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  1. The scupper 14 is an interesting concept. It's like a hybrid of sit-in and sot.
  2. No sailing rudder. I don't want to put more money into this just in case I decide to sell it.
  3. Those are cool kayaks but I don't know if I am sold on the Carbonlite (ABS) vs traditional rotomolded polyethylene.
  4. I own a mint fully decked out grey 2017 Revo 13 with the 180 drive. Used it a few times last summer in bay and freshwater. I fished out of a Trident 13 for 8 years before that. It took me at least 3 trips to get used to peddling and fishing at the same time. I have to say the Hobie excels in speed and windy conditions. Don't really care for the "hands free fishing thing". You quickly realize in a Hobie it is one hand on the rudder and one hand on the rod. You constantly have to adjust the rudder. I have come to a conclusion that I fish 50% rivers, 25% lakes and 25% inshore. In the summer when water levels drop I fish shallow and grass. I miss the deck space as my knees are constantly in my way. This Hobie pedal drive kayaks excel primarily for a saltwater fisherman. You can stay on the water all day looking at the fish finder and covering a lot of ground. You can fish for flounder in the summer among boat traffic without any issues. You can fish in the wind and current without wind socks or anchors. With that said, I go out on the nicer days when fishing the bay. Paddling the revo without the rudder down is doable but a chore. I am looking at the new Trident 13 with a rudder this time. The problem is the 2019 come with hideous color. If I saw a left over 2018 Urban Camo color Trident 13 at a store right now I don't think I would pass it up. Did anyone ever go back to paddles after owning a Hobie for a while? Any regrets? I don't want to own two kayaks.
  5. I don't want help from Tony or specialized treatment from Penn. I want to be able to walk into any store and buy a Penn reel and have no issues. Granted I had bad experiences with the battles and spinfishers Vs. I was told by the marketing machine that these reels are much better than the older version. All best features combined into one. So I bought two to see if they really are. As soon as I started spooling them with line I noticed issues right away. Maybe the bigger sizes are great, but the 2500s have issues. It is possible I got 2 bad copies from a first / bad run. Unfortunately, history seems to repeat for me with budget Penn reels. So just passing on the info of what I experienced. I am sure that some people think the BG is crap too and have legit issues. Which is fine, out of 8 BGs I bought I had one make a minor noise which was exchanged for a perfect one. BGs have their own short comings too. No such thing as a perfect reel but those are pretty damn good odds for $85 reels. I know I will get hate on here from Penn guys for posting this. Especially the ones that already bought the reel and need confirmation of how great the reels are. If you are happy with it and it works for you, great! I wish that was me. I am not a Penn hater. I started with Penn, moved to Shimano and now I am playing with Daiwas. Wanted to go back to Penn, just can't do it at this time.
  6. I had one. It was a fun little toy but cleaning it was a pain. You will have to clean it often and shoot cleanest rimfire ammo you can find or it will jam. Surprisingly pretty accurate out of the box.
  7. The hype is real. Everyone is praising the new spinfisher but my experience is much different. I recently bought 2 2500 spinfishers VI. I am comparing them directly to the daiwa BG 2500. I bought these to use on my kayak since they are supposed to be sealed. I thought it would be a good upgrade. With that being said my BGs never game me issues I just wanted to try Penn again. 1. On the 2500 size reel line lay is bad on 10lb braid. Both reels bowed out the line in the middle after adjustment and undercut the top and the bottom of the spool, more so on the 10lb line. 2. They pack a lot of grease under the spool support bearing which causes the spool to ride too high. Even if you take all the shims off the line will be bottom heavy. Once you clean the grease out the thickest washer they give seems to center the line on the spool the best. 3. The line roller is so loose that it clicks under load. It moves left to right very easily and I guess there is no shim support on the sides. Tightening the roller bearing screw does nothing. So if you are holding your rod sideways and reeling fast under some load it clicks really loud as it changes sides. 4. Who ever designed that spool has never fished in their life. There is a almost 90 degree edge that catches line constantly and wraps around the front of the spool. The Daiwa BG is a dome shaped spool and drag knob. I never had it catch on a BG and I close the bail with my hand. The spinfisher has caught my line many times on that tiny lip right by the drag knob. 5. The drag clicker doesn't engage on light drag settings. You have to crank the drag down for it to click when line is going out. I know that some reviewed the bigger sizes with glowing reviews, but the 2500 to me is a bust. Just passing on the info. I wish I took more detailed pics but it's too late now. I sent both back. Size wise the 2500 VI has slighty more capacity then the 2500 BG. The BG has a bigger handle. The knobs on both reels are crappy. The BG is much smoother but not sealed. The Penn feels like a clunky Penn, the BG feels more refined. The bail wire click is more positive on the VI and on the BG it is mushy.
  8. After testing the new Spinfisher VI I have decided to stay with the BGs. I am going to hold on to the second BG3000, sorry. However, I do have another rod for sale it is the St Croix Mojo Inshore Spinning MH 7 foot. It was bought last year, fished it less than 5 times. I bought it for 130. I will let it go for 100 local pickup.
  9. In saltwater I don't need reverse unless I am fishing boulder fields which is never. For freshwater, I use reverse a lot especially in rivers. So I would say for saltwater if you are fishing open bays, ocean the reverse in unnecessary.
  10. Stick with the 18 for another season especially that you already have a great boat. Let the people put some time on the 19s. Usually new designs require new molds and tooling. So let them figure out the kinks if there are any and get the 20.
  11. Thanks for the offer but I will pass for now.
  12. 8MH Star with 3000BG sold to Jollywan. Thanks! Everything else still available.
  13. sorry Im never in the city
  14. For now I am not going to ship. But if I do decide at a later date I will post here and let you know.