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  1. You probably get plenty of range with the 4' But its not how far off the beach you have to worry about, its how far from help/someone with a radio on are you?
  2. With, as everyone, I mean EVERYONE knows, an alzheimer's patient running for president. Riiiiight.....
  3. Although I don't like it in this particular situation, I understand it. It would set a really bad precedence.
  4. For once you are correct. Leftists have no problem destroying productive peoples lives and businesses if there is an off-chance that it would make Trump look bad
  5. Its getting hard to follow threads lately with the avatar flu spreading
  6. She had plenty of previous employment; it just happened that she took about a year off to care for her dying father
  7. No, she wasn't. Pin seems to be the issue, and cant figure out/find the claimant number, unless its called something else on the correspondence. Other problem is that I have a lot of missing mail - things I know I should have received I have not, mail forwarding to the beach leaves a lot to be desired
  8. Damn, I had written a response after a cursory glance at the avatar This is getting as bad as seven numbers in the Tavern
  9. "But asking the court not to order the reform of the organization, but to dismantle and dissolve it altogether, creates the impression that the attorney general is trying to use the legal system to intervene in the very political dispute in which the NRA is such an important player: the fight over Second Amendment rights" Impression! LOL
  10. "There goes the trailer park" More fitting coming from Belmo than Red even
  11. or shoot the knives from his hand?
  12. So my wife started a new job 1st of the year. She was really enjoying it. I was enjoying it more!! But they pulled the plug, she became unemployed mid March. Took her a bit to get over her ego and the stigma, but finally she applied for unemployment. We are stuck in limbo. Offices are closed, and she can't get through to anyone on the phone. She doesn't seem to have a pin, (which would help as far as the automated phone thing goes) and we can't see a claiment number on the few pieces of mail we've received. Apparently she is approved, but nothing is happening. Anyone have some ideas, direct phone numbers (somerset county) or anything that may help?
  13. Does she even need to say rank and file dems are dumb? Some still believe in Russia Russia Russia. Some here on SOL even