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  1. I just got back from the Vineyard. I wet a line using bucktails and pork. It brought me back to thinking about this site. Regards to all. I am now living in MN and I only get to fool around with smallmouths and walleyes here. I almost teared up when I passed by the ditch. I hope some of the old timers remember the fun time we had. Tight lines!
  2. Bill, I still remember (taste) the Krispy Kremes You're a true gentleman!
  3. that side of the hudson used to be my haunts. i would try a pier in buchanan-fresh herring (live would be even better), croton park-small bucktails and plugs, dobbs-ferry park (next to the train station)-chunks, yonkers train station, bunkers--would not recommend fishing in the dark. these spots are all early spring to early summer spots. good luck!
  4. Hi Ben Ron spoke nicely of you Erik, I did not make it to Raritan Bay this spring but, I know you're working the "other" side Tim, I may be miles and miles away from the ocean where I live now but I take refuge knowing that this site is humming like you have envisioned it that day you and others were banished Thanks for letting me have a place share my limited saltwater jaunts regards to the mrs and dubs
  5. My trip to the canal was highlighted by having coffee with Ron. The guy was class-a and gave me and my buddy a full-fledge orientation to the canal while informing us about his new rods and blanks. Even called Crazy Al on his cell--he's fishing somewhere "out" there. needless to say my buddy was awe struck and speechless fishing was plentiful but could not locate the cows. Regards to all JCX--still has some saltwater in me
  6. As John said, I thought I was on acid and had a flashback. Canyon bags get my vote!
  7. Hi Rich, Hi Dubs, Hi Tim Lurkin but by no means out of the scene entirely. Mostly messing with freshwater stuff but saltwater runs DEEP
  8. Hey John, How's your rock Is Fred still around? Joe
  9. Man! I was gonna come back in with guns blazin' and start yackin off trolling jabs at you Tim Glad to see some things are the same here. Regards, Joe
  10. Hi All, I am a lurker now but did go to Montauk and got skunked! 8 hours of driving and nada! I'm going back reservior fishing! Regards to all Joe
  11. I had the pleasure of messing with carp 3 times when yakking at a reservior near me. what a load of fun on a 4lb spinner! can be frustrating because they like to fin and would not take anything you throw at them but when they are hungry, they are worth every minute of fight.
  12. Does anyone here know of a reliable guide I can book for a early-mid November trip. Preferably fly-fishing guide on the backwaters. I have a business trip coming up and I can free up a day (weekend or weekday) during the entire deal. Any leads will be greatly appreciated.
  13. I've changed many a rod tip because of leaving the rod in the truck for period of tip. I think it soften the glue and the tips have slipped off in the first few casts. I always carry a rod glue. It has saved me a few times.
  14. Palomar
  15. sorry to hear that John. Hope you get better soon! also does this mean no grub at the ditch fling (btw is there a ditch fling?)