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  1. I drive a lot of miles each year. I've noticed a ton of headscarves as of late. Never used to see that before
  2. I'm assuming that it wasn't re-geared for the larger tires. How far off is your speedo?
  3. yeah, well back in the stone age....we're talking a modern 90s vintage ride here
  4. Had to put back spacers on the mudders? Good god, you've certainly rednecked the back up already. Putting the dogs on the roof?
  5. Hope that's a 2wd. Did they even offer it in 2wd?
  6. Shouldn't healthcare decisions be made by the man?
  7. They lost, and didn't get a participation trophy. Snowflakes be melting
  8. Right. Ignore the recent polling and keep telling yourself that. Repeating a fake claim does not make it true. Except in your head.
  9. No, its everyone else that is wrong
  10. Have we forgotten the sunroof allready?
  11. Not to defend Terrie Mae, but I believe the OP has admitted to shopping at a certain store because of their baby wipes pricing. We have that.
  12. They identified two blood types on a scarf, guess one of them fought back. Don't ask me how they tied it to him.
  13. Why is your avatar, bizarre as it is, an emoji? Someone must have put it there for a reason
  14. too funny The blacks are up in arms because none of theirs are getting in The Asians are up in arms because they think testing and achievement should be valued and don't want things watered down. Which minority should the progs back?
  15. Of that we are well aware