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  1. Gotta throw in a vote for the Hatch Finatic 7+. The Gen2 seems like an exceptional reel. That may be one you want to look at if you can find one in stock somewhere. I know many places are sold out of the spools right now and the reels are becoming more difficult to find as well. I have read they were in the middle of rolling out another model at some point this year. (There’s on thread on here about it) It’ll be interesting to see what that new one looks/performs like. Good luck in your search!
  2. Thanks for the heads up on this, Herb. Big fan of the OB Short.
  3. Amen on the last sentence! Very hard to find some once a company discontinues a line of reels.
  4. I have seen them online and was interested for a minute after reading one outdoor retailer list "Made in the United States of America" in the description. Prior to pulling the trigger on a new 10 wt. (for the same reasons you listed RE: 9 wt.) at what appeared to be an excellent price (sub $180), is I contacted Lamson to verify where they are manufactured and received this reply: The high-quality blanks are made overseas (not China) while the rods are assembled and packaged here. Let me just say, I am a longtime Lamson customer and have several of their reels (all Made in USA) and appreciate them. They have been workhorses and the company has always been responsive to questions and great to visit with @ shows. But I was not interested in purchasing one of their rods after hearing they import the blanks. I recall seeing their Center Axis line debuted at one of the Fly Fishing Shows a few years back and thought it was "gimmicky", for lack of a better term. They did not have any Standard Seat rods that I recall. The CA ones I had a chance to handle at the booth seemed ok...nothing special. Granted I did NOT cast them in any way. I wish I had more to add, since you asked for experiences with them. Just wanted you to know you weren't alone in considering them in the 10 wt...especially for the relatively short $$ they're going for online. Good luck in your quest!
  5. I am a fan of extra spools. They have proven their value to me multiple times in the field. As others have mentioned, they're great for carrying an intermediate and either a sinking or floating line, which can be deployed as/when conditions merit. Also, once you get above a certain price point, they're also cheaper that buying an entire separate reel.
  6. Rio OBS (as others have already mentioned) Maybe take a look @ SA Titan Taper? Also, some of the older AirFlo Sniper 40+ lines might fit the bill.
  7. Great. PM inbound.
  8. Here are the pics. Let me know if you need me to take any specific angles/features. It is in really excellent shape. Only used it once trout fishing. You're in Philly? How's $45 shipped sound?
  9. Not exactly sure of the model...but I think it's one of their Headwaters (not Guide) hip, sling, or convertible packs. I'll get some pics up tonight.
  10. +1 on Ben Whalley's stuff!!
  11. I have one like this at home I'd be willing to sell. Is this along the lines of what you're looking for? If so, I can take real photos when I get home tonight and post them on here. Just let me know. Thanks!
  12. These are beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing, Brian!
  13. Sounds good! You have a deal. Please let me know where to remit payment. Thanks!
  14. Respectfully offer $85 shipped to GA for the lot of 11 remaining flies. Thanks for considering, FlyAngler.
  15. Great stuff right there! Congrats to your grandson on a beauty!!