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  1. Had to be 20 people fishing the shore of Hog Island sat am??
  2. I played golf at a course in Swansea a few years back. It was the spring and those Terrapins were all over the place.
  3. Ha....no thanks. They were easily 40# +.
  4. How do I get this to play here?
  5. Took this video last week in a local pond..couple of monstaaas 20200527_195351.mp4
  6. Fair enough. Sold to woodplugger.
  7. The jointed metal tail pikie is no longer part of the lot. New lot price $250 shipped.
  8. YES!!!!
  9. The lot was discussed here - $275 shipped.
  10. Going to move this lot to the BST.
  11. Thank you Roy. Do these boxes pre-date the red boxes? I have also seen tan boxes with Atom on the top. Appreciate your help.
  12. Looks like an early wooden A40 with brass grommets. Not sure if the red 40 is in the right box, marked red squid. Any info appreciated. How about the pt jude??
  13. I thought it was when I first saw it but it isn't. It is a Pflueger neverfail underwater minnow. Can tell by the hook hangers. Still probably a $50 lure.
  14. That's great info, Thank You!