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  1. Oh... and I have a stradic 5000 on it. a lot of bang for your buck and a great match on a back bay rod. I also like the "power knob" on it. As long as your not dunking it it will treat you right.
  2. I use a FIberstar SB-1086X 9'0" ½ - 2½ oz as my "backbay" rod. It throws stuff under 1/2 oz. sweet spot is more like 1 oz. But it can handle big fish and is a pleasure to throw. Personally I wouldn't recommend going to a 7 ft rod unless trees are getting in your way. The right 9 footer can throw the little stuff and your not giving up distance like if you used a 7 ft rod.
  4. I also agree with the sentiment of hating a spot burn. It's the worst. I'm just scratching my head to figure out who did it also..... I'm guessing that he thinks that I did? So much for some friendly general fishing discussion.... isn't that what this site is for?
  5. Never asked for a spot!!!!!! Don't want a spot.
  6. bearded clam?
  7. Don't need to kiss and tell. Sorry I asked... I get it. Wasn't looking for specifics. Yeah... I doubt I will hire a charter while we are there. Hard to drop $500 bucks on a morning trolling trip when we can lock and load on other species. Really not interested in trolling. Will likely do my own research and try to figure it out by myself, Thanks for the info guys.
  8. I'm doing research to fill my winter free time. Been goin up to Lake George to camp on the islands in the middle of the lake for a bunch of years now. A few families we know head up with boats in tow and we spend a week in August camping and fishing. It is an incredible experience. We always do really well catching small mouth bass. Got that dialed in pretty well. I know that there is a trout and salmon population but we have never really targeted them. I have seen guys trolling for them. I have been reading up and have learned that they hold in the colder deep water. I found lots of info on ice fishing for them there and found some information on open water trolling for them but I am looking for info on targeting them with other methods besides trolling. I have also seen some info on jigging for trout but on other lakes not Lake George. I was wondering if anyone on here has any info that they have on the topic that might be helpful. Description of the type of areas to target? Correct lures and sizes? Whatever else you got? Thanks in advance! Pete
  9. I'm looking for a used tandem axel boat trailer for a 21 foot Center Console. Plan to use it for a few longer trips each year, not a driveway to boat launch 2 times per year kind of trailer. If anyone had anything that fits the bill or a recommendation on any leads I would appreciate it. Thanks, Pete
  10. Fishing for fish > Fishing for info
  11. Hi Dan, Can I Please get the following: 6 - 1 1/2 oz 4 - 2 oz 4 - 3 oz All banana head No.1 Thanks, Pete
  12. No. They just control the angle of the bracket and hold that in place. The unit "snaps" into the bracket and is held with pressure. It has only popped out once and we went a bit air-born when it happened. I need to look at those connections and the bracket a bit more. Think I might try the electronic connection spray as well.
  13. its a garmin echomap chirp 74cv mounted in a bracket. Attached are images. Second one is a photo of the mount on my console.