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  1. Crack 300, drilled rotor and spool. Very smooth reel, MikeP can add some history on the reel if he pops by. $75 Luxor No 3 L GOLD - extremely clean, very little use. Still has plastic line cover. $125 Luxor No 3 SILVER - well used but very functional. $45 Luxor No 1 - very clean but stiff, needs a re-lube. $50 Backe-Brown half-bial - Fully functional, could use a good cleaning. $25 Prices are for pickup/meetup SE Mass. Shipping extra. Take them all for $265 shipped
  2. In my case, it didn't slip out of MY hands but thankfully the person who dropped it has generously offered to replace it.
  3. They sink surprisingly fast.
  4. Been looking everywhere online for a replacement and can't find one. Great reel, my son had claimed it as his. He was not on the boat when it went over:(
  5. Certainly makes the 5 snapped off epoxy jigs a lot less significant.
  6. If anyone snags a stradic 5000 FJ on a custom Avid Inshore rod in the area of Vineyard Haven Harbor please let me know. Tough day on the water. Damn Bonito.
  7. Not too hard to throw net them at the canal when they are in good but use a cheap net, you will tear it up.
  8. Try to find a first gen SSU1201L. I made one up for my son last year and liked it so much I made up another for myself. I generally fish a gsb 1321M but this rod is much more fun to fish. Moderate fast, can work a pencil, bombs sp's and has handled low 30# bass for both of us in heavy current with no issues.
  9. Really enjoyed the book. Pretty courageous IMO for Janet to share as much as she did Very cool lady.
  10. My absolute best Bonito lure(and Albies tear it it too) is 5" long, almost 3" wide and 3" tall:) Doesn't cast as bad as you might think.
  11. Took my son and 5 of his buddies shark fishing sat night at West Dennis Beach. Besides the meat sticks, gave each of them a 7' albie-ish rod to catch schoolies and sandsharks. Came back with 5 out of 6. Pretty sure the missing rod was an ugly custom(made by me) with an older stradic 4000. I could be wrong, but that's my best guess.
  12. Was told from previous owner that this has never been used. It does have a few scuffs on the rotor so not mint. $100 pick up
  13. Guessing the rod is built on a lami glass blank, thinking WMB 842F(F being a relative term compared to the standard moderate MB's). Nice custom wraps, fuji hardloys, looks like little if any use. The combo comes with 2 Cardinal 7's. One is perfect mechanically, the other needs a new bail wire. Both are well worn but smooth and strong. Like the old Penns, I have fished these old Cardinals with original fused fireline with no problems. $100 pick up in Stoughton or near the Canal.
  14. Just returned these for the 2nd time. Worn maybe a dozen times, the boots are in great condition but the first time I used them this year 2 eyelets popped out. As was mentioned above, the coating wears off. Most of the other eyelets show considerable oxidation. These were always freshwater washed after use and stored inside in a dry location. The first rep I met at the Mansfield store said sorry but the new policy is 1 yr warranty. I had received this pair in Sep 2017, used a few times that fall and maybe a dozen times last year. Asked for a manager and she ok'd the replacement. I offered to try to fix them by installing grommets instead of eyelets but she said if I did that and it didn't work she would not honor the warranty. Seemed like a good idea to me, if it worked it wouldn't have cost them anything. Oh well. They are going to send me the new Emerger boots when they come back in stock. Anyone have any experience with Emergers?
  15. Was fishing off the Lake Worth pier years ago. Could see a thunderhead on the distance but otherwise bright blue sky. Then the pier starts emptying until i am the only on it. Not going let a little rain ruin my fun. Just before i see the first bolt, the hair on my arm stands up and a spark shoots from my rod to my arm. Dropped the rod and ran for cover in the bait shop at the base of the pier. When i ran in there was a crowd of people very curious as to what particular type of idiot I was. Apparently several deaths each year and many more that aren't killed but never regain conciousness.