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  1. No vehicles allowed on the beach at SH.
  2. What year is it?
  3. For sale like new 2017 Revo 13. Used a few times mostly in freshwater. Always garaged. It is practically brand new. Bought this from Ramsey Outdoors at the end of 2017. Didn't get to go out much in 2018 as I had a new born. Comes with: all standard accessories Hobie cart with balloon wheels Lawrence Hook 4 Chirp fishfinder installed with the Hobie installation kit battery and charger $2500 pickup in north NJ. Price is firm. Can also meet up around Sandy Hook area.
  4. last bump for the weekend
  5. still available, thanks
  6. Was looking to learn and get into machining small parts. Turns out I have no time for another hobby and lost interest. This is just sitting idle in my garage. I bought it last year, I used it for probably a total of 5 hours. Like new, comes with 4" vise, collets, 2 flute end mills, parallel bars and chuck. Comes with the manual and all the accessories that came with it. Local pickup in North NJ $1200. I am firm on the price. This is the top of the line mini mill and comes with extras. Figured I would post on here knowing that we have a lot of tinkerers on this forum. If you have room I am will also throw in the bench for it which is on casters.
  7. So your friend is saying a 6 foot rod will cast twice as far as a 5 foot rod? I don't think so.
  8. Insulation won't really help you with sound. Best way to do it is two layers of 1/2 sheetrock with a layer of soft caulking in between that never cures completely. They make this thing called "Green Glue". It is stupid expensive so you might want to look at something else but the science behind it is accurate. By the way roxul is great stuff. Easy to work with. But it did nothing for sound in my garage.
  9. I stopped at a freshwater spot one day coming back from the surf. I casted a bucktail and reeled it in fast just get the salt off the line and lure. I caught my personal best pike that day. It was a 3/4oz smiling bill with a 6" curly tail ripped on top of the grass.
  10. I think I will just have to bite the bullet and pick up another paddle kayak. It is interesting that no local dealers carry Ocean Kayak anymore everything was replaced by Perception. The two I am interested in is the Tetra 12 or the Prowler 13. Seems like both boats are around 55lbs. I like the Prowler but I am not crazy about the molded foot wells. Seems to me like they would just hold water and not drain properly. Also the Tetra can have a rudder installed and a mod pod if I wanted down the road.
  11. The scupper 14 is an interesting concept. It's like a hybrid of sit-in and sot.
  12. No sailing rudder. I don't want to put more money into this just in case I decide to sell it.
  13. Those are cool kayaks but I don't know if I am sold on the Carbonlite (ABS) vs traditional rotomolded polyethylene.
  14. I own a mint fully decked out grey 2017 Revo 13 with the 180 drive. Used it a few times last summer in bay and freshwater. I fished out of a Trident 13 for 8 years before that. It took me at least 3 trips to get used to peddling and fishing at the same time. I have to say the Hobie excels in speed and windy conditions. Don't really care for the "hands free fishing thing". You quickly realize in a Hobie it is one hand on the rudder and one hand on the rod. You constantly have to adjust the rudder. I have come to a conclusion that I fish 50% rivers, 25% lakes and 25% inshore. In the summer when water levels drop I fish shallow and grass. I miss the deck space as my knees are constantly in my way. This Hobie pedal drive kayaks excel primarily for a saltwater fisherman. You can stay on the water all day looking at the fish finder and covering a lot of ground. You can fish for flounder in the summer among boat traffic without any issues. You can fish in the wind and current without wind socks or anchors. With that said, I go out on the nicer days when fishing the bay. Paddling the revo without the rudder down is doable but a chore. I am looking at the new Trident 13 with a rudder this time. The problem is the 2019 come with hideous color. If I saw a left over 2018 Urban Camo color Trident 13 at a store right now I don't think I would pass it up. Did anyone ever go back to paddles after owning a Hobie for a while? Any regrets? I don't want to own two kayaks.
  15. I don't want help from Tony or specialized treatment from Penn. I want to be able to walk into any store and buy a Penn reel and have no issues. Granted I had bad experiences with the battles and spinfishers Vs. I was told by the marketing machine that these reels are much better than the older version. All best features combined into one. So I bought two to see if they really are. As soon as I started spooling them with line I noticed issues right away. Maybe the bigger sizes are great, but the 2500s have issues. It is possible I got 2 bad copies from a first / bad run. Unfortunately, history seems to repeat for me with budget Penn reels. So just passing on the info of what I experienced. I am sure that some people think the BG is crap too and have legit issues. Which is fine, out of 8 BGs I bought I had one make a minor noise which was exchanged for a perfect one. BGs have their own short comings too. No such thing as a perfect reel but those are pretty damn good odds for $85 reels. I know I will get hate on here from Penn guys for posting this. Especially the ones that already bought the reel and need confirmation of how great the reels are. If you are happy with it and it works for you, great! I wish that was me. I am not a Penn hater. I started with Penn, moved to Shimano and now I am playing with Daiwas. Wanted to go back to Penn, just can't do it at this time.