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  1. I never fish without at least 1 7" redfin in my bag.
  2. I have stacks and stacks of On The Water magazines, free for the taking. You'll have to pick them up in Fairfield, CT (pretty close to 95 for anyone passing through). Preference given to anyone willing to trade a little bit of premium beer, homemade wine, or some clams I actually don't know how far back these go, but I'm guessing to '03 or so.
  3. So, the reel came back. It's much better, but there is still a bit of "giddyup" when you reel, and the freespool only spins for about 1 sec, even with the end caps all the way loose. Pretty disappointing. Considering the amount of abuse that my swedish-made 6500 has taken over the years, I'm surprised the 7001i isn't tougher.
  4. So, I'm the OP here and Pure Fishing indicated it was a bent side plate. Charging me under $28 to fix and ship back, which isn't too bad considering the part alone would have run me close to $20. No idea how this happened though, or how to avoid it from happening again.
  5. Just for the record, even when both end caps are off, the binding still occurs. I'm sending this one to Pure Fishing.
  6. Fish a blackfish jig--- MUCH easier for beginners than the typical heavy rig.
  7. I'll give that a try, thanks
  8. Handle spins freely when not connected to the frame, and in fact turns the spool freely when the right side of the reel isn't connected. I have not tried with the pawl removed.... I'll give that a go. Here are a few pictures. It's tough to tell, but maybe the end cap is slightly cockeyed? [img= http://www.stripersonline.com/content/type/61/id/1631643/width/1000/height/1000]
  9. So, originally, I thought that is what the problem was-- that the brake blocks were somehow causing a problem. Interestingly, when I first opened the reel for this problem (incidentally, it's the first time I have ever opened this reel for any reason) one of the brake blocks was jammed up. But when i repositioned it, the problem still occurred, and in fact at one point this weekend, I assembled the reel without the brake block assembly... same problem. I've also ruled out the end caps-- in fact, this problem happens even if the end caps are off the reel entirely. In a way, I wished I had dropped it or slammed it into a rock. The fact that this happened without a major event is confusing, but also doesn't help me put a lot of faith in the reel.
  10. Something must have happened, but as far as I can recall, the reel was totally fine when i used it about 2 weeks prior.. I washed down the reel and stored it away and the next time i used it, I had this problem. It's possible that i had a snag and pulled on it directly, although I think I would have noticed that the reel was sticking after that, and the first time I felt the reel acting abnormally was the next time I used it. The reel is a little less than 2 years old, so it is out of warranty. I'm going to give Pure Fishing a call to see what they say.
  11. So, I think it is a bent axle. The problem happens even when the reel isn't under load, but I think the tolerance of the hole in the side plate is so tight that a slight bend in the axle causes it to rub somewhere. Gross. Any other info on how to solve, Ken?