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  1. Hi guys I am looking to buy a few RM Smith shark plugs that I missed out on. specifically, I’m ooking for the bay minnow, peanut with bitten seal pup, and the jelly bean. If anyone has these and is willing to part with them, please let me know. Thanks in advance
  2. Closing and locking this thread and posting this plug lot elsewhere. Thank you
  3. Thank you for the offer but I do not want to split the lot.
  4. Dropped price to 200.00 Any takers?
  5. No he is not, I was referring to the North Fork side of the operation but all of the blanks are 2 pc and come 138in. They would need to be cut down to size. Probably not worth the effort.
  6. Which pinion/bearing seal? The inner one or the outer? No you can't do that with the kit but that's not necessary for routine yearly service, especially for 90% of Van Staal owners that do not wetsuit or swim with the reel. Don't let my small number of posts on SOL fool you, I usually keep quiet and let the rest of you one up each other. Agreed. Some guys made a wrench out of brass to take that apart.
  7. I was talking about the bumper but like mentioned there are anodized ones you can buy to replace.
  8. LOL
  9. Wow thats crazy I found one on Amazon but it depends on the reel you have
  10. Bjelley The new version of the ZB has some plastic outer parts that may not be easily discernible. If you fish from the sand no problem. If you are rock hopping save the extra few hundred and get the VSX. VSX has no plastic. I know quite a few guys that traded/sold ZB's because of that alone. Both are great reels though.
  11. Do you guys know anyone who has re-anodized a VS or someone who does it? Just curious.
  12. There is a SOL member that builds his rods for him. You can always reach out to him. PM me for his info
  13. By eye, or buy the CRB lazer if you want to get crazy with it.
  14. You guys can buy the self service kit and do it yourself if you have a VS with an octagonal shaped handle side plate. If you have an older VS, you can have them swap out the smooth side plate with an octagonal one the next time you bring it to the shop. The kit is 80 bucks and is good for 2 services. I have 2 American made VS with Serial # less than 2000 and I do it myself. Takes 15 minutes not 15 weeks.
  15. Gary Loomis is still making rods and blanks long after his sellout to Shimano. The rods are under the name Edge Rods and the blanks under North Fork Composites. North Fork has surf blanks but I don't think they have a 1 pc version. worth a look