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  1. I was not impressed with the Presidents I bought last year. I returned all of them without even fishing them. Never touched a Sedona but the new Presidents feel cheap and clunky. Mine felt geary right out of the box and the handles had too much slop for my taste. The 5 star reviews lured me in when looking for a affordable freshwater reels. Ended up replacing all my freshwater reels with daiwa BG2000s.
  2. That doesn't look bad at all. Some people get what they want I guess. I wouldn't trust any dealer to swap a frame. Too many bad experiences with Toyota service with my Tacoma. They can't get basic stuff right let a lone swapping the whole truck. I would just sell or trade in the truck and let someone else deal with it that is willing to take a chance.
  3. Daiwa BG2000. Don't be afraid of the 4lb drag. I can anchor my kayak in a river when snagged with it and pull toward the snag. I have one on a st croix premier 6'0 ML and a st croix 6'10 MLXF.
  4. I have the 8'8 and the 9'6. You probably want the 8'8. I cut the butts on both 4" and they seem to be perfect now. The butts are way too long.
  5. It is impossible to buy only american made products, it has gone too far. Even some of your food in the grocery store is coming from China. We are in a world where assembled in the US with global components is considered made in USA. So you can buy a MADE IN USA fishing boat with Chinese components and stainless steel which will rust out. All my stainless steel from China rusts. At this point you are paying made in the usa price for the same crap.
  6. thanks for the offer but can't do it
  7. last call, thanks
  8. you got it sending PM
  9. Honestly its not bad I would fish it as is but I don't want someone to get disappointed. If you want I can do shipped $30 to make it a little more worth it for you. Thanks.
  10. Still available.
  11. sold to Grayson, thanks
  12. still available going to the post office soon can ship this today before 12pm est
  13. I can do $70 shipped. Can ship it today if you pay before 11am est.
  14. Thanks for the offer but not looking for a trade.
  15. Brand new. Comes with regular paddles in case you don't like the ava ones. Left hand. This model has a clicking drag like a spinning reel. When the drag goes out it clicks like a spinning reel. This thing is legit, it weighs 6.5 oz and has 20lb of drag. Large capacity too. PRS1SHZL* 9+1 6.5 160/12 7.1:1 31" $199.99 $160 PayPal shipped to your door.