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  1. I sent you a PM. Just post a crap load of stuff and then you can read it.
  2. Wed and Fri were great. Saturday and Sunday tough sledding. 14 hours 600 casts 5 hooked fish. 1 I touched. Few days off back at it mid week.
  3. Yes Lab. are you shore fishin? I was probably trolling for kings.
  4. No sir. Crappy tan tin boat.
  5. Hideous blah tan. Yes you probably did. Didn’t have the dog today I was solo
  6. Haha. After you have caught these fish for a while you tend to enjoy the hunt more and the chance to get even one with not a soul around is so much more rewarding than 10 in a cluster ****. I understand the need to hook up and the do anything to get one mentality including ruining other people’s chances. I’ve been there but the quality over quantity mentality is what I prefer now. Again, to each his own.
  7. Plus he put the background in there, although that is no secret. It was not like that today. Crowded. Got some but refused to play bumper boats so I stayed away and enjoyed less fish but more enjoyable hunting. Can’t understand what enjoyment is had by being on top of each other with 20 to 30 guys casting on one pod of finicky fish but to each his own. At least it keeps them out of my hair.
  8. I agree. I’ll always be a striped bass guy first but it is such a great change of pace. I look forward to it every year.
  9. I hear you. Worse than cocaine.
  10. There was a real good bite for about half an hour and then other boats blew it apart and I went to work.
  11. Caught a slew of them this year. Been a great year for them. Learned a lot. Very fun but the Albies are in so I probably won’t be targeting them much anymore. I really have no idea when they beat feet out of here. I’m sure it has to do with water temps.
  12. Haha. Finding them is the fun part.
  13. Very nice job.
  14. Lots around today and quite large. I would imagine they are all over the south side areas now.
  15. I got one of those rudder fish that size today too. nice going getting all those on the fly.