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  1. They are smoother and stack line even on the spools without the hour glass shape. Taking one apart to grease and clean it though is a pain in the butt. Lot's of little parts ,shims and washers in there.
  2. You had a BBQ at 11am?
  3. Direct tie gets more bites for me.
  4. Check out the Field & Stream Eagle Talon Kayak 120 at dicks right now for $399. Worth the extra $99. I checked it out last night and it looks like a good boat. The only negative that I saw was it comes in at 69 lbs. The hull design looked better than most and should track straight.
  5. 1 short at 16" in about 12 hours of drifting the kayak in spots where last year were phenomenal.
  6. Before wasting your time make sure you check conditions in the bay before heading out. It is going to rain on and off all week. The bay will most likely be mud.
  7. I still have this. Price drop $750.
  8. You can make one out of pvc pipe and some 5/8 tnuts to bolt into your rail. I welded up some kayak racks for the 3rd gen tacoma, it shouldn't be too hard to make a small aluminum rod rack that would tuck neatly behind the window. The nice thing about the rail is that you can move the rod rack away from the window so you can store your rods on an angle or straight up. I have been meaning to do this for my self for a while now, I think I am going to mock one up soon. If there is enough interest here I can make a few. I have a bunch of spare aluminum tubing laying around just collecting dust.
  9. Leaving a blood trail behind a plastic boat that resembles a potential meal doesn't sound like a enjoyable experience to me.
  10. Just came in from my first kayak fluke outing of 2019 in the Raritan Bay. The water is like mud and the waves were pretty sketchy at times. It was kind of weird because there was very little wind so I am not sure where all the waves came from.
  11. It will work in a hobie transducer well because it is submerged in water. It might not fit though because the CV transducer is long and narrow.
  12. From those two I would go spheros if your rod can handle a straight foot reel.
  13. that was ****
  14. Keep in mind that the CV has a bigger / longer transducer. The plus has a regular transducer and can make maps. The regular 4 also comes with the regular transducer but can't do maps. I think they go for 179 to 139 to 109 price wise. Edit: the reason I mention this is because the big transducer is a pain to mount inside the kayak and it probably won't fit in any built in existing transducer kayak mount.
  15. I have the Lowrance 4x and it is pretty good. But check out the Garmin Striker 4 Plus, you can make your own custom maps which is super useful.