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  1. I don't think it was outright racially motivated- I think the slasher is just a nutcase. French guy was on Adam Clayton and 132nd, not an area anyone should go. Bill Burr has a routine about going to Harlem to visit his lady and she lived on Adam Clayton. I'll see if I can find it.
  2. Indian restaurant in South Carolina...who'd a thunk it.
  3. People still do this? I thought you just listen to music on your phone now.
  4. Nope, not everything and everyone. But this no bond parole thing is actively making the streets less safe and people in charge are ok with it. A guy that beat a woman and then slashed someone else's neck should never be out of prison. This is not a unique situation for NYC.
  5. Dude shouldn't have been in Harlem in the first place, but he's French, so can't blame him. Man who allegedly slit French tourist’s throat arrested The man who allegedly slit a French tourist’s throat last week has been arrested, the NYPD announced Monday. Khalief Young, 28, was busted by an officer who spotted him on the street around 3:50 p.m. Monday, police sources told The Post. He was charged with two counts of assault in the second degree, police said. Young is accused of slashing 27-year-old Gabriel Bascou in the neck on Valentine’s Day just as he and his girlfriend were walking out of an IHOP around 11 a.m. on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard near West 132nd Street. Bascou was caught on video bleeding on a sidewalk as passersby rushed to help him. He’s been recovering at Harlem Hospital. Young lives approximately two blocks from the pancake restaurant and has randomly attacked at least two others in the past, police sources said. On Oct. 20 last year, he rang his neighbor’s doorbell and punched the woman in the face and kicked her several times, the sources said. Four months earlier in June, he went into a deli on West 135th Street and slashed a deli worker in the neck, police sources said. Prior to those two incidents, Young was arrested in March 2015 for criminal possession of a loaded firearm and spent a little less than two years in an upstate prison. He was released on parole in April 2017.
  6. As far as Indian food goes it's supposed to be. Same hygiene levels and literacy rates.
  7. Calcutta is the new Orleans of India.
  8. So you've aside a trust fund for a working mid-80's maid so she'll be comfortable?
  9. does that mean my kid would then be contacted by USC and offered a spot?
  10. Dude's a Cleveland Brown and being called the N word set him off?
  11. If the lower 50% of a country is actively trying to leave/flee rather than stay and change it, then it's a cr@p country.
  12. Most Parisians actually give a sheet about their sheethole though. Some of these countries and cities, the inhabitants treat it worse than tourists.
  13. When I first moved to NJ, someone said that Philly is the white Detroit.
  14. I've never seen so many paragraphs to ask what makes a sheethole a sheethole. Simple- the people. In the US, you have Philly, Detroit, New Orleans, the entire Florida Panhandle, San Francisco, New York City, Cottageville and anywhere there are confederate statues (according to some).
  15. No- I make sure I have the right coaches in place and draft OL, RB, TE and WR's while making sure I have a good defense to keep the score close.