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  1. You carry the 30+ foot ladder, I'll carry water and we can cross, K?
  2. I think I was in total agreement
  3. A drone is so much more effective than a wall in stopping pregnant baby droppers silly BillyBob
  4. Looks like you commented on kids acting (in your view) poorly. And I only had to go back one page, I'm sure I could easily find more in this thread. FnM, are you telling us you're not a real man???
  5. Isn't that what the *****hat wearers, you included, have been doing this entire thread?
  6. Common among who? *****hat wearers? Anybody who feels to make a negative response, like lyingfeather, well that's on them. Stop excusing snowflake safe space behavior, try to be like a man and toughen up a bit Johnny
  7. Would it have been different if it was group of schoolgirls? My wife has always strived to teach my girls to advocate for themselves. And I can tell you, neither would have been able to stand there with the poise of that kid; either one of them would have given lyingfeather a dressing down in epic proportions I have no doubt
  8. Cant wear a hat now in liberal land? Is the hat that offending to you? The others that have opined are absolutely correct - you hate the fact that this kid couldn't be baited, and hate him more because you jumped the gun, were wrong, and just keep doubling down. I don't have sons. If that boy were mine, I'd be damn proud of the way he handled himself.
  9. That's plenty. That's basically like fishing a 50 I have an SX raptor that I use for jigging, and its more than enough. Was a little worried about limited line, but I've taken BFT to 120, never had an issue. You'll be fine with the LX
  10. She has a name?
  11. Did you hear the clip where she said its immoral to have billionaires while some people in Alabama have ringworm? Think she knows ringworm is a rash?
  12. Jim Smith was way before his time and pushed the performance envelope way forward with regards to sportfishers. His boats were running twice as fast as the rest of the fleet of the time. Being I can't post a link, I'm sending you a PM.
  13. Poor kid is right. I'd be running far and fast too
  14. Thats really cool. Figured it was pretty big, thats a bit bigger than I thought even. Whats the wingspan? Is that a kit, or from scratch? Impressive either way. Looks like a lot of work. Ever crash one bad? Like want to cry bad?
  15. Nice. Have a pic with something next to her to put size into proportion?