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  1. local NYC "big" store has Buffalo Trace back in stock after not having any for a while - $35, see....... not everything in NYC is going to hell.
  2. I can top that local NYC hood liquor store had one bottle of Blanton's - asking $150 - what do I look like a tourist? More disturbing, the local, big, well stocked liquor store that has had Buffalo Trace for years reasonably priced, has no more and the BT label's been taken off the shelf. I was at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky last year, great place - photo from their Bourbon Barrel Tour - barrel intake room. So, I ended up buying something new, Four Roses Small Batch which I really like.
  3. Not so old but........small "connections" to these: Debbie Does Dallas - (or Brooklyn apparently) I went to school at Pratt in Brooklyn in the early - mid 80's. The Library and Gym had an unusual, highly restrictive no photo's-camera's policy......because in the late 70's filmmakers snuck into both and shot parts of the movie there. Deathwish My favorite architect - Paul Kersey. In the late 80's I lived on 74th and West End Ave, 1 block away from the architect - vigilante's apartment on Riverside Drive. The neighborhood was a little better when I moved in, but you could still get a Whopper and a hooker at the Burger King on Broadway and 88th St and on your stroll home see a guy just shot, bleeding on the sidewalk in front of Love's Pharmacy on 76th and Broadway. Fatal Attraction I saw this when it came out in the 80's. In the 2000's I was living at 100th and West End Ave and my next door neighbors apartment was often used for tv-film shoots. One day I'm re-watching Fatal Attraction and I see Michael Douglas walk into a building that looks very familiar to me, then he walks up my lobby steps, past my apartment to my neighbors apt, where he "lived". The Warriors One of my roommates at Pratt in the early 80's was a nice midwest farm-boy. He was obsessed w/ The Warriors, went by the name Swan, same hair, clothes, etc. On Halloween he didn't need a costume, he just wore his normal getup and went as...... Swan from the Warriors. Can you dig it - The big opening gang meeting in the Bronx.......was filmed at the Dinosaur Park on 97th and Riverside in Manhattan, I spent a lot of time in that park w/ my kids, no gang member sightings, but this was daytime so.......
  4. Nice work Finneus, it's good to hear about reasonable building inspections. yes Ben. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in, like Michael Corleone.
  5. Dbag - I grew up in Sloatsburg, NY, 30 miles from NYC, we had 4 digit #'s locally to at least the mid 70's.
  6. Hi PI - spray foam insulation is a highly effective and highly toxic product (not toxic once it cures, is not heated up, on fire, etc). Yes it dries quickly, but it doesn't "cure" for 24 hrs +. I wouldn't feel too comfortable sleeping in a house where guys in hazmat suits applied that the same day, especially if you have kids in the house.
  7. I'm an architect and former house framer working a in Rockland and Westchester. I framed a lot of houses in Rockland in the mid 80's when the only "hurricane strapping" we used were 3 - 10d nails in the bottom of each stud. These days - they typically require ties and straps on all studs-rafters, and all sills-bottom plates bolted down, not just nailed. I'd guess Simpson Strong Tie lobbied NY State hard to get that overkill put into the building code. Tape $20 bills at 32" on center of your bottom plate to cover the missing anchor bolts and you're all set.
  8. Welcome roux.That's quite a switch, New Mexico to Maine. If you want to catch more and possibly bigger fish.........try chunking off the beach (fishing with bait).
  9. Maine is great, I spent a decent amount of time time there, and had 2 girls go to camp there from NYC. The hotel situation in Maine can be a little surprising, price and availability wise, they don't seem to have enough, book ahead, way ahead. There are many reasonable places to stay and very high end places. I always liked the Spruce Point Inn in Boothbay Harbor, not cheap, but not Cliff House, plus, you cant fish off that amazing cliff. If you surf fish NJ you may feel more at home down south in Old Orchard Beach or Wells. Camden is beautiful.
  10. I dunno, I surf fished a few times on my honeymoon, caught a few nice fish.......and a future ex wife. You can fish anytime, you only get to go on a honeymoon a few times. And, if you are with your significant other and someone ask's you what your best catch ever was........the correct answer is - "the one standing next to me". Bermuda sounds great, congratulations.
  11. Hi Drum, I've been to a decent amount of all inclusive resorts in Mexico, The DR, and the Caribbean, most don't want you fishing out front. I was at Secrets - Cap Cana in Spring 2021, one of my favorites, it's great, didn't see anyone surf fishing.
  12. Hi Drum, I'm guessing you have never been to the Gowanus in person, if you had you wouldn't be asking if you should fish there. It's no joke, literally one of the foulest, most polluted bodies of "water" in the country, in a crummy industrial area, and that's not changing in the next few decades. Of course the non local "locals" (the painful hipster, trend-sweaters making artisanal, handcrafted, bespoke crap), would have you believe it's an urban waterway being repurposed for recreational use. Prospect Park Lake has a few fish in it if you need a city fishing fix.
  13. Size wise - the difference between the Lexa 300 vs 400 is huge. The 300 feels like a beefy freshwater bait caster, very nice comfortable size, the 400 is much, much bigger. The 300 has 22 lbs of drag,"caliber wise" - much bigger than a "22".
  14. I fished with Bill (as a client) many years ago when I was using a Penn 705z, he's great, and a real straight shooter. Trip Lowlight - Nothing to do with Bill. I left my place in the city for Montauk around 1am - thought I'd have a nice quiet drive out East, The Grand Central was a Parking lot - welcome to New Yawk. Trip Highlights - Bill taught me a lot and really pushed me beyond my comfort zone (I was then, and now, mainly a feet in the sand caster, not a stand on a rock under 3 feet of water in the dark with an incoming tide caster). We both started catching nice fish within a few casts as the sun rose, amazing. Later in the day we came upon a blitz, lots of guys frantically throwing lots of big plugs, then I got to see Jack Yee remove a beefy treble hook (attached to a 3oz pencil popper) from some poor guys hand, I still don't like treble hooks. Bill was terrific.
  15. Hi Ben - nice sketch. I became an architect to right the wrongs of misplaced TPH holders and champion bathroom equity for men and woman, and of course for my love of vigilante architect Paul Kersey in Death Wish. Most TPH's seem like they were installed under the guidance of a chiropractor. Vessel sinks - a few issues - people seem to forget you never want the top of a sink lip higher than a normal counter/vanity - 36" max for normal humans - many I see are higher, not good, and secondly - a matter of taste but a lot off vessel sinks look dated, one of those trendy things that people will be ripping out to replace in the future, like popcorn ceilings and cultured vanities with integrated clamshell sinks.