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  1. flysully have not spoken to you in a while.Hoping to meet up with Dave Skok sometime in the fall as i will be up in Mass late Sept. How are things out on Long Island? Have the albies shown up at Shinny? PM me with any news you have Regards Tom
  2. Oahu makes a lot of sense. Get in touch with Louie the Fish. He will put you on some great bone fishing. North shore, Sandy Beach, many promo surfing spots.
  3. spent last week in Sarasota. Beach was unfishable due to red tide and dead fish on the beach.No one was in the water because of the smell and irritation to your eyes and throat. According to reports they took 20 tons of dead fish off Siesta Key. I did get out with a guide and fished the north bay one day. After a 30 minute ride surprisingly we found some clean water and had few shots at tarpon but could not get one to bite. Ended the day with a few jacks, trout, ladyfish, and luckily a real nice pompano. I have been going down to Sarasota for the last 20 years and never found it to be this bad. I would advise anyone who is contemplating a trip to South Florida for either the beach or fishing to check the local red tide reports.
  4. Salmon Fly Box- Holds Large Streamers and Flies by Kingfisher great fly box for $9.99 on Amazon Price: $9.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members
  5. get in touch with David Skok if you can. 617 275-1896. I believe he lives in Revere.Fished with him a few years back. One of the best in the country. Hope this helps.
  6. look up Capt Ed Hurst. Been fishing with him for the past 15years.Well worth the cost to find the best places to fish and then go out on your own. Beaches are very busy so dawn or evenings (bugs can be an issue ) are your best bet on the beach.
  7. did you got to NB high?
  8. i would advise you to put anything sharp including flies in your checked bag. Normally no problem but one time at jfk they would not let the flies go thu and i had to check my carry on . Almost missed my flight. Better safe then sorry Just my advise.
  9. thanks all for your comments. I will look no furthur.
  11. do yourself a favor and get in touch with David Skok. Great guide. Had a day with him a few summers ago. Best day of shallow water stripper fishing i ever experience.Gurglers on top.
  12. orvis makes a great travel case for 4 piece rods. It can hold 4 rods and as many reels. As far as my other gear all flies, and hooks or anything with a sharp edge goes in my checked bag. Had a bad experiece traveling to Hawaii a few years ago when the tsa would not let me pass with anything sharp in my carry on. Had to hold my breath and chech the carry on before they let me pass. Almost missed my flight as i had to get back on a very crowded TSA line. Nothing was stolen,danaged or lost t but that taught me a valuable lesson. Don't put anything sharp in the carry on. Hope this helps
  13. For all who have the everglades qc and are looking for a spare spool the spool for the 7/8 Signature will definatey work with the Everglades QC. This was confirmed by Tibor today. Mobfly you are correct according to Tibor that the 7/8 Signature to Everglades QC is the only combo that would work.i will be ordering a spool. Thanks all for your input.
  14. Fishawk 11 thanks for your response. I wanted to try for himself and I took a spool from a signature 7-8 and fit it on my everglades qc It seems to fit perfectly.Did you have another reason for your response? Something perhaps i should be aware of.
  15. does anyone know if a spool from a Tibor signature 7-8 will fit the older Everglades Qc? Been looking for a spare spool for my Qc a while now