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  1. Putting the "wisdom" of the circle hook requirement for trolling anything with natural bait aside, is anyone selling Tube&Worm rigs with circle hooks yet? Gulp! works, but nothing seems to beat a real worm.
  2. Those two ROW's were town designations; not CRMC ROW's. Also, the Weekapaug fire district had already blocked them with a fence. The long term informal agreement was the town would not make them take the fence down IF they allowed the public to use their beach access path right next to them. The problem with the town giving up those two ROW's means there is no reason for the Weekapaug fire district to allow the public access via their path. Bottom line for this year; no real change. Look for it to change in the spring when they drop the other shoe and block everyone from entering there or even further down the sand trail (they are all fire district beaches).
  3. I have the hi/lo Max seat on my Wilderness Systems RIDE 115x and love the high position most of the time; but it does reduce stability quite a bit. When the weather gets a little snotty I'm happy about how easy it is to lower that seat for more stability and paddle power when wind and current kick up. High seats are great, but I wouldn't want one that wasn't easily lowered on the fly.
  4. My Pungo 120 Ultralite is 12' long and only weighs 40 pounds as well. I'm willing to sell it to the first $8,000 offer and it's available immediately! LOL
  5. My first plug purchased around 1987ish from Capt Don Cameron in his Dunns Corner (Westerly) shop. Anybody know who made it?
  6. Nope, Don never worked at Watch Hill Outfitters. He passed away about the time they opened up.
  7. I had a Cabo 40 the first or second year they were produced. It lasted about 6 months before the gears failed even though it was rinsed in fresh water after every use. Maybe the original problems have been fixed, but I'll stay with my Penn Slammers. That said, I just picked up a Daiwa BG 3000 for my light surf 8' rod; we'll see what I got for $90. Looks and feels good out of the box though.
  8. Okay, so how many of you fishing fanatics would spend $40 for a bionic lure that has to go back to the factory for a new battery (assuming a bluefish doesn't make this a moot point )? From yesterday's Providence Journal. Mystic company gets a big prize for its innovative fishing lure 03:24 PM EDT on Friday, July 18, 2008 By TOM MEADE Journal Sports Writer LAS VEGAS - A Mystic, Conn., company has won the top prize for best new lure at North America's largest **** show. The company has created a lure that could change sport fishing if it works as the manufacturer claims it does. The American Sportfishing Association awarded its best-in-show prize to Mystic Tackleworks for the company's BioPulse System, a lure system developed by a team of scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, M.I.T., the University of Connecticut and other research centers. Mystic Tackleworks received the prize on the first day of the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, a three-day tackle-trade show that ended Friday. On the outside, BioPulse lures look like other crankbaits and spook-style plugs. On the inside, lures in the BioPulse contain intricate electrical circuitry and a stimulant-disbursal system. The lures also feel different than traditional plugs. Their backs are rigid, but the bellies are soft to the touch. "This is not just a lure," says professional angler Gregg Silks, who was a member of the development team. It uses scent, taste, vibration, flash and sound." The system has been in development for eight years, said Gregory J. Mitchell, founding chairman and chief science officer of Mystic Tackleworks. "Mystic Tackleworks essentially is a bioscience and engineering company," he said. "Half of our team is in bioscience and medical research at major universities, and the other half are engineers at major universities or institutions that study the environment." "The ability of a fish to find food is a sequential event," according to the company's literature. "A fish will try to identify a sound within certain frequencies. Then it uses its vision if the water is clear enough. As it approaches its prey, it uses its tactile sense from water displacement: vibrations." The lures' internal electrical circuitry operates a digital LED light system that flashes in a sequence designed to attract fish, said Silks. Built-in reflectors scatter ambient light for additional flash. An internal "speaker" emits vibrations at frequencies that imitate baitfish. The company's sales literature continues: "What is most critical, when a fish closes in on a lure, the lure has to feel, smell and taste like food for the fish to be adequately stimulated to bite the lure." Mystic Tackleworks' consulting scientists have developed stimulant compounds, bottled in containers they formulated to keep the stimulants stable. They have stimulants that have taken striped bass, bonito, redfish and other saltwater game fish, as well as stimulants for largemouth bass and other freshwater fish. And they are working on more species-specific compounds, said Silks. When a fish touches the lure's tender underside, the lure emits some of the chemical, encouraging the fish to take the lure. Silks said BioPulse Systems should be on the market this fall. Bass Pro Shops will be among the first retailers to have them. A lure-and-stimulant package probably will cost slightly less than $40. When the battery wears out, the factory will replace it. "It's a real privilege to be named a winner after all the hard work we put into our product. To receive a Best of Show honor during our first year of exhibiting at ICAST is an honor," said Ric Ice, president, Mystic Tackleworks Inc.
  9. I've pretty much settled on picking up a 16' Amesbury Dory with a side console this year. 18-20 hp should be plenty for this little boat; which outboard in this range would you pick; and why? A 4-stroke makes sense to me for environmental reasons (less polution and better gas efficiency) and slow trolling ability. Reliability and servicability are priorities. Thanks in advance for your opinions and suggestions.
  10. Oh yeah, installing a gas tank under the rear seats without sealing the enclosure and a positive ventilation system = boat bomb. My gas tank sits under the rear board seat with a bungee cord to a couple of hooks under the seat. Keeps it from sliding around, out of the way and still fully vented and easy to get to.
  11. You'll find foam under there. If the boat is a year or more old, you'll find balsa under the floor, otherwise the newer ones have foam there as well (thankfully!). Removing a little foam from the area's you're talking about, while it would "void" the Coast Guard certification of the boat's safety, probably wouldn't be a big deal IF you were able to fully glass off the compartment so there was no way for water to enter the cavities. Personally, I don't poke any holes in mine; not even happy about the 4 little screws the dealer installed to hold the battery down.
  12. 18hp on mine seems to push it along just fine with two adults and 2 kids on board. Max rated H/P is 25.
  13. The routine around here is to first park, prep the boat (disconnect lights, remove tie-downs, load gear etc), then head over to the ramp to launch the boat. That gives the bulbs more than enough time to cool off. The problem is when you back down the ramp and the brake lights come on while they are underwater; pop they go every time. Most factory light fixtures are not waterproof at all.
  14. You mentioned "glass popped" as well as corrosion. Are you disconnecting the lights before dunking the trailer? If I were the dealer that would be my suspicion.
  15. The existing recommened charter thread is a little sparce and dated about this area. I'll be in the area the first week of April and would like to get some gulf coast fishing in. Looking for recommendations based on member experience. Thanks in advance!
  16. Al, Thanks for a great response! I'll start calling around today. Dan
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  18. Stur-Dee 16' Amesbury Dory Skiff. Moves right along with that little 18hp four stroke all day on 3 gallons of gas and I can launch it on a damp lawn with that flat bottom. Yeah, it'll beat you to death in any chop if you let it; just a matter of slowing down.
  19. They are foam filled, but up until last year the deck was balsa cored.
  20. URI's Camp Alton Jones runs canoe trips like you asked about every summer. They run for 2 or 3 nights from Wordan Pond to Westerly with campsites on DEM managemnet areas, but the campsites require special permission. You might want to talk to DEM about getting the necessary permits to do it all legally. The only other place I can think of for a short overnight would be to launch on the Pawcatuck river at the Bradford landing and paddle upstream to Burlingame where there is an offical canoe campsite just below Burdickville, them paddle back to Bradford in the morning. It's a two hour easy paddle with many informal campsites along the way you might want to check out. Bring lots of bug repellant though, most of the area around the Wood and Pawcatuck is pretty swampy.
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