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  1. you just reminded me why I stopped penning herring ****ers cleaned me out several times after a lot of work They did leave me some heads though.
  2. Scaring the appetite from them?
  3. you watched it?
  4. Hearing $6 average by end of summer. We're just getting warmed up FJB
  5. What do you have against trannies? They're circus freaks too
  6. Of course. I've commented a number of times questioning whether or not their lowdowns as of late were about covid...or putting the hurt on the U.S. for a myriad of desired outcomes
  7. I know the catholic school in town is at capacity, something like a 40% increase in enrollment
  8. People pulling Brandon's strings argue it would help fight inflation
  9. Well, the good news is that if its between you and CnR.....
  10. That pic says it all!! Cullor's ex be like:
  11. Have fun. I have no interest in ever being on a cruise boat, but those smaller ones (is it a river boat type thing) do look like a good way to do it. Have a good handful of clients that have done them and rave about them.
  12. you'll make a great pet
  13. If you want to believe any of that tripe, sure
  14. I was going say, if thats her, Kuchner really broke her. As bad as Trump broke Frank.