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  1. If anyone has any they want to sell please reply. I originally posted in wrong forum. Thanks Ctown
  2. If anyone has some and is interested is parting with them please Reply. Thanks Ctown
  3. Above is true. fire rescue stated he is known to swim in this pond in winter on a regular basis. Rip and sad either way.
  4. My buddys 11 yr old Son with a very nice Larry from a small north shore pond last weekend. It was 4#12oz on a digital scale. The smile is priceless Ctown
  5. I was out with this client today a 15 yr old Pommy named Dallas. She has allot of spunk for her age and size. Ctown
  6. Good call. What of i introduce my sisters Swiss Mtn dog named Tucker onto the basepaths of this joke. This picture was taken when Angus was 25#'s and Tucker was 90#. I think same amazingly similar tri color markings. Tuckers the Swiss on 1st - slowest Albie the pug is on 2nd - Angus is on 3rd fastest dog in the park except a greyhound.
  7. This thread hits home as I walk dogs for a living in Boston. These are my two pups a 10yr old pug named Albie and a rescue from Anguilla named Angus whose now 4. If you ever want to adopt they are great dogs and a $25 adoption fee is impossible to beat. Ctown
  8. The second puddle went right up and over the hood.
  9. It is smaller than both of those noted above. As my dad has had Tahoes( 3, models over 22 years) so I speak from a 2021 on Tahoe in size compared to a 2019 Telluride. Yes, locks out from inside can and requires less than 25mph orbit shifts out automatically. We love the telly. Great miles has averaged 20mph living in Boston mix of highway and city driving over 17,000 miles. Price wise were leagues apart. A fully loaded telly is mid to high 40's. Ours was $43k and mid level with some adds. But the mid level has the fit and feel of a higher end car with leather seats, heated and cooled etc. Tahoe or suburban are not compared @$65-80k new. But, they are bigger if you need room for a family of 5 or 6 and all your gear it may not fit inside. Overall ide give it 9.5 out of 10. Only because its really hard to find 1 due to demand and no deals in fact it may be over list. But, it's still worth it. We haven't had a "single" operational issue in 17k. Which you hope with a new car but, it was also year 1 of the vehicle and they still nailed it. Just get one! Ctown
  10. At Great Point out in Nantucket they don't allow AWD vehicles to get a permit. Due to so many being stuck in 2017,18 and 2019. Yet, late season there is no gate keeper so its a different story. I drive a Kia Telluride and it is AWD. Late this fall a Trustees person told me as long as the vehicle can "lock out" they should be fine. To my surprise that is exactly what the Telluride does. We did take it out miles onto the beach at 15psi. No issues and the sand is a deep as anywhere I've ever driven over sand. I would suggest the Telluride to anyone looking at a mid to large SUV w/ 3 full rows of seats and room for 2 suitcases behind. Cheers! Ctown
  11. New hampshire trouts from North of the Notch. Smash burger was a delicious ice shanty Cafe lunch on a quesadilla. Smoked trout Pate for the Big game! Ctown 20210123_134013.mp4
  12. Sure. Sounds good. Pm sent. Thanks Ctown
  13. Thank you for the offers. But, ide like to try to keep as a lot for now. Price drop to $100 shipped. Middle plug is the big fish 3.5oz canal style pencil. Thanks, Ctown
  14. Yours thank you, pm sent.