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  1. Thnx. Good to know....RI has Exit/Entry mandate for all new commercial licenses (all species/ gear types)....
  2. I understood what you were saying; A lot of license holders just renew every year in case DMF institutes a control date going forward, they won't lose their right to sell bass. Because now you actually have to work to catch the fish instead of the Chatham jig fishery massacre of several years ago, a lot of guys don't bass fish anymore. Also, some rec guys just want the ability to kill more bass then 1 slot fish per day, i.e., they get a striped bass endorsement....tagging on capture is the way to go; no funny stuff happens that way (different gear types passing fish to rod and reelers, i.e., RI, MA, maybe NY) if you're not actually fishing/ usually have the right to sell that tag to another fisherman (I believe NY operates this way). But my point was, that sold fish MUST be reported; so commercial numbers are actual, instead of guestimates as in the Rec fishery.
  3. cannot renew your license annually if you do not report your catch (either electronically or via logbook); it states that explicitly on annual renewal forms...
  4. Same thing at Grace Pt, Block Island every early spring, late 70's/ early 80's....catching them on Red Fins/ jig bodies; birds working, the whole 9 yds...25 feet of water; had to see it to believe it....
  5. Sprague...Middlebridge...Late February/ March.....
  6. ...That was last Monday and the week before.....down each day since then; typical for a holiday period.,..dealers get more fish in, more demand on the holiday, dealers will then collude on price to set up a larger profit amongst themselves...make up for lost "pandemic" losses and screw the fishermen...been happening since beginning of time
  7. RIDEM opened the Narragansett Bay Menhaden Management Area as of May 17....the biomass in the Bay is above the 2.5 million pound threshhold...all this info is regularly reported on the RIDEM Listserver
  8. ....there are still a lot of people out there who do not follow all the " politics" of recreational fishing...they just like to fish and eat what they catch...been that way since the beginning.....
  9. no.....bigoted stuff
  10. ...Or RI and MA
  11. I have no idea where you are getting your info/fabrications. ALL striped bass sold in MA must be sold to a licensed fish dealer/buyer AND tagged by said dealer; go to the MA DMF site and read the regs/and view the list of dealers. Only 25% percent of licensees sell fish because the other 75% either do not participate in the fishery because it is not profitable for them or are active in other fisheries, ie scup, fluke, sea bass, BFT, etc., or have a license so they can keep more fish for personal consumption. Every fish is tagged at the dealer with the fisherman's license data attached to the tote that those fish are put in, usually 100-115 lbs per tote. Said info is readily available to any authorized authority or licensed dealer. What you talk about in your above response is all out poaching, which is prevalent, but is outside the realm of quota reporting, etc. and illegal....." keep, barter, and trade stripers"?????....please.....if what you say happens, that's criminal...give us the facts?
  12. ...uhhh, been fishing Narragansett Bay for over 50 years, on a regular basis, NEVER seen a dragger working the Providence River.....have you? ....please.....done...
  13. That must have happened just recently...saw draggers heading up their in the spring...thought I saw boats stored in yard there....or did somebody buy them out?
  14. Do you even know what you are talking about???? No dragger is going to work the Providence is unlawful on several fronts, i.e. against the law to trawl anywhere north of Prudence Island, AND the Providence River is a navigational/commerce area. As was mentioned, the Narraganset Bay Menhaden Management Area has the area north of Conimicut Pt as off limits for several years to menhaden seine boats. What you are seeing is commercial boats/draggers heading to Promet Marine (located off Allens Ave for repairs; Promet Marine is a large dockside facility set up for major boat repair/ maintenance... ......If you still have questions call Marine Fisheries, in Jamestown.... 1-401-423-1923
  15. Regs depends on what side of the line in Mt Hope Bay, i.e., RI or MA...