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  1. Thanks for interest but you can’t sell plugs thru the site. Like I said I build them because they are fun to build and probably my all time favorite plug to look at was Donnie’s jointed darters. It’s a novelty type plug really.
  2. I think you will be a little disappointed if you expect them to dart. They are a pretty decent jointed swimmer but not much dart action. I build them cause they are fun to build but I’d rather fish a real darter.
  3. I built one for 3/32” dia stainless for Strategic Angler. For nose loops. I have had a few guys ask me lately for 1/16” so I guess I’m going to order some more stock and make a few up. Will take me a good month though as I’m part time now and spare hours are just not in abundance for me. If you can wait I’ll try and get one done for you. Nose loops right?
  4. You can message me in private messenger. Not really interested in putting my e mail addy in a public site. You can ask me in the lure building forum. Something broke or need fixing?
  5. No by hand. Probably why I enjoy making them as not much machinery is used. I’ve been a machinist for 40 years so I got a good eye. I’m not familiar with zerotid.
  6. Interesting. Maybe he changed his mind as it evolved. I often thought he did it on purpose to throw off builders of the plug, to make them think a little. Vineyardblues lent me an original in which the hooks are spaced like mine. In actuality the wider spacing is the ideal dimension. Also yours is definitely a Frech from the originals I have seen. Neat plug to have. I’m jealous. Past couple years it has become my favorite plug to fish.
  7. This is how they should look hook wise. Yours was made to the published article which was incorrect
  8. I still use the XIM and it’s a great product but the fact I usually have to prime these things in the middle of the winter and can’t do it outside which is where I need to do it and can’t use it in basement as it stinks and not healthy to breath and the gassing off for another 2 hours I would love to use something more water based I can do in my spray booth in cellar with airbrush has me looking and trying other things. When the weather allows Outdoors and let them hang for a couple hours I’d use the XIM.
  9. This too. Instead of primer cans . I’m trying it on a few plugs this winter. Looks good so far.
  10. Are you kidding me ?
  11. Lakeville East Taunton area
  12. Stumbled onto my buddy again. Whatever it is. That’s my 95 lb labs footprint next to it and my foot.
  13. That is true.have to be aware of that. I have a Co2 alarm close by my water heater. Furnace is direct vent with return air. I run a fresh air hose into my spray booth to replenish air that I pump out for that process. . The sawdust one I don’t. I leave basement door open for that. Hasn’t been an issue for many years so far.
  14. I blow it right out the basement window too. No bags, less mess. I use exactly what Steve posted. I got it at work they were throwing it away. Used it for welding fumes.
  15. Well after almost 2 decades of doing this I’m still at point A with this crap. For me it’s always been a struggle and probably always will be. I Just grin and bare it. Good luck