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  1. Congratulations are always in order for Trumpets go dush baggers
  2. Yes X 13 billion
  3. Dems lose all the time Repubs lies are better?
  4. Did anyone get a length and weight?
  5. This is all the progressive Democrats fault.
  6. When will the 50s be pushing bait into the rocks? please call me .... late July? August?
  7. Very nice Striper!
  8. Chump : He can pardon himself which would initiate impeachment I think but not till he shoots Mueller
  9. There is no truth to the truth. Trump could shoot himself in the foot and get away with it ... or Comey or Mueller or Sessions
  10. Reporting the truth = Leaking A topsy turvy world it is.
  11. Wouldnt it be nice if Mueller and his hench people shared every detail of this complex and secretive by nature investigation we deserve it! Maybe just show on Fox News?
  12. Ship of fools.
  13. Uhhhhhhhgggeee Liar in Chief Donalds presidency is a circus freak show. lets all get behind Trump no matter.... Puzzling