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  1. Graphite reel seats kinda suck in general but do work for lighter style fishing. Alps on all my sticks for my VS 300's , 275's, and so on
  2. Alps wave reel seat and a pair of pump pliers. Lock it down tight!! It will never move and comes off at the end of the season
  3. I would go with the VS pliers. I have run them for years. The jaws do not flex, They do not get rinsed for weeks at a time, and I have never replaced the cutters. They get soaked almost every trip out. If you are going to use them to their potential then you will not be sorry. If you are not going to use them to their potential then a less exspensive pair is a good option.
  4. Hey brotha I believe there are 75 million of us waiting to do that.
  5. Hey Give the illegals from Ny that are getting 15K from the state for being here in the US illegally a break. They have to do something with all the time and $$ they have on their hands. Why should they give a **** about following any rules, they are getting paid to break the law so give them a break.
  6. I have been doing this for many many years. I will start out with a 4 to 5' leader pre tied with a TA clip. ( I also carry pre tied eel leaders), If I decide to eel I have separate hooks in a double zip lock leader bag. I stick a hook on the TA clip and eel. If I stick a good fish (over 30 lbs ) I will cut the TA clip off and plamar knot the eel hook with the eel still attached onto the leader anything under 30 lbs I just switch the hook out. . If I start off eeling it is with an eel leader, no TA clip. If I switch out to plugging I will clip the leader off with the eel still attached and tie a Plugging leader on. Like I said I have been doing this for years with no problems so far. I also use 80lb fluro with 175lb TA clips. I would not do this with a smaller TA clip.
  7. Offer 75 for the rogue.
  8. i see the flat glide is gone
  9. highly doubt 3 or 400 wet would damage anything but as I said start with 2000 if you want.
  10. That would depend on the damage. You can always go with a heavier grit so start as high as you like
  11. My black VS spools have been sanded out so many times there is no anidization (if thats a word) left around the entire edge on some of them. Like Tman said use a 300 or even 400 wet sand paper
  12. Exactly why I am hesitant. Cant throw what I have now, GRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  13. How do they swim? They look like they swim well
  14. Tempted
  15. Length/weight?