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  1. By Zak's logic,thinks should give away all the extra food we grow here....ya know, because people in other parts of the world are starving.
  2. Climbing out, or being let back in? Surely you are not attributing employment numbers to Joes economic policies, are you?
  3. Still waiting to hear if Joe will let me have a 4th of July BBQ LOL, FU Joe
  4. Buddy I fish with uses it to share info with other friends when offshore via text - without advertising it on the vhf
  5. Don't know what the placard said Probably had 7 or 8 of us on a couple of occasions
  6. Nah, I disagree. In protected water, not like boat is sitting low - very long ways from the point where its going to ship water or anything like that, still got up and ran, just (most likely) way over any and every number on the placard The alcohol on the other hand.....
  7. Absolutely. But exceeding it doesn't mean you will sink, which he hinted at thinking of in post 9 Like anything else...common sense. Use it.
  8. You stole Jim's Pic!!
  9. They made it sound french, for, you know, legitimacy
  10. Thats where I need some schooling In my head, I have it pictured as a hydraulic pump with variable pitch blades
  11. I hate how all these news small engines (lawnmower, snowblower, etc) are now marked in ft/lbs of torque and not HP WTF? May as well be in metric too
  12. Because we didn't have to? Other than clearing the anchor line, no need...I guess that was my job, and fares were not allowed up front. Saw him wire more than a couple 400# class bluefin bare handed - he was that type, wasn't about to waste time unless absolutely necessary and would have bitchslapped me if I told him to drop the ball lol
  13. He should be sainted. Way more patience than I'll ever have, and an exponential level more of self control. She deserved to be Rodney King'd
  14. Yeah, I'm still shellshocked and adverse to 80s for canyon fishing I guess. Too many times taking an 80 up and around the bow of the boat I worked on...front deck was a skating rink, always a joy in the dark with a loaded 80 in anything more than a ripple
  15. I had a good solid rides for a good number of years. Run with my neighbors on their 36 blackfin, leave thursdays noon back friday night. Clean up, sleep, hit the commercial dock for ice on the way to my bud's dads 31 Bert Saturday mornings and off I went again. All summer long for probably 7+ years. Plus multi day tournaments in Cape May and OC MD, occasionally long island. No wife, no kids, life was really good And yes, you always see something matter how man trips you have under your belt Maybe back in the day. 80s are overkill IMO Nah...load a 50W with 100# jerry brownhollow, long top shot of 80 mono and you and can bump the drag up and effectively have an 80 without the bulk. If you think you need it. IDK, killed plenty of 200 class bigeyes on 50Ts w/straight 50. Undergunned only a few times, one was a demon sword, those bastards can be tough when they get big, a couple that we never saw...either mantas or giants