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  1. Everything I have is a lefty or is converted to lefty. Totally agree. Not a fan of right had retrieve reels.
  2. Well it's certainly not an empty Sea but it seems to require more and more effort every year to catch, especially stripers & blues. This year has been my toughest to find fish and feel successful as an angler by far. There seems to be fewer and fewer fish every year the last 10 or so years. I know that there are people catching but I guarantee they are working hard to locate and catch those fish. These fisherman are not just randomly out and catching fish. They are putting their time in and are skilled at their trade.
  3. Where I fish in SW Connecticut striped bass fishing this year so far has been by far the worst I have ever seen. April was bad with a few fish, all small, moving through. May was a complete disaster. June has gotten off to a horrible start as well. Sorry folks but striped bass fishing in my neck of the woods is nearly non-existent. The only fish I hear people catching with any regularity is Sea Robins. Yes, It's every anglers right to take striped bass within the law. Keep doing it if you want because the government says its ok. We know they have no clue what is really going on and are way more interested in the financials of the fishery. Soon we will be bragging about how many thousands of Sea Robins we catch because that's all thats left. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  4. So you keep 0.1% (or less) of the fish you catch per season which = 30 fish? I'm no mathematician, but that means you are catching 30,000 stripers a season? Is my math wrong?
  5. I will have to try it! I'm 1000% positive I will not miss the fat infused water clean-up. So do the drippings go down and over the edge of the foiled stock pan to the coals or do you leave a bowl shape in the foil to catch any drippings?
  6. Sounds like clean-up would be much easier using sand but doesn't the water add some humidity to the cooking process? I thought the idea was that the water contributes to a more moist finished product?
  7. Sounds like clean-up would be much easier using sand but doesn't the water add some humidity to the cooking process? I thought the idea was that the water contributes to a more moist finished product?
  8. HI Dan, Can I please get the following Spro/Ultra Minnow Style Bucktails: 4 - 1oz. Yellow Back @ $4.15 $16.60 2 - 1.5oz. White @ $4.75 $9.50 4 - 1.5oz. Yellow Back @ $4.75 $19.00 4 - 2oz. Yellow Back @ $5.25 $21.00 Total = $66.10 Still thinking about the Mojos. Best, Pete
  9. I grew up in Gloucester. Parents are snow birds but still live there April to December. Usually get back 2 or 3 times a year. Miss it! I hear you on the boat cost. Need to do my bottom paint. Need to buy a trailer. I know the list will grow. Here is my current list: Just got a - St Croix Avid Inshore 7' MH, paired with Stradic 5000 (one of my surf reels repurposed) Have had a - Lamiglass 6' 5" MH spinning. Looking at buying a Shimano 6000 Bait runner to pair with it for spinning, bait fishing & snagging bunker. Looking at getting a Shimano Trevala 66MH conventional paired with a Tekota 500 for bait, trolling & jigging. Thinking about a lighter weight fluke/tog rod as well.... TranX 200? with a ???? BTW - I have no money for any of this stuff. I just can't help myself from looking.
  10. Humans have selectively bred them to lay eggs everyday? Just a guess.
  11. 2007 Mako 204, 200 Merc Optimax. I'm pumped! Just got it into the water today.
  12. Won't be doing much trolling. Fishing bunker chunks, swimming live bunker & dropping eels down for stripers. Drifting & bucktailing for fluke. Setting up on structure and dropping crabs down for tog.
  13. As mentioned in the title I've been surf fishing for the last 15 years and finally got a boat. I live in CT and will primarily fish long island sound. I have a couple light weight spinning rods that can be used for schoolies, albies and whatever else, not worried about that. I plan to target striped bass, blues, fluke, tog, and porgies with the kids, but stripers will be my primary target. I do not have any conventional or saltwater "baitcaster" style gear. I know that there really isn't such a thing a a perfect multi-task rod for anything. I'm not sure if I should go a bit heavier and get say Avet bait style set-ups or go a bit lighter with say large TransX baitcasters to multi task stripers but also fluke and tog. I know if I go too heavy that the fluke & tog fishing will not be ideal and I'm worried that the baitcaster style won't be great for the heavier fishing. Maybe the answer is to be patient and acquire gear as I go. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
  14. Can anyone recommend a trust worthy boat surveyor or marine mechanic in Western Long Island?
  15. Some good advice above. A friend suggested reading "Buyers Guide for Outboard Boats" so I'm doing that. I have until the Spring to pull the trigger. I have it narrowed down pretty well at this point. Used, Center Console t-top, 19-20', flexible on engine size, 14K to 18K, Ideally in the North East but again will consider driving a bit for a good boat. Looked on Boat Trader & Craigs List. I agree on CL seems like a total crap shoot. Pricing on Boat Trader seems a little inflated at times. I will check out some of the other recommendations. Thanks!