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  1. Friendly FYI: I had a fancy expandable Plano tube. On our outbound vacation flight it was partially crushed by airport staff. I could clearly see the stress marks in the plastic tube; figured it was ran over. As a result my AFAW 12 foot surf rod's top section was broken. When we returned home from vacation I built one from white PVC tubing. The bottom cap is permanently glued on. The top cap is threaded. I think it's a clean out cap, or something like that. All parts we sourced at the big orange box building store and cheap. It's bullet proof now.
  2. They Came to Rob Las Vegas (1968) A casino blackjack dealer plots with his girlfriend and a group of criminals to hijack and rob an armored car carrying a $7 million in cash while it's in route between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
  3. We see them on the west coast as well (Vancouver, Canada).
  4. They look great!
  5. yup I've used a ceramic mug, while camping
  6. West coast on a beauty night
  7. agreed, top 3 non Cuban
  8. Hey Graveyard, another nice looking fly. Is the detail done with a sharpie or something similar; and how does it hold up in salt?
  9. I’m not much of a fly tier but those look fantastic!
  10. Stocking foot waders for me too. I buy good quality boots (Simms Guide). My thinking is they spend most of the their life under water,kicking rocks, stumps, etc. I bought Orvis waders, not their top of the line model, and have been very happy with them. I think they're 5 years old. We fish only rivers and are constantly log hopping, crossing streams, etc.
  11. Really? In all of Europe, Italians live the longest. I wonder how they do it with "compromised immune systems".
  12. There are plenty of sites out there with analysis; each has slightly different data. The graph below is a portion of what you can find using the link provided.
  13. Been to Mexico many times. For years I could take my travel rods with me on board as a carry-on item. Then about 4-5 years ago things changed. On the flights to Mexico, no problem, I can still take travel rods on as carry-on luggage. However, on the flight home Mexican authorities make you check it; and the airline is happy to charge a fee, of course. A number of years ago, after a Puerto Vallarta trip, baggage handlers lost my Orvis T3 travel fly rod. As when had a connecting flight in LAX we had to pickup and re-check our luggage. My Orvis travel rod was nowhere to be found. When we arrived in Vancouver, Canada at midnight I talked to customer service (Alaska Airlines). Behind her very tired looking, red eyes, the customer service rep said something like, "once LAX finds it, it'll be put on a later flight to Vancouver. Will you be home tomorrow because someone will call you and we'll deliver it." "Yah right" I thought. My rod is gone.... Nope. Alaska called the next day and the rod was delivered to my house. I was shocked but very happy! Lastly, I would like to note that some airlines count multiple pieces of fishing gear (2 rods and a tackle box) as one piece of regular luggage. I've checked a large duffel bag full of gear plus my large 6 foot homemade PVC tube with my surf rods inside for the cost of one piece of regular (not oversize) luggage. Take a minute to read your airlines baggage rules, look for the fine print or footnotes; often fishing baggage rules are listed under sporting equipment.
  14. How about the F165 Ghost Black Mag Darter and the Bull Pop for $25 shipped? If the Mag Darter is sold then I'll pass. Thanks