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  1. Pols should lead by example and have secret service and their armed guards give up all their guns first.
  2. And we're off...
  3. One of the reasons the government doesn't **** with us more is because we're armed.
  4. So we should be more selective who gets to play in our culture.
  5. The second amendment isn't applicable only to guns from the 18th century. We need tougher anti-nutter laws, not more gun laws.
  6. I have but it was a gut job. Looking around now, realtor says it's getting to be common in certain areas.
  7. Drink it and enjoy.
  8. I don't think I would get a solar system without battery storage. What areas do you service?
  9. From Bloomberg today. Charge your cars now. A vast swath of North America from the Great Lakes to the West Coast is at risk of blackouts this summer as heat, drought, shuttered power plants and supply-chain woes strain the electric grid. Power supplies in much of the US and part of Canada will be stretched, with demand growing again after two years of pandemic disruptions, according to an annual report. It’s among the most dire assessments yet from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, a regulatory body that oversees grid stability.
  10. Investment banks are buying up new developments and homes. What bubble?
  11. Soros is a major shareholder in rivian. No thanks.
  12. Also from 2016... US lifts ban on funding ‘neo-Nazi’ Ukrainian militia Last June, Congress passed a resolution intended to block American military funding for Ukraine from being used to provide training or weaponry for the Azov Battalion. Congress is reported to have recently repealed its ban on a Ukrainian militia accused of being neo-Nazi, opening the way for American military assistance. Last June, Congress passed a resolution intended to block American military funding for Ukraine from being used to provide training or weaponry for the Azov Battalion, an independent unit that had been integrated into the former Soviet Republic’s national guard and was taking part in operations against Russian- backed rebels. Called a “neo-Nazi paramilitary militia” by Congressmen John Conyers Jr. and Ted Yoho, who cosponsored the bipartisan amendment, the battalion has been a source of controversy since its inception. With the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel symbol on its unit flash – which resembles a black swastika on a yellow background – and founders drawn from the ranks of the paramilitary national socialist group called “Patriot of Ukraine,” the group would have been a fringe phenomenon in any Western nation, but with its army unequipped to face the separatist threat in the east, Kiev actually integrated Azov into its military forces. According to a report in The Nation, the Pentagon lobbied the House Defense Appropriations Committee to remove the Conyers-Yoho amendment from the 2016 defense budget, claiming it was unnecessary as such funding was already prohibited under another law. However, The Nation asserted that the law in question, known as the Leahy Law, only prohibits funding to groups that have “committed a gross violation of human rights,” which would not apply in this case.
  13. Don't forget these from the NYT
  14. I remember when toys, video games, music and shows/movies were "the cause" of school shootings and violence.