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  1. You can literally skip episode 3 and 7, they are fillers with agendas. Adds nothing to the story.
  2. Two episodes now out of 9 getting jammed down our throats with this gay stuff. This episode was so cringe from beginning to end. Just waiting for the gay agenda to drop any second now.
  3. I love this rod. It's my favorite out of all the exprides B line. Just a heads up, the 7L is actually much more stout then this 610ML. The 7L is more of a ML+/M. This one is more of a ML/L+ in other brands.
  4. Call your CC company. Explain it's a bait and switch and you did everything on your end to no resolution. It's $100, peanuts.
  5. tying the perfect knot is a part of the game for me
  6. I drive a 2017 2.7L 5spd 4x4 access cab. You get used to the power. No issues merging or passing. I loaded it many times with lumber and sheetrock at max capacity. It squatted but the engine never had any issues.
  7. These prices are nuts. I guess it's good for people wanting to sell. I have a mint Revo 13 with md180 drive thinking about selling this spring, since I barely use it.
  8. Jbraid on everything. Switched from 832 and am happy. Easily available, great performance and cheap.
  9. I cut mine down 6" making it a 7'6 rod. It was much easier to handle and less awkward.
  10. Curious to see what is your favorite combo of the year. For salt Daiwa saltist 8'3ML light surf with a stradic 3000. For fresh Shimano expride 6'10ML with stradic 2500. These always put a smile on my face and I pick them up first.
  11. Yeah I live in NNJ and fish fresh and raritan. I have a Revo 13 and a Tetra 12. Came from a Trident 13 and a Prowler 13 . I am looking to get out of Hobie, the peddling is just not for me. Would love to just have one kayak instead of 2 to do both fresh and salt. So looking at something in the 13-14 range. The Tetra 12 is excellent by the way, just a bit small for the bay.
  12. The Swell Scupper 14 looks like the ultimate offshore/inshore kayak and the price is right. Might be a wet ride but everything is designed for performance it seems. I just wish they made it in a dune or light gray color.
  13. The Skimmer 128 looks interesting.
  14. That viking looks really nice