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  1. I've had mine for 2 years+ and plug extremely hard- pencils, spooks, metal and hundreds of fish. Maybe you got a dud...?
  2. I don't usually posts reviews on rods but i just had to say the Star Rod VPR Series is one of the BEST off the shelf rods I've ever owned and I own a plethora of rods to include: ODM, CTS, Fiberstar, Lamiglas, St. Croix, Gloomis, TFO, Tsunami, Shimano and of course Black Hole. I'm really impressed with the quality, power, sensitivity and castability of this rod. The low riders are placed optimally and the grips are very sticky in the wash. These rods are so light yet durable for the rigors of surfcasting...I highly recommend...
  3. Sounds good. I'll take em
  4. Respectfully offer $35.00 shipped
  5. $35 shipped for pencil?
  6. You make it sound like I do this routinely... are you the friggin SOL police???...LOL
  7. 40 shipped for both Norcalkat’s?
  8. Sorry for late response... is 60 bucks for just 1 pikie? If so that's out my price range.
  9. Please provide pics. Thank you
  10. Ocean Born SLD Popper, Sporting Wood Bottle darter, sinking SP Minnow, 3 oz Charlie Graves
  11. I have a tear in my rotator cuff as well. Today I’m 100% fishing again pain-free. The two things that helped me: 1. Consistent physical therapy for several months. The stretching and strengthening of all the small muscles in your shoulder is essential. Be consistent. 2. Next thing I did was change my casting style. Today’s rods are so powerful. To put less stress on my shoulder and more on the rod, I shortened my rods butt section from 22 to 17 inches. This allowed me to flick the rod like a fulcrum using primarily my forearms and wrists. With this technique I’m placing most of the stress on the rod and not my body. Load the rod(not your body) and let it fly. My casting distance is the same if not better.
  12. Fixter pencil- offer $35.00 shipped
  13. I'll take these