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  1. I'll check back later.....I have to go to WORK! There it is, I actually had to get a job. I clean pools every Fri with my brother, just to help make ends meet. 1'st job I have had since the 90's.
  2. The comm'l fishery ( what a joke) is going to destroy itself...... Worst part is, I really did warn them and suggest closing "off days" to holders of comm'l permits. They laughed at the idea. Dan McKiernan literally laughed. Your tax $ hard at work folks..... We know what DMF really stands for.
  3. 50-60 trucks with Ma tags in Pt Judith parking lot almost every day.....
  4. Which is it? The present system has destroyed any chance a guy who won't break the rules has.
  5. I hate 'em, yes. They are idiots. All you have to do is talk with any of them at length to kno that their movement is founded in greed, no different than the cheaters. They don't give 2 squirts about the resource just want an allocation grab.
  6. I did a drive by yesterday Bob. I saw many who I know and I am not happy.
  7. So, the Massachusetts DMF in all of their wisdom, made new rules to "fix" the striped bass fishery. Their solution was to only let us fish on Mondays and Thursdays and reduce the daily limit from 30/day 3 days/wk - down to 15 fish - 2x wk. We were also able to take 5 on Sunday for the last19 years. This is a 70% decrease in what we can take per week. So, now all the guys who just don't care, are fishing on all the "off" days, loading their boats, since there's no one else but other cheaters out there and on the legal days, nobody seems to be able to catch anything. Brilliant! Way to go DMF. I warned them this would happen, I told them at the commission meeting, where the new rules were decided, they didn't listen, obviously. I told them that this is exactly what would happen, if they didn't ban possession on off days by comm'l permit holders, and they laughed at me. This fishery is destroyed, by both the totally useless DMF and all the scofflaws. Stripers Forever is eating their hearts out. This is all going to come out in the end, it has to. The best I can figure, is that with the lack of fish, the DMF knows about all the cheating, but won't stop it, because they are afraid we won't catch the quota and that will look bad. It's time for new leadership( or any) at Ma. DMF.
  8. But the arctic ice is expanding, not contracting. So, just from there, I'd question everything in that article. Also, didn't they publis Worms paper, claiming all the fish in the ocean would be gone by 2040?
  9. The DMF amended the notice....
  10. March 14, 2014 MarineFisheries Advisory 2014 MASSACHUSETTS RECREATIONAL BLACK SEA BASS, FLUKE, AND SCUP LIMITS APPROVED BY ASMFC Massachusetts’ 2014 recreational fishing regulations for fluke, scup, and black sea bass have been approved by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC). Due to the late timing of this approval, the Division of Marine Fisheries (MarineFisheries), pending consent of the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries Advisory Commission, will implement these regulations on an emergency basis. Fluke For 2014, the ASMFC adopted a regional approach for managing the coast’s recreational fluke fisheries with the intent of providing more equity in harvest opportunities among states. While initially grouped with Rhode Island and facing a size limit increase, MarineFisheries was able to successfully lobby for Massachusetts to be treated as its own region enabling status quo regulations for 2014. For 2014 the following recreational limits will apply for fluke: Mode Season Bag Limit Minimum Size Private Angler May 22 – September 30 5 fish 16 inches For-Hire May 22 – September 30 5 fish 16 inches Scup The ASMFC manages scup on a regional basis, with the states from Massachusetts through New York comprising one region. While the region’s recreational harvest target for 2014 is reduced from 2013, no tightening of the regulations is required as the 2013 harvest is below the 2014 target. Each state in the region is implementing status quo regulations, meaning the regulatory liberalizations implemented last year will be maintained. For 2014, the following recreational limits will apply for scup: Mode Season Bag Limit Minimum Size Private Angler May 1 – December 31 30 fish (150 fish vessel maximum) 10 inches For-Hire Bonus May 1 – June 30 45 fish 10 inches For-Hire Regular July 1 – December 31 30 fish 10 inches Black Sea Bass Recreational black sea bass fisheries will continue to be managed under a regional approach in 2014, with Massachusetts through New York comprising the northernmost region. With the region’s 2013 harvest exceeding its 2014 target, rules must be revised to moderately reduce harvest in 2014. Similar to last year, Massachusetts will have one set of regulations for private anglers and for-hire clients, while also providing an opportunity for interested for-hire vessel operators to opt into a special access program under which their clients can harvest more fish in the fall at the expense of a reduced open season for their vessel. For-hire vessel operators must decide before the start of the season whether they want to fish under the standard regulations OR the special access program regulations. For the vast majority of fishery participants, MarineFisheries has selected regulations that will account for the required harvest reduction through a 52-day shortening of the season (primarily in September and October) while at the same time allowing for a doubling of the bag limit. Because a small number of for-hire businesses rely on attracting out-of-state clients in the fall, the special access program will offer a 20-fish bag limit throughout September provided participating vessels adhere to a June through August closed season. For 2014 the following recreational limits will apply for black seas bass: Mode Season Bag Limit Minimum Size Private Angler May 17 – September 15 8 fish 14 inches For-Hire May 17 – September 15 8 fish 14 inches For-Hire Special Access Program (LOA required*) May 11 – May 31 8 fish 14 inches September 1 – September 30 20 fish 14 inches * To participate in the For-Hire Special Access Black Sea Bass Fishery, permit holders must apply for a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from MarineFisheries by no later than May 1, 2014. Click to see the conditions that will apply and to request an LOA. A subsequent public hearing and comment period will be announced at a later date. For further information, contact MarineFisheries at 617-626-1520 or visit our website at ---
  11. You'll be lucky to see 20 days. 300 fish. $4 steady? I doubt it. The fish dealers are greedy...they aren't in business to make us $. In 1990 I got $2-2.25 for bass. Gas was 80b cents and a truck was under 10K. So yes, the fish were worth more then.
  12. Pretty much how a lot of folks feel when they see your picture to the left...