. Of course. A con your relatives supporter.
  12. Whether it was making them feel sad you can’t afford what your kids need, or pretending you’d do work around their house for a discount, but then charged more than what a top notch professional would charge and still ****ed up the job, or conned an elderly relative out of a car, or begged for diapers on someone else’s credit card because you couldn’t afford them because you were too irresponsible to not have babies as teenagers? Its tax refund time. So I’m sure there’s tons of this **** goin on now amongst those with substandard credit. Me personally, I’ve never done it. It’s just not my style. In general people with high 800’s credit scores (that get paid interest from their credit cards) don’t engage in this type of deviant behavior. But I come from a long line of losers and degenerates, who are perpetually broke and down on their luck now matter how much free **** they get from everyone.