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  1. Just returned these for the 2nd time. Worn maybe a dozen times, the boots are in great condition but the first time I used them this year 2 eyelets popped out. As was mentioned above, the coating wears off. Most of the other eyelets show considerable oxidation. These were always freshwater washed after use and stored inside in a dry location. The first rep I met at the Mansfield store said sorry but the new policy is 1 yr warranty. I had received this pair in Sep 2017, used a few times that fall and maybe a dozen times last year. Asked for a manager and she ok'd the replacement. I offered to try to fix them by installing grommets instead of eyelets but she said if I did that and it didn't work she would not honor the warranty. Seemed like a good idea to me, if it worked it wouldn't have cost them anything. Oh well. They are going to send me the new Emerger boots when they come back in stock. Anyone have any experience with Emergers?
  2. Was fishing off the Lake Worth pier years ago. Could see a thunderhead on the distance but otherwise bright blue sky. Then the pier starts emptying until i am the only on it. Not going let a little rain ruin my fun. Just before i see the first bolt, the hair on my arm stands up and a spark shoots from my rod to my arm. Dropped the rod and ran for cover in the bait shop at the base of the pier. When i ran in there was a crowd of people very curious as to what particular type of idiot I was. Apparently several deaths each year and many more that aren't killed but never regain conciousness.
  3. "Hello Zeebaas....send me one of each in Bruins Black and Gold"
  4. Sold to AnimalBarrie for...
  5. Are you taking it for asking or would you like to make me an offer?
  6. Excellent condition, with spare spool. $1,000,000 OBO plus $15 priority shipping.
  7. Yes it is. These were first made in 1977.
  8. I have a Daiwa GS 9 in excellent condition with a spare spool and most of a box;) If interested pm for details and i will list it in the bst.
  9. Thank you for the constructive addition to the post. I'll let it ride here for a bit longer just incase you are not speaking for everyone here on SOL.
  10. I have an inshore classic 7-6 conventional not sure if that is close to the rod you are looking for.
  11. Bump $150 here before i send it to auction.
  12. This is an early 140LH left handed squidder. It has the antireverse switch and oil fittings on the handle, clutch and sideplate. Functions fine. I have not taken the handle sideplate off. It's tight and I don't want to risk breaking something. $200
  13. Thanks Tony, grabbed one at the local True Value. Good to go.
  14. Yes $50 paypal immediate.