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  1. I guess thats when you know you're old
  2. Pike=rookie I got infested with them one year...i had a small room in my basement I was skiived to even go in to. Lot a couple bombs off before we went away for a weekend...came back to find them all over the floor everywhere. I think they were up in the floor joists etc. No other way to get them all in one shot imo
  3. Yeah, absolutely. I'll take the one on the left, eebs you can have the one on the right
  4. Riigggt....the clinton foundation? Nothing to see there, look away, carry on....
  5. you mousy yuppie you
  6. Its like beach replenishment. The gift that keeps on giving. To some.
  7. Net positive. Agree with BB. Look at it this way, without some kind of moral compass, we'd all be degenerates like Belmo
  8. Piker move. You will never get all of them that way. Been there, done that, and I'll say it again: The only way to get ALL of them. I had them falling out of my floor joists in the basement. Never would have got them with paper
  9. ^^that area had to be a gosh darn mess today
  10. Just got back in. Lots of leaves on top of fresh snow that were not there when I left earlier. So much for your buddy's theory
  11. I was going to take the jeep today, but too many miles between appointments. Wouldn't have mattered, still would have been stuck behind people struggling on a 1% grade. And it wasn't even slippery.
  12. As a matter of fact, my assistant has an Acura mdx or whatever. After missing work because she couldn't get up her driveway last year, I gave her crap, told her to get her head out of her butt and hit the button next time. It snowed a week later...once again she couldn't get out of her driveway. She had almost given up and called it quits, she remembered to turn it off, and was amazed that the car climbed right up and out.
  13. bull**** Wayne. Turn mine off in my Acura and its like going from 2wd to 4wd in the snow. Except its still a 2wd. Losing traction in the snow freaks the computer out when its on. Go back to making stainless tuna towers, lol
  14. Thanks. I didn't need the visual though
  15. worse...Jersey. At least I'm not in NY