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  1. Thank you Tony
  2. Yes you did Cashews, thank you. Good Boy.
  3. If anyone wants the lot, I will do it for $275 shipped.
  4. Thanks Tony, That is exactly the issue. There is a bit of play in the handle and when I hold it in toward the reel body, the gears are smooth as silk. How can I get shims for this reel? Thanks again.
  5. Yes all of the z spools are gold.
  6. Yes all of the Z spools are gold.
  7. Yes. The reel was new in the box, missing the main gear and a few other parts.
  8. Most of these are New Old Stock in boxes. Prices are per spool, picked up or actual shipping. Over $100 I will ship. (1) 716z - $25 (1) 714z - $25 (2) 710z - $25 (2) 710 "Greenie" with line - these may have been used but I remember them coming with line - $15 (2) 720z/722z - $10 (1) 420ss - $40 (2) 4200ss - $40 (3) 750/7500 - $35 (1) 104 Silver series - $10 (1) 240 graphite series - $10 (1) 155/200 chromed - $10 shimano sedona 6000fb and 2500fb - $3ea I have a bunch of these maybe some other sizes as well. used spools Penn 750ss - $15 Penn 7500ss - $10 (missing drag stack) Penn 5500ss - $15 20190412_191252[1].mp4
  9. Just picked up a NOS 360 slammer. The previous owner(shop) had swiped a bunch of parts off of it including handle and main gear. I purchased a new main gear from Mikes but even with it loaded with super lube, it still feels a little "geary". How/where could or should I try to shim it to improve smoothness? Thanks
  10. I was fortunate to locate a bunch of 1st Gen SSU blanks last year. I have been a GSB guy for almost 40 years and was never a big fan of ARRA blanks(with the exception of the 1261mh, one of my all-time favs) The first build was a 1201M for my son. He had been using a GLB108MH(GSB108L), mostly fishing the Canal and MV. He had taken fish to 31# with it but at 14 I felt he was capable of throwing a longer stick. The SSU1201M was perfect for him. The rod handled SP's and 190 MS's perfectly. The rod is soft enough to load easily yet has plenty of backbone. His best last year, on a MS, was a shade of 33# in the Canal. The funny thing is, I found myself reaching for it so often that I built another for me. It is much more capable than I initially expected. Like others have said, the action is somewhere between the GSB and ARRA line, I would call moderate fast maybe. The next build was a SSU1321MH. I was skeptical that there was any rod out there that would make me put down my GSB 132M. IMO it is the best overall surf rod out there. The SSU1321MH surprised the heck out of me. It is a little crisper, recovers a bit quicker and has slightly more backbone than the GSB. But, I did snap 8" off the tip highsticking a fish during a blitz. It was completely user error, but something that probably would not have happened with the GSB. The final build was a 1201MH. I have a GSB1201m that doesn't get much use. It's a good all around rod but I prefer the extra distance with the 132. I figured I would feel the same about the 1201MH but I was dead wrong. I REALLY like this rod. As with the 132's, the SSU is crisper that the GSB but not nearly as fast as the ARRA 1205, I rod that I owned twice and hated. This rod became my go-to walking the beaches of MV last fall. The rod casts almost as well as the 132 and is less tiring over an extended outing. I still prefer the GSB132 in boulder fields for the extra length and durability but I expect the 1201MH to get a lot more use this season. One other thing, these blanks are not nearly as light as some of the newer stuff. In fact, I don't think they are any lighter than GSB's. But they are terrific surf rods with the moderate fast action that I prefer. Hope this helps.
  11. Price drop $125 or off to auction.
  12. Model SS70ML rated 6-10 and lures to 3/4oz. Very nice condition, guides are wraps are good. Very little use. $150 local pickup or meet Southeastern Mass or pay actual shipping. Thanks for looking.
  13. Sent them to auction, should be interesting.