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  1. They should start paying taxes then if they're going to receive taxpayer money. Another interesting thing in my town was a charter school that has spent years arguing that it's a public school, received millions of dollars. The non-charter public schools in town didn't receive any funds.
  2. Why are churches eligible for this program? If anyone shouldn't qualify for tax dollars, it's churches.
  3. What hotel chain?
  4. They can have their own mountain in the Black Hills- call it Mount RushNomo. You can put MLK, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and Obama on it. Maybe Jordan.
  5. So 13% of the US comprises 23% of the visitors to state parks?
  6. VW was making wagons with stick shift and awd up until 2017 or 18 I believe. Subaru Crosstek is the only other one I can recall.
  7. I have a park near my house. Lots of black guys smoking weed there in the mornings and the brown guys sleep in the bushes overnight. No racism at all.
  8. Get a prp injection
  9. what were the terms to qualify? If the writers failed to include limits and thresholds, blame it on them, not the companies that took the money.
  10. Absolutely par for the course. City thinks that if the individual cops get sued and their rates go up and they have to pay out of pocket, they would behave better on the job. You don't have to pay more if you don't misbehave. Plus, they can use the money that they're paying to settle these suits for social programs which will reduce the level of interaction with law enforcement thereby reducing the number of chances bad policework will occur. Their intentions and beliefs, not mine.
  11. I doubt much thought was put into the actual fiscal intelligence of this proposed bill. It's a plan to keep cops "in line". Will politicians, including the mayor, have to carry individual liability insurance also? If hizzoner orders the cops to disperse a crowd and one cop gets a little heavy handed, you'd think the mayor would be named in the suit also.
  12. That's what the city is hoping to keep the cops in line. If cops don't have the policy, they can't work. If they can't afford to pay increased rates because of their bad behavior, they can't work.
  13. You tell me. I'm talking about cheaper for the city. Roughly 38,000 cops, according to wiki. How much is personal liability insurance? 10k a year???
  14. What are the demographics of the shooters in the recent spike? Every video I've seen tends to lean a certain way.
  15. Between July 2017 and June 2018, New York City paid out $230 million in 6,472 cases for alleged misconduct or alleged wrongdoing by officers, according to a report released by city Comptroller Scott Stringer’s office.