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  1. Isn't the weight transfer system suppose to end thumbling?
  2. It means I don't really want to give you too much information because if I do you will be fishing next to me with your friend and his friend.
  3. It gives up a chance to swap hooks and split rings out to heavier duty ones. Sp minnows in the 1/119oz size come with weak hardware. The main reason for me is less hooks to deal with. I like dealing with just one treble when I'm trying to unhook a sloping fish
  4. Been fishing the 2500 size bucktailing for fluke the last couple of years all I can the reel has a very smooth drag. Not that a fluke is noted for high speed runs!
  5. Notice no diff at all with canal rigged SP.s. Dealing with one set of trebles is far better than 2!
  6. Just my 2 cents. I like the daiwa BG star drags.
  7. We had a Sportsman Trading Post by us. The store was in the center island of Rt.22 in Union. As kids it was always a place that we were able to walk to and stocked up with all the trout gear (CP Swings, Mepps Spinners, Flatfish, Abu's Reflex Spinners and Daredevil Spoons). As local kids the Rahway River was a big deal to fish till all the trout would turn belly up. We spent countless hours pre-stock building rock dams in the Union section where the old A&P was. We were able to get some flow thru the pools. F&G use to reward us by throwing in a few more nets of trout. I went back to my my childhood stomping grounds and it left me depressed. You could tell the kids of today have no interest in the river. All our paths are growen over and dams are just a little line of rocks now. As for the Holiday I use to fish 3-9 Whiting trips on her. My ride was 63 Bug back then.
  8. You know the newer Penn Torque conventional reels have a gear swap kit. You can either get a 5.x or a 4.x gear kit.
  9. Well it's me again. I had planned to buy a Jackson Kilroy but got got cold feet due to price. Haven't looked at the trekker yet as someone recommended. Then I was looking at the OT Loon 126 then come down with a bad case of bronchitis twice that kept me off the water for sometime time. I must confess I was not crazy about the layout of the Loon.I may wind up with the Loon anyway. To who ever has one I have some questions. Are the cockpit lips wide enough to mount a rail system? Looking at the Loon there is no really good place to mount a fishfinder. I could use the mount for the upfront rod holder but I'm not sure how good I could see it there. If anyone has some pictures of their rigged Loon or have any suggestion I would like to hear them. Thanks - Ice
  10. Another on the BG's also the the old SS reels. They are a work of art with the etching on the side of the spool!
  11. Didn't say the Greenland were eating polar bears in the Great Lakes. I don't see why they would not feed on a dead animal in the water. They are mostly blind so I would think their sense of smell would be even better. And as sharks go the Greenland iis least understood. If I remember you once gave me a good lecture on the benefits of sand pumping.
  12. They have also been finding Greenland sharks in the Great Lakes. No one knows for sure if the Greenland shark have attacked anyone in the Northern Atlantic. Since the number of people in the water is so low . But the Greenland gets large and remains of Polar Bear and Raindeer have been found.
  13. Where exactly is this sign for a closed area. Is it the True or False Hook area? And by the way I got it from one of the Park Rangers the Park Director would like to close the whole North Beach area to humans.
  14. Been long gone for at least a year plus! The price of the 3M supply resin made the rod too costly to make for Lami.
  15. One of my go to plugs. In the past I have used the Tobimaru the whole tide without a plug change. I still use them but the Sp Minnows are getting more time now! Still a good plug to have in your bag.