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  1. You're starting early
  2. I don't believe NATO has any interest in the Kurds since they are a tribe
  3. The Syria pullout is a no brainer - we have troops and artillery just across the border in Iraq We have tons of quick response units on our naval vessels we can launch missiles anywhere at any time If turkey threatens the Kurds - we can be there in a heartbeat What's really interesting is based on the changes on the ground in Syrian - will there be a war between Hezbollah and Israel all over again based upon all the munitions Hezbollah has accumulated while Syria was in conflict?
  4. Lee, I will take them and I thank you for making them available! PM sent Thread closed
  5. went on stubhu* and can't get anything for much less than $100 per ticket Yes Jan 5th is a Saturday night, but this isn't exactly a playoff game hosting the Mavericks $100-$150+ gets ya top of the arena seating what gives? is it all about that star they signed a couple of weeks back?
  6. 2 would be ideal maybe someone has tickets but doesn't expect to make the game for some reason maybe someone just wants to recover their face value ? two teenage nephews are in from Italy and a 76ers game would make their visit - one is a diehard 76ers fan!
  7. looking for a Christmas miracle
  8. I wish she'd find another country if she doesn't like this one
  9. Can't use that term ... Trump used it and the Libs got their panties all twisted up
  10. That deal was a win:win for everyone and mostly for the country However! It was a path to citizenship for 12MILLION dreamers in exchange for the Wall; an end to chain migration AND an end to the lottery visa (which in case you didn't know was the brilliant idea of none other than Chucky Boy Schumer himself!)
  11. Hirono recently stated that the American voting public is stupid - no? I think she spent too much time in the tropical sun of Hawaii and fried her pea brain? She's one of the looniest Dems in DC
  12. so you're a Rhody supporter of MA Warren - correct?
  13. you're from Wareham MA ... what value does this women bring to you as a representative? honest answer she's a freakin embarrassment I've got Sparticus and he's a major embarrassment he has no business in his position - he's a crook outta Newark political crime capitol city outta the political crime capitol state in the US (ok, top 5 states in the US)
  14. I was price shopping and one site has a caveat that once an order is placed - buyer must get an FFL to fax/email buyer name & order number retailer then sends the product to the FFL is this overkill?
  15. maybe Uncle Sam can manufacture a sanity pill and fill her a prescription how is this person even relevant - she's such a fringe player is that why she gets the coverage she does? she's as looney as Auntie Maxine what brings so many followers supporting her ... are her constituents drinking cool-aide?