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  1. The Albies I got puked up baby bunker that size too plus a few bay anchovies. Seems like there was a lot of bunkers that size where we were as small bass were on them too.
  2. Yes we do fish same area We met before a couple years ago and I’m in a 33 year old 14’ tin boat so nothing fancy at all and hardly much better than your boat.haha. That being said I was on a buddies boat and not in that area. A slam is an Albie, Bonito, Bass and a Blue. Tomorrow I’ll be in my area looking.
  3. Yup. Missed a slam by a darn bluefish
  4. I have always used an in line spinner, horizontal, and never had any issues with more on one side or the other.
  5. You would know.
  6. Haha. Welcome to The challenges of Clear Coat. What you are talking about is an issue That the second coat will usually fix. . What I am doing now, well trying, is using another epoxy that covers well without those issues then putting the system 3 clear coat over it that next day. Seems to be working. I tried the clear spray before epoxy buy you have to scuff the clear before epoxy is applied. I hated that because I would ruin paint jobs sometimes scuffing. I love the durability of clear coat but it has driven me crazy off and on for 15 years. I’m hoping this remedies the issue.
  7. Most likely. I’m not worried. Still more time left. I still have 2 weeks vacation left for the little bastards.
  8. I think it was around 63 Hyannis area. It drop a good amount.
  9. Well your better than me I used to do it all the time especially in the dark. PIA. No swivel so much better in my book.
  10. No swivel thru the guides wrecking them. Plus I like a long leader to grab in the dark standing on a rock with waves and on my Albies stuff I want least amount of terminal tackle and a long leader so I want it to flow thru the guides without hang up. I used to use the uni to uni on my Albie stuff but I found that knot going thru the guides over and over it weakened the knot and it fail eventually. The FG is so much slimmer and flies thru the guides effortlessly.
  11. Haha yeah that helps too. Sucks being at work and hearing what I’m missing but at least I have not missed any work as so many have and I have plenty of vacation so all’s good.
  12. FG for me
  13. Patience of Job.
  14. Thanks for sharing. I have something similar.