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  1. Fishhappy "Composite" doors are usually fine if properly made and prime painted well (as surfcast said - an absolute must to paint top and bottom edges). Jeld-Wen makes good doors. Most composite doors are made of mdf, harder than pine and easier to paint usually. I'm pretty old school but solid wood doors and frames are not always as dimensionally stable as mdf, plywood. Yes - mdf will blow up easier if exposed to water. If you are looking to minimize labor - get the doors pre-primed from wherever you buy them. Good luck "recovering architect" Peter
  2. I'd also like to hear from anyone more experienced at catching decent size bass than guesstimate the weight on that fish.
  3. My friend George Knoblach who passed away a few years ago - spearfishing, I think he said he caught this one right in front of his house off Old Montauk Highway. I'm sure someone has a better idea of the date on this than me.
  4. Hi - The side plate decal fell off, way off, my 705z - just wondering if I can still get a replacement. I checked Mystic Reel Parts - they list the side plate and decal (one part) as no longer available. Thanks Peter
  5. Kid, I'd recommend getting an Abu Black max reel $50± - get it in a combo and it's even less $. I also have a Lew's Tournament MB that cost almost 3x the money - not much difference at all and the Lew's stopped working and had to be taken apart and fixed after a fraction of the use I have on the Abu. Peter
  6. Fly - Uh oh, didn't mean to spot burn that not so secret fishing hole, maybe I should do a tighter photo crop next time, and a wider location description. Yes, and a young woman fishing next to me one 1/2 earlier caught a bigger Smallmouth on a tube, outfished by a teenager, damn.
  7. Fished one of the most dangerous, lawless places in the USA recently.........Manhattan, NY. Started before 6am - when I'm fishing that early, topwater, I figure I "deserve" to catch something, other than a bullet. About 2 hours later this little guy swallowed a Berkley Pit Boss. Soon after that I caught a nice sized Perch on a chatterbait. Targeted some big carp after that but they seemed just as edgy and scared as most other NYC residents.
  8. A few nights ago, gave the Mrs. a few strong drinks so she hit the sack early, sorry honey my hand slipped. Hit the beach hoping for some peace n quiet around 9pm (I know, way too early) I thought. Set up by a jetty I like in Monmouth to chunk for a few hours. Baited one rod and as I was about to cast I see someone dive into the water right alongside the jetty and swim straight out - right about where I'd cast. At first I thought..........unkind thoughts, sharkbait, stuff like that. Then a bigger crowd forms to my right, a few guys go in on surf boards - great. Then - a drone goes up over them, a rescue buggy, many police on the beach - searching for a reported body floating in the water. 15 min later after an impressive search n rescue effort, one of the guards comes in on the rescue board in front of me with a big flesh colored, semi-deflated balloon. Oh the fishing - 4hrs soaking clams and bunker - a lot of mussels, a few headbands, and only one big Dogfgish. Peter
  9. OK, sorry for the delayed reply - I was fishing in NJ this weekend - a good weekend to have Escaped from NY with all the murder and mayhem. Turkey, thanks for the offer but I'd rather not ship and digital pay. Kayaknshore - sold - I'll send you a message to coordinate. Thanks Peter
  10. OK, I got it to work. took apart the left side plate - removed the spool and reseated it - somehow the spool spindle must have not been sitting correctly. I suppose I could have disengaged it pulling hard to remove a snag or something - only my 2nd fw bait caster - 1st one is an Abu Black Max which is still going strong - twice as old as the Lew's and 5x as much use. Thanks for the help Peter
  11. OK, reel sat inside over the winter with the drag backed off. Drag is rock solid tight, won't move. yes, reel is engaged, no braid, only mono. I took off the reel handle, star drag, put it all back - star drag now moves but loosening and tightening the drag only makes turning the handle easier and harder - still won't make the spool turn. No - I did not take this part in anyway prior to it not working right. Thanks Peter
  12. Ok - my apologies if that image didn't show in my 1st post
  13. Bought years ago but has probably has touched less than 10 fish lips (that's 10 fish not 5 fish with 2 lips each). Didn't realize the scale numbers are so small, don't weigh anything anyway, and prefer a light plastic lip gripper. I'd like to do direct pickup if possible, if not we can work something else out. I live in upstate Manhattan, NY (Inwood area), and will be in Ocean Grove, NJ Saturday July 4th - Tuesday July 7th, 2020. $75 - not including any shipping. Thanks Peter Boga.pdf
  14. I'm disappointed with my Lew's Tournament MB reel. Less than 2 years old, moderate use, never dunked, now the star drag won't turn at all and when turning the handle it won't engage the spool , level wind still works though. Any suggestions would be appreciated - hoping its some simple "user error" or quick fix. Thanks Peter
  15. It's not just the beach - a lake, the woods - all can be peaceful at the right time of day - which would be when most people are asleep. So for me the best part is not "dealing" with people. Sometimes I fish all night on an NJ beach (I know, I know, it's the NY thread). One time I set up next to a jetty around sunset mid-summer, people leaving, not another fisherman on that beach, as it gets dark this fisherman whose got at least 10 years on me (I'm 55) unloads his gear 20 feet away from me. At first I was like......are you kidding me. Weather is bad, foggy and very windy. This guy then wades through the water in his flip flops and climbs up onto the jetty - then walks out and disappears into the fog. I check my watch so when he doesn't return and the police show up, at least I can tell them what time I last saw him. I could not see him at all - a few hours later he makes it back and leaves, only then can I relax with my thoughts - or not. Peter