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  1. the keys have been really good for the past week.
  2. bahia honda used to be the best spot for diy bonefishing but you'll have to check to see what's still there after it got pulverized in irma. DIY bonefishing in the keys is really difficult. Look on google maps for flats that look so shallow that they look like dry land, those are where you'll have a shot on foot. You can also try chumming up bonefish where you throw broken up shrimp in a pothole or channel in a flat and then cast at it, that might be your best bet since there aren't as many bonefish as there used to be. Paddling into the back country and fishing around the mangrove islands is a really fun way to find a variety of fish. If you're staying in key weird you'll have a bunch of different jumping off places for that. You may also want to bring a sinking line rod or some spinning rods and fish around the bridges just to bend a rod. You'll be there at the height of tarpon season but that's not likely to happen from a kayak. Maybe your guide will put you on some though. Let me know if I can help any further.
  3. I heard about some in buzzards bay
  4. sorry to hear that
  5. Yes I've used one. It's nice. I personally still like a 9' but my dad likes the shortstix. I think preference has a lot to do with it. It fights fish very well.
  6. as far as dolphin fishing goes I would call bud and mary's and fish with one of their boats. rentals for bonefishing in the keys are tough. You might want to try a stand up paddle board.
  7. I know that chatham hardware and cape fisherman's supply have ribb rakes. I think North Chatham Outfitters and the Goose do as well. Also Red Top
  8. the biggest difference is that the 11" is more work to scratch with but you get more quahogs per stroke. If you don't think you'll get tired get the bigger one.
  9. fish with will vallely. best guide in turks.
  10. I'd say bahr's landing or moby's have to fall into this category
  11. it's fun to fish it. Single day tournaments have a huge degree of luck in my opinion especially with a field this big. The biggest issue to me is the size of the field. They constantly say that it's "the biggest fly tournament in the world" and yes that true because other tournaments cap the field to make it less chaotic. They also desperately need a better system than the paper cards
  12. the new cherokee gets pretty good mileage. I would also look at the chevy colorado with the diesel. If you can find a grand cherokee with the fiat diesel that would be my first choice.
  13. they sink really well because they are so thin but also can be tough to cast and handle for the same reason
  14. It'll be better for the small motors. You can also order "race fuel" (leaded or unleaded) which is like 105 octane. It's really good to run through a motor before putting her away for the winter.
  15. there are some but thinning out quickly