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  1. Exactly, they sit all the way down to the bottom of the hatch. The other bucket will be a little short and let it drop down below the rim at the top.
  2. Boy does that bring back some good memories! My dad and I built a two seater Fol Boat when I was about 10 years old. It wasn't the folding but that sucker was some of the most fun I had on the lake as a kid and I will never forgot building it and using it. After I went off to the Navy my brothers started using it and didn't take care of it so it was rotted by the time I got otu but I will never forget the kaayk and the fun we had with it!
  3. The bucket with only 2 handles is the one that fits. I bought the one you did with 4 handles first and it was too short and would push all the way down in the hatch. The 4 handle bucket is the same diameter but taller and fits all the way down in but has extra length so it can be cut to fit. Here's a pic of the top of that one. PS they are both the same color.
  4. Mine had an issue like that and I just lubed the whole thing up good and worked it so it started working smooth. The other thing is see if it is binding when you close it.I took mine off the bars and remounted it. Mine shifted a tiny bit over time and would bind a little. It kind of turn to the side slightly when it was closed. Try that and see if it helps.
  5. Well you might say I really liked your hatch......... and for $5.29 you can't beat the price. BTW I really like that the new liner is thick and flexable. It works like a champ! Great idea cnnashman!
  6. Only one I used was many, many years ago as a kid. This was in the day of cheap vinyl. I just have this image in my head of clumsy me dropping my ultra sharp bait knife.... doesn't end well. I agree that new technology would make a big difference now a days. I've run into one person using one and he loved it. He just said you had to use care and common sense. If you look up Hobies kayak forums there is a forum for their inflatable’s that might give you some ideas on problems and rigging of inflatable’s in general.
  7. OK so off to Wally world for me. I was not impressed with the Hobie tubs and held off getting one. Now that thing is exactly what I looking for in my Outback. Great find cnnashman!
  8. Wonder if he had a PFD on? You never know why you will need one. I got attacked one time by a swan and those babies are not nice at all! Had to wait till they were off the nest before I could fish that one spot.
  9. I don't go to OBX anymore but if you can look up a guy called "JAM" He knows his stuff about that area and kayak fishing in gereral. He is on several boards for kayaking and the OBX area.
  10. Remember "loose lips sink ships" Sorry just had to say that.
  11. I use the same one type that Reel Force uses. I have used it when I ran my 7,000# Super Duty and have pulled some big trucks out. I stay away from hooks do to the risk of slippage. Keep in mind too there is a difference between "snatch straps" and "pull straps" and are ment to be used in different ways.
  12. I don't use rod holders I like the cooler rack with rod holders. I have seen lots of people run just the ro holders but like having the stroage of a cooler rack. I run a (WJ) Grand Cherokee and run my rack front and rear depending on where I am or how hot is is.
  13. As Hobies go you pay the same online as local. Austin will state they are no "specials" or "sales" on Hobies. Others brands hey may low ball. If you can I like local and build a relationship with a good local dealer. That said I have purchased a Hobie from Austin only because around here it can be hard to get the exact model you want. Most dealers can not stock all types and colors and are limited by the store on what they can order. I still try locals first just to keep support for all the other stuff I may want to run in and pick up.
  14. I would hold off at first unless it was a great price and see how you like it. That said I added a rudder to my cheap Perception caster and love it. Rudder was half the cost of the kayak but worth it to me. I find myself using all the time. One thing I use it a lot for is drifting and in wind. The rudder I added is foot controlled and easy to use. If I'm drifting with current or wind and want to adjust direction I use the rudder and don't have to play with a paddle and just keep fishing. I covered a large bay one day but getting the wind to my back while I fished along a rock wall and never touched the paddle except to stop and adjust after reeling in fish. Made for a nice "fishing" trip not paddling. The rudder will also really make a difference in sharp course changes. Try it with out and then try one with.
  15. Just get you a 4 or 7ah gel cell. They can be found at lots of stores and hardware places for a decent price. I saw them at a local tractor place for $16 for a 7ah th other day. I'm lucky I get them from work for free a lot.