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  1. I seem to always get them to look at my boxes but they never stay. Only a couple times.
  2. Surprised it took this long. You get what you pay for. Ron Arra has been pushing his autographed Chinese plugs for several years. I’ll stick to made in America for wooden plugs.
  3. I have a feeling it’s going to be a real dry summah again so I went and picked up a couple bales of straw and mulched the whole garden pretty much. You can turn it into the soil at seasons end. Still have not put in my watermelons and cantaloupes yet which will go under the plastic which is heating up the soil. Got to get my netting on the blueberries pronto as the catbirds and robins are already scoping it out as I may have my best season in 25 years for blueberries as they are loaded. I’m also pretty excited as I have a pair of bluebirds in that box too. Only third time in many years.
  4. This horrible drizzling cold as hell, highs in low 50’s for 3 days plus now, with 20 plus constant wind off the ocean weather is keeping the bees at home while the black locust blossoms start to deteriorate. Bummer. Had sun for about half an hour today and it look like all my hives were swarming as they were so excited they got to come out and fly for a few minutes. Started raining and they all ran inside again.
  5. Yes Bob. I worked on those although I have no idea what they do. Probably something to do with their Remus AUV’s
  6. Haha. See that light on the bouy. I modified 100’s of those at work for a company called Hydroid which is now another company.
  7. I’ll look him up Ross. Hope all is well.
  8. Glad I put the feeders on as it was 90 yesterday and barely 50 with drizzle and cold wind off the ocean for the next few days. I don’t think they will be flying much for a couple days.
  9. Hot today. Bearding out front and some other random stuff from this past week.
  10. Lakeville too. Past few days it’s been sighted.
  11. Added second deeps onto my 3 Nuc’s. 2 frames of nectar in each on the outside from last years dead hive which I stored and I pulled up a frame of brood into each and replaced below with foundation.rest of deep is just foundation. I will feed a little too. My overwintered hive I under super it with my second super. 1 st one is 75% capped. I may actually get a little honey this year. I need to get an extractor as I would harvest those frames now and throw right back in if I had one. A good flow on right now. Sucks not having any extra drawn out frames.
  12. I wish I had drawn out supers. That’s it.
  13. Couple pics of Nirvana IMG_6929.mov IMG_6935.mov
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