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  1. Did you read the title of OPs thread?
  2. I see. I was talking about the judge. Which is what we were talking about. Pay attention.
  3. BillyBob here on SOL did a 20 SC I believe
  4. We're talking judges; he goes on a tangent about trump's promises.
  5. I don't know anything about the man, but only in a liberal mind afflicted with TDS can someone who promises to adhere to the constitution be labeled as an ideologue.
  6. 11) its racist Or so some here say. Won't explain why, but apparently it is.
  7. Yeah, tequila definitely makes me do/say things that I ordinarily wouldn't. I try to stay away from it, lets say we have a track record that I don't have with other distillates. Can't tell you why. Has to be an interaction with other things in the liquid.
  8. Maybe novacaine lol
  9. Everyone dreams of living next to Fred Sanford
  10. Cliff note version: **** you, Frank
  11. I was second row at a Broadway show she was in. The graduate maybe? Anyhow, full frontal nudity. This is well after the deep voice set in. My eyes are still bleeding. What has been seen cannot be unseen.
  12. I asked that question once and he said yes. My surprised face
  13. Ummm, no Criticize all you want. No skin off my back. Fraud? He's delivering on promises better than any politician I can remember. But when one is so detached from reality that they cannot, under any circumstances or evidence to the contrary, give up on their incorrect beliefs...and act like a total doosh in the process, well, this is a community of sorts and we're here to help. Keep clinging to the bitter end. God willing, when your peeps start going to jail, it will be ruthless in here. And I for one can't wait to watch.
  14. Funny, he's so off the rails I was thinking an intervention is needed No wonder he was picked on as a kid. Or is he like this because he was picked on as a kid?