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  1. you can't polish a turd
  2. So you don't have to cast the leader through the guides and bang up your knot or guides with a swivel.
  3. Also I did have 2 or 3 instances where a bluefish attacked the swivel and cut me off instantly.
  4. Used to use swivels. It has it's benefits but makes your leaders short. Also night time is a no go. Honestly learn a decent knot and get good tying it at night. At night once you feel the knot got through your tip you know you are at the leader without seeing it. Makes a world of difference for me.
  5. It cured everything black for me not just rust spots when I applied it. Check out youtube for how it works.
  6. Coroseal converts metal and rust to a satin black finish. It goes on milky white and turns black when cured. Looks really nice actually. Try to apply an even coat so there are no runs. It dries pretty flat anyways even if there are runs. Make sure your first coat covers everything. After it cures you might be tempted to apply a second coat. Applying a second coat is a waste of time and money, it doesn't do anything unless you missed a spot.
  7. pulling up to a spot and no parking spots left "you should have been here X ago" first cast seaweed after a long drive getting sandblasted when the forecast calls for no wind rod snaps on first cast
  8. I used 3 cans for a heavy coat including the wheel wells and I had some left over. You can sometimes find it on ebay sold in a case for a better deal.
  9. If you have time, 1 gallon corroseal and CRC Marine Heavy Duty Corrosion Inhibitor. Power wash everything, remove heavy rust but leave surface rust alone. Apply corroseal with a brush, let it cure over night. Spray coat everything with CRC. This is bomb proof. Power washer does not take off the CRC. If you ever need to remove CRC for whatever reason, just use mineral spirits. It is just a waxy coating that will not come off with water or salt. The corroseal will convert rust / frame into a nice black finish and instead of painting it with something that will flake off eventually just use CRC to cover it. It comes out really nice and lasts forever. EDIT I see some recommendations for fluid film. It works but it smells and needs to be reapplied at least once every 2 years. It makes the whole under carriage attract dirt and it becomes a mess over time. CRC dries non tacky waxy substance and nothing sticks to it. You can powerwash the bottom of your truck and any dirt will come off of it but the wax will stay. EDIT 2 Also any type of paint or POR15 will chip from impact. CRC will never chip and it will actually fill in the chip as it is waxy over time. There is no chance of moisture to get underneath. Rubberized undercoating "wheel well coating" is probably the worst out of all the types.
  11. unbelievable!
  12. Anyone watching the hearing on GME? They are roasting the Robinhood guy and Citadel dude. They can't give a straight answer on anything. So ****ing crooked. It is so oblivious they are guilty it's appalling. **** should be case closed within 10 min of them answering questions.
  13. Best bet for that cash is a Prowler 13 with a nice light weight paddle if you want brand new.
  14. That also tanked today. They are just blanked pumping weed stocks I guess. A lot of money to be made if you got in them early and were able to sell off after the pump. I wonder if these will crawl back up now.
  15. New strategy for me. Do the opposite of what reddit is doing.