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  1. 350 - 400 grain full sink is what you'll want on a 9wt at monomoy. 400 might overload the rod though. If you've never fly fished there before you're welcome to buddy boat with me and I can show you what I do once the fish are there heavy at the end of June or so.
  2. yep rhody and maryland are looking to screw it up for everyone
  3. the oyster situation is a complete joke. How anyone thinks there should still be a commercial harvest is amazing to me. Another huge factor that is hurting them, by the way, is the lack of eelgrass allows the bottom to get turned up. That in combination with all the silt from farms covers the oyster spat and kills them. I'll never quite get why anyone would want to harvest wild bay oysters when they can farm them. It's easier and they can charge a lot more.
  4. I personally am not in favor of slot limits for stripers unless the slot were something crazy like 36-38". Slots work for reds and snook but it has been demonstrated that it's not a good idea for bass, not to mention that we already know that 1@36" has worked. One reason a slot like 24-28" or 22-24" or whatever is ineffective is that we need to protect the 2015 year class and those fish are getting to that point. 2011 was the last good year class and they were wiped out mostly by maryland's bs 19" law but the rest of the coast as well. If we're going to talk about other fish in other states look what Florida has done with tarpon and bonefish or even grouper and red snaps. Tarpon and bones are strictly no kill and grouper and red snapper have strict limits and closed seasons for killing them. They realize how valuable these fish are and protect them. My preference would be to make the bass fishery catch and release in perpetuity or at least 5 years, short of that make it 1@36" again.
  5. That's the point if we don't get the stocks back together there won't be any jobs surrounding stripers in the bay. Oysters in the chesapeake are at 2% of where they were in 1900 lots of lost jobs there.
  6. There is no good reason other than "that's how we've always done it". In the summer there aren't a ton of fish over 19" in the Chesapeake so they set the limit that low so people can keep fish. It's a complete joke. It should be the same as everywhere else but if it were raised the charter guys and eastern shore watermen would start crying about how they can't make a living the way their grandfather did. Larry Hogan gets a lot of his votes from the eastern shore and will gladly wipe out bass, oysters and crabs if that's what they want. It's infuriating. BTW the 19" is for the chesapeake not the ocean off maryland, not that it really matters.
  7. I'll let you know tomorrow but right now the weather this weekend looks god awful. I may try for sunday but it's not likely
  8. when will you be there? I fish out of annapolis and you're welcome to join if it's on a weekend
  9. willy vallely is an outstanding guide. The other guides will put you on fish but they're not half as good. Fish with him one day and diy some other days.
  10. I have my boat on alert 5 waiting for a weekend with minimal wind to head down there
  11. there are several. What size boat and where do you want to launch?
  12. The three best flats guides in Marathon are Albert Ponzoa, Rich Keating and Scott Collins but they're usually booked up. Try Mike Weichert, Carl Wagner or Diego Cordova as well. These guys are purely flats, fly fishing guides
  13. the keys have been really good for the past week.
  14. bahia honda used to be the best spot for diy bonefishing but you'll have to check to see what's still there after it got pulverized in irma. DIY bonefishing in the keys is really difficult. Look on google maps for flats that look so shallow that they look like dry land, those are where you'll have a shot on foot. You can also try chumming up bonefish where you throw broken up shrimp in a pothole or channel in a flat and then cast at it, that might be your best bet since there aren't as many bonefish as there used to be. Paddling into the back country and fishing around the mangrove islands is a really fun way to find a variety of fish. If you're staying in key weird you'll have a bunch of different jumping off places for that. You may also want to bring a sinking line rod or some spinning rods and fish around the bridges just to bend a rod. You'll be there at the height of tarpon season but that's not likely to happen from a kayak. Maybe your guide will put you on some though. Let me know if I can help any further.
  15. I heard about some in buzzards bay