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  1. I like the small Cabela’s knockoffs as well.
  2. I've got one like that, but with spring clips instead of foam. I've had mine for 42 years and I love it, in spite of its quirks. I also have the little wet fly box that fits neatly in a vest pocket.
  3. You didn’t mention what kind of fly fishing you’re planning to do. Trout? Freshwater bass? Saltwater? It makes a difference with regard to what you can use for a leader. Fly lines come in a fixed length, usually in the 75’ to 90’ range. Each line has a taper, so you don’t just buy a bulk spool of line like you would for a spinning reel. The best way to find out how much backing you need without a lot of trial and error is to put the fly line onto the reel first, in reverse. Then tie on the backing and wind on enough to fill the reel to a comfortable level. You then remove the whole thing and put it back on the reel in the right direction. It helps to have a line winder and/or an extra empty reel to help you transfer the line.
  4. Those reels look to be boat reels. Not optimal for casting, but you could probably cast the 922 without too much trouble. The second reel looks to be roughly the equivalent of a Penn 285. A good party boat reel. The first reel would be about the same as a Penn #9 or #209, depending on the size. If I still had my old Ocean City catalogs, I’d give you more details. Unfortunately, I sold them.
  5. I’m too old school to use a snapper popper. They didn’t exist when I was a kid. Reeling in a fish while dragging the popper, I don’t know, seems like it would take half the fun out of it.
  6. I’ve fished for snappers for over 50 years. The most consistent lure, IMO, is the Acme Sidewinder, 1/4 oz or so. You never know, you may catch a roadrunner too I’ve never used a snapper popper in my life. Never saw the need. Other good lures are Al’s Goldfish and very small Hopkins. Kastmaster is probably my least favorite.
  7. This is a model DW7450 folding stand for the popular DeWalt DW745 job site table saw. This stand works great and folds up conveniently for storage. In great condition, as it was only used for a few months. $30 cash. For pickup only in the Melville / South Huntington area (Long Island, NY)
  8. FYI, the Penn 99 Silver Beach first appeared in catalog #14 and continued until at least 1979 or so. Catalog #14 dates to around 1949, so it had a pretty good run.
  9. This is a beautiful black and white print titled Surf fishing At Montauk Point - Hooking a Striped Bass. A classic surf fishing scene in the shadow of the Montauk lighthouse. The artist's name is Henry S. Watson. Not sure of the origin of this. It looks like it may have been cut out of an old book or magazine, due to the left margin being uneven. It's on fairly heavy paper, slightly yellowed in the margins, but otherwise very nice. It would look great framed. It measures out at approximately 11" x 8". It believe this dates to 1907. $14 shipped, continental US. PayPal only please.
  10. The one on the right reminds me of H-I.
  11. Regarding conventional reels on a spinning rod, it will usually be ok but not ideal. As someone mentioned earlier, guide placement and number of guides on a conventional rod is designed to minimize the line touching the blank when the rod bends. Put a spinning rod in this situation and all bets are off. i haven’t been on a party boat in a bunch of years, but I can understand why spinning outfits would be discouraged. Several reasons I can think of. One is that the typically lighter line would prevent you from horsing a fish when you need to. Once I was on a party boat and the wind was blowing parallel to the side of the boat. The fisherman on my right was using a spinning outfit. Every time he opened his bail to drop his rig, the wind would blow a huge loop of line off his reel, crossing at least three fishermen to his left. A real nuisance. I would never use a spinning outfit on a party boat unless I was the only person on the boat. In other words, never. Party boats are crowded enough as is, without inappropriate tackle making it even worse.
  12. Great collection. I have a soft spot for Creek Chub lures.
  13. Rebuilding a factory rod is the best way to get into rod building, IMO. Go for it.