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  1. Thread closed. If I decide to split it up ill repost things.
  2. How about Exit 7A rest stop on the NJ Turnpike?
  3. I'm really not interested in shipping the lathe.
  4. Yes. Forgot to post the pictures of them. There are four of them.
  5. I'd prefer to not ship anything. I'll give it a day to see if someone wants the whole lot and then see about splitting
  6. I'd rather not split it all up, but $180
  7. Selling all of my rodbuilding equipment. Included are: Pac Bay lathe with standard chuck and foot pedal Two separate dryers and stand All of my thread, Madiera, Gudebrod, five Plano boxes full of it Various tools, dividers, calipers, two thread packing tools empty wooden spools Color preserver, epoxy, etc. Just about everything you would need to get started building your own rods. I'll even throw in 4 6' 6"-7' blanks with an 8 foot Fenwick rod case. Obviously I won't ship all this. I live in Bradley Beach and can meet halfway or whatever. Looking for $500 for the whole lot. I'd prefer not to split it up