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  1. Thanks, was gonna go for the steely grey color but dealer offered this one with some nicer features and 1-2 weeks earlier delivery for the same price, I'm glad I went with the blue.
  2. Bump, $90 for all
  3. Here's my new ride, taken about a week ago. Tough to form an opinion after only 900 miles, but I'm loving it so far. Drives like a car and has the guts and power of a truck, surprisingly nimble too.
  4. Hello guys, This is all that's left of my Jeep. After unsuccessfully fighting an electrical problem it got traded in for a new Tundra. I remember I paid $100 for the crossbars and a set of OEM taillights goes for about $40 per side on ebay. I'm looking for $110 for both crossbars and taillights. Crossbars are missing one of the screw downs (bought them that way), dealer quoted me $22 for a new one. Ill include some hardware that'll make it work for the time being. Came off an 05 Laredo, pretty sure they'll both work for model years up to 2010. Shoot me some offers please, just looking to get these out of my garage. I'm in NY and have no problem shipping.
  5. Hey guys, A coworker is looking at an 08 GMC sierra with the 5.3L V8 and 4WD. The truck looks nice from the pictures he's shown me but it has 93k miles on it. It seems to be priced right and looks like a decent deal, but what are your opinions on it? My concern is that he's been looking even longer than I have and I'm worried that hell oversee that it's got 30k miles more than it should for the year and fall in love with the price. I'm also toying with the idea of a new truck and if the high mileage for the year isn't necessarily a bad thing it could open up some new places to look for myself. Thanks guys Matt
  6. Guys, Maybe I should go alittle more in depth. Right now I pay $250/month on an 05 Grand Cherokee. Insurance is paid by my parents as everything is in my dads name because I got the car when I turned 16 and couldn't cosign. I'm listed as a driver on their insurance because my dads company pays his truck insurance so he could be listed as the primary driver on it and save more money than listing me as the primary least I think that's how he explained it. I currently pay my cell phone, car payment, and gas bills. I pay for all the maintenance and repairs for the car, as well as all the upgrades I've done too it so bills aren't something foreign to me. I do have a loan on the jeep but it's for less than the car is worth. Because my parents are paying for the first two years of my schooling as a reward for my grades and going to the college of their choice I can now take some of the money I've had saved up in preparation for that and spend it on a vehicle I want more. My parents have already said that if I get a new car I get my own insurance. Expensive, but certainly doable. Hopefully that sheds alittle more light on things. Matt
  7. Thanks for the input guys. Im a bit different than the average student I guess. My parents are paying for everything as part of a deal. I could've gone to a few D1 or D2 schools but mom and dad offered to eat the costs of the first 2 yrs if I stayed home and kept my grades up. The broke college kid reffered more towards an eventual apartment and associated living expenses.
  8. Redhawk, sorry about the late reply, got dragged out of town. Looks like shipping will be about $13 so call it $61 shipped.
  9. The box is pretty size able, depending on your zip code it'll take probably $10-15 to ship. If you want, ill split the cost of shipping with you 50/50.
  10. Final drop, $55
  11. Guys, For now I'm going to hold off on a new car. Thanks for all the advice.
  12. Price drop to $65
  13. Hey guys, I'm starting to do some research as I get ready to look for a full sized truck come the warmer months. I need something that meets the following: Can pull a Yamaha Rhino and Polaris Ranger with another wheeler in the bed for 150 miles about 15-20 times a year. Has a decent enough turning radius as I work at a mall. As ill be headed to college next year I need something reliable enough that I shouldn't be a broke college kid having to pay repair costs. Looking for at least 14mpg on avg. I can have at least an extended cab, 4wd and fair mileage for around $12-14k. I've been drawn to a lot of 03-06 Dodge Ram 1500s that can meet most of the specs above. Recently a friend suggested considering a diesel because of the longer lifespan and better fuel economy. From what quick research I've done fuel, maintenance, and repairs are more expensive but less frequent. The biggest draw to the diesel is that even if I found one with 150k miles it should carry me through college no problem when it comes to racking up miles. I guess what I'm asking is does the idea have any merit fully knowing I don't need the power of the diesel and that the appeal is in the fuel economy and lifespan? Any guidance would be really appreciated. It'll never see the surf, and I have no brand loyalty. 1/2 ton is the smallest I'd think about, sorry taco-lovers, the small trucks just don't do it for me.