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  1. keep playing stupid ,, acting like you don't know
  2. clearly you have not a clue about union activities but you have no issues with people benefiting from collective bargaining with out paying for it .. must be nice to live in the land of quotes spewed from the high horse on which you sit
  3. what a disingenuous post not surprising
  4. In 2014, union members accounted for 11.7 percent of wage and salary workers in Wisconsin So why would some one attack such a small % of workers? thats the issue you don't care about unions or those in them why attack them?
  5. He just ensured if he ever had a chance At POTUS He just lost it ... and Wisconsin 10 electoral votes and this business owner dosn't agree with you from the journal sentential "I am a fourth-generation family owner and am proud to say we have fifth-generation workers. We are a union shop by choice," Hoffman said. "Over time, right-to-work legislation interferes with my company's ability to have access to skilled, productive workers which I depend upon." also seems he's flip flopped for the base The passage of right-to-work marked a shift in Walker's position that comes as he pursues an all but certain presidential run. The governor said repeatedly during the intense battle over Act 10 — his 2011 law that repealed most collective bargaining for public workers — that he would not let legislation affecting private-sector unions reach his desk.
  6. Seems you think who ever is President of the united states runs everything by themselves Classic So she a Moron because she cant run 2 phones Does that make you a moron because you've never been secretary of state but can run 2 phones And if this was such a scandal and happen in what 2008 why wouldn't the right not addressed this outrageousness then ? or during the Numerous bengiza hearings no one noticed her email didn't say!! . gov once again Conservatives prematurely ejaculated another faux outrage 2 years early
  7. Do you guys know how email works ?? if she had her secret private email... the only way for her responses to be secret she would need to send all her email to other people who also had secret or private email server for her emails to be a private if she emailed or responded to any email , from anyone who sent her an email from the state department or the White house or congress at her personal address and Clinton responded those email response's would be on those goverment servers!! they would have a copy of the email chain and I am astonished that any one here thinks that they can give their 67 year mother or father a blackberry and say figure it out MOM what are you an Idiot you dont know how to handle 2 devices
  8. Seem you have a hard time between understanding when Secretary of state and today But keep it up you haven't had so much in fun in a while OMG a 67 year old having issues with technology and most here are still on windows XP and John McCain 78 years old (R-AZ) appeared on MSNBC Thursday afternoon and confirmed to Andrea Mitchell that he has opted out of using email altogether. oh the horror
  9. Seem this guy Cotton is incorrect even how this gets done and hes got no issue say F you to our international partners Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany just more from the party of No .. Harvard Law Professor Jack Goldsmith points to a glaring technical error in the senators’ letter: The letter states that “the Senate must ratify [a treaty] by a two-thirds vote.” But as the Senate’s own web page makes clear: “The Senate does not ratify treaties. Instead, the Senate takes up a resolution of ratification, by which the Senate formally gives its advice and consent, empowering the president to proceed with ratification” (my emphasis). Or, as this outstanding 2001 CRS Report on the Senate’s role in treaty-making states (at 117): “It is the President who negotiates and ultimately ratifies treaties for the United States, but only if the Senate in the intervening period gives its advice and consent.” Ratification is the formal act of the nation’s consent to be bound by the treaty on the international plane. Senate consent is a necessary but not sufficient condition of treaty ratification for the United States. As the CRS Report notes: “When a treaty to which the Senate has advised and consented … is returned to the President,” he may “simply decide not to ratify the treaty.” the GOP hate when the rules get in the way... like many stories Cottons letter carries some truth but not the whole truth he starts the letter with " It has come to our attention while observing your nuclear negotiations with our government that you may not fully understand our constitutional system" it has come to my intention while observing his letter those 47 members who signed on in our government that you may not fully understand our constitutional system"
  10. thats great but your right to Vote isn't attached to to paying taxes is it? its your Right as an American citizen as long as you don't live in a Territory I am not 100% sure but they they can vote if they live in CONUS
  11. who care who the source is what he said is true ..... but lets stick our heads in the sand and deny it's going on you do know that people who live in theses Territory are American Citizens they also serve in our Armed forces and are Veterans but they cant Vote based on a 114 year law and as usual the right shows up with the usual excuses FYI they are AMERICAN CITIZENS to para phrase the law from the show " that the legal justification for the disenfranchisement of the territories is based on a 114-year-old decision that says they are “inhabited by alien races” who “can’t understand Anglo-Saxon laws.”
  12. Agreed ! and the same should apply for the GOP leadership
  13. NY Times Crops George and Laura Bush Out of Front-Page Photo of Selma Anniversary the daily caller A civil right leader one person refused to march with Bush OMG the Horror ..!!! you guys are fun to watch I'll give you that
  14. what a bunch of bed wetters you guys are another fox outrage and the faithful fall in line like the sheep they are !! over 6 students Nice to see the good guys taking action to get rid of these Classic OP Irvine bans the American Flag the Truth UC Irvine has voted to ban the display of all flags -- including the American flag but why tell the truth or the whole story ?? OP the university vetoed the vote The truth : UCI student leaders veto ban on U.S. flag, and others flags Truth: Google flag ban fox news on 1st page Truth : Google GOP Selma not a fox story to be found PG sheep blindly lead by their Sheppard Fox news again all the outrage over something that never happen shocking
  15. wrong as usual sorry to put a damp blanket on your daily outrage UC Irvine student leaders on Saturday vetoed a resolution " not the schools administration" that banned the American flag from being displayed in the lobby of the student government offices, according to a post on the school’s website. The post said the “misguided legislation” passed by undergraduate members of the legislative council earlier this week was not endorsed by campus leadership or by the University of California. imagine if they burned them in protest like thats never happened have you heard of the Flag Desecration Amendment ? its been voted on 6 times hasn't passed but but it address The concept of flag desecration continues to provoke a heated debate over protecting a national symbol, protecting free speech, and protecting the liberty represented by a national symbol. wiki while I don't agree with banning the flag period I also don't agree that banning the use the flag in protest should be a crime didnt take long for some one to post communist really can you guys do any better