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  1. Thankfully I had no issues from both Pfizer’s
  2. I have wired 100’s of plugs. Each plug I adjust the wire wether bending up or down where swivel hangs. I hate swivels hanging too low or up inside the plug. Never worried about scrapping inside of plug. Setting of lip accurately is important too. Assembly of a plug to look and function as it should look takes some adjusting but after many it becomes easy as you know how to rectify any issues. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Thanks. No just 200 up.
  4. I know Steve liked the plastic ones but I built these last year. All Titanium. I have some Delrin, plastic, knobs titanium body-shaft ones half made but lost interest.
  5. . So hard to lose your best friend. My condolences
  6. Ribbet
  7. Like Steve said not that time consuming especially if your only building some for yourself.
  8. That was the crack of dawn. No sun. Was friend of mine.
  9. Exactly. $ is what they were saved for.
  10. Nice my biggest was 18 in Osterville. The 16 was in canal.
  11. I do like the fact more funny fish come around in more abundance though and earlier.
  12. I met a guy getting ice at Gallo maybe 86. Showed me a 23 lber he said he caught in canal. Said he just came from red top. Biggest I ever got was 16 lbs on a live eel. Back in the 80’s there were tons of blues to be had. I have not caught a blue in there in a decade. Here’s a normal early morning tide back then.
  13. Bassmaster, Manzi, maybe
  14. Beautiful
  15. Steve, CS, is right I bought mine off him. It’s an old beauty.