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  10. hello all, recently returned from a saltwater fishing adventure. this year it was a week in abaco. i am a big fan of "do it yourself" flyfishing adventures with "reasonable expenses" and this trip was special in many ways as i will describe below. in the past, i have fished the bahamas in exuma, nassau, mayaguana and most recently abaco. i have also flyfished florida, north carolina, virginia, alaska, canada, aruba, cancun and hawaii. living in southeastern pennsylvania, the bahamas provide a close and fruitful destination. we flew from philadelphia into west palm beach florida. from there, it was a short flight with bahamasair into marsh harbour, abaco. we spent a week on this island. our accomodations were in a 2 bed room rental house right on the beach in casuarina point. this is 14 miles south of the airport. the rental home was nothing short of spectacular...check out kokomoabaco.com. the 2 bedroom home was right on the beach, 30 feet from the waters edge with bonefish passing the front porch in plan site every afternoon. the rental is complete with a white mini-van (which was parked at the airport waiting for our arrival) and a 16' carolina skiff with 20 hp outboard honda 4 stroke engine. there are bonefish rich flats as far as one can see up and down the beach. in total we caught and released 7 different species of fish right in front of the house. less the one mile off the beach right in front of the home, there is deep blue water. trolling with our heavier spinning gear and yo-zuri divers, we were able to catch very nice mahi mahi...thank god the tuna decided not to destroy our light gear. we caught numerous bone fish during the day both with spinning and fly tackle. bones were in the 3-5 lbs class ranging from 16-20". we did break down the one day and chartered with Buddy Pinder for a flats fishing trip. we fished the western flats called the marls and landed many bones. after dark and dinner, we would cast our light spinning gear into the water in front of the house. we'd walk our rods back up to the deck and kick back with a cold one. we caught all sorts of fish after dark including bonefish and some very nice snappers. conch for bait was perfect (picked up enough conch bait in town for $2). check out the link to the rental property. there is a larger rental (4 bedrooms) 2 doors down the beach from kokomo. i would definitely consider returning to abaco. it is the only place i have been where i could see no other fisherman and the prey was abundant. also, i have never been in a location where within 1 mile of the front porch, i could catch bonefish, see several large permit (which i failed to hook), go snorkling and spearfishing (grouper and lobster) and do alittle deep water trolling for mahi mahi and yellowfin tuna. finally, the kokomo rental was absolutely gorgeous with airconditioning, flat screen tv's (watched the final four ncaa tournament), vonage phone service, and wifi. all amenities were there...all from dish soap, laundry soap, linens and towels to fresh running water, full kitchen, and most importantly, ice machine! check out the photos! uni2uniknot ---------- Post added at 02:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:50 PM ---------- oh forgot to ask... if anyone else has had a similar experience, for example, a "do it yourself" destination with such fishing diversity, please let me know. thanks! uni2uniknot
  11. A lot of good information here. I have owned so many handguns over the years...Kimber, S&W, H&K, Glock...etc. Recently I purchased a Springfield XDM-40. This gun is everything I every wanted in a handgun. 16 + 1 capacity yet exceptionally compact (concealment). Barrel is 3.8". This pistol is easy to shoot, accurate, high capacity and exceptionally concealable. With regards to caliber...9mm is great for high capacity...45 cal is great for stopping power...each has inherent limitations. Enter the hybrid...40 cal! This rounds hits HARD and allows high capacity. Enough said...Springfield XDM-40...check it out.
  12. I used to use the bimini twist whenever possible...then came the OBX offshore white marlin bite...we caught 14 that day! In the heat of the bite, one of the biminis needed replaced...I watched the match "quickly" tie a uni to uniknot. I was amazed at the low profile of this knot and the overall strength. Ever since that day offshore, uni2uniknot is the ticket for me when connecting two lines together!
  13. When I was much younger, I traveled to Cancun with my wife and 2 young sons. I saw so many fishing oppurnities that I never again traveled with out a rod and tackle. I am an avid flyfisher of the salt, however, if I could have only one rod, it would be a spinning rod. Since that frustrating "no rod available trip to Cancun", I have traveled with rod in hand to many different sites. My set up of choice is a Loomis 3 piece 7' rod in the Escape series. The IMX in this series is in my humble opinion, the world's best inshore travel rod. With this rod, I fish a Shimano Stella spinning reel spooled with 15lbs test braided dacron...the rod and reel combo casts a mile with ease and is very light. I recently bought my older son an Okuma Cedros reel...best reel bang for the buck. With regards to tackle...I have found that the best single spin casting lure for bone fish (from Key West Florida all the way South to Belize and Aruba) is made by Back Bone Lures. I also travel with selected Yozuri floating and diving lures. Finally, I have seen Gulp scented rubber lures just make fish crazy. Turks and Caicos was absolutely amazing for bonefish. I encountered schools in the hundreds and the fish are aggressive. Best of luck on your trip and never travel without a rod and reel! Uni2
  14. Thanks guys, all the suggestions are great and my hands are getting numb from typing GOOGLE so many times. Keep um' coming...I am feeling the sunshine, golf and fishing and the winter blues are melting away! Uni2
  15. Thanks...wasn't expecting such a wealth of experience and knowledge. How about best times of year for fishing and golfing? Anyone have a specific fishing guide service you prefer? Finally, lodging? Keep the suggestions coming...I am starting to feel Myrtle this spring!