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  1. I hope they come back! I own several major brands. The Fiberstar is my go - to rod mainly because they have tremendous feel and sensitivity.
  2. I have the 10'6 3/4-4 and 2 inshore rods. Never tried the models you want but I assume they are great.
  3. That would be great if she could reopen... he would be proud.
  4. Marque made available some equipment that would normally be more challenging for west coast guys to obtain: Afterhours plugs, Greenpoint plugs, Duo lures, Aquaskinz, Gear up etc.
  5. Nowadays mom and pop Bait Shops are few and far between. They're the one place both new and experienced can go (and feel welcome) to get their fishing fix on or to just hang out... I'm referring to the old school shops sometimes found in local coastal communities. The New Coastside Bait and Tackle in Pacifica, Ca was one such place. This meager little hut of a shop was managed by a local named Marque Glisson. Sadly he passed away recently and will be sorely missed by the community. He took over the store in July of 2005. I was there on his first day of ownership. Marque never claimed to be a hardcore fisherman. Instead he was a just a genuinely good dude who simply cared about the fishing community and tried his very best to make sure everyone had what they needed. His store was always stocked with the best equipment for the surf angler from bags to plugs--- he had it all! For me I was like a kid in a candy shop every time I visited! Thank you Marque for all the hard work and devotion to the community. You the man!!!
  6. I'll take the orange or 3rd from top.
  7. From my limited experience it seems that I get more distance from 11' rod with lowriders than 11' rod with K frames. Does this sound accurate to you? All things are equal- rod, reel, line, fisherman. The riders allow me to cast farther with less effort. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  8. I've had mine for 2 years+ and plug extremely hard- pencils, spooks, metal and hundreds of fish. Maybe you got a dud...?
  9. I don't usually posts reviews on rods but i just had to say the Star Rod VPR Series is one of the BEST off the shelf rods I've ever owned and I own a plethora of rods to include: ODM, CTS, Fiberstar, Lamiglas, St. Croix, Gloomis, TFO, Tsunami, Shimano and of course Black Hole. I'm really impressed with the quality, power, sensitivity and castability of this rod. The low riders are placed optimally and the grips are very sticky in the wash. These rods are so light yet durable for the rigors of surfcasting...I highly recommend...
  10. Sounds good. I'll take em
  11. Respectfully offer $35.00 shipped
  12. $35 shipped for pencil?
  13. You make it sound like I do this routinely... are you the friggin SOL police???...LOL
  14. 40 shipped for both Norcalkat’s?