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  1. Banana plugs are so last year.
  2. good i’ll be over to split some of your stuff. i like free plants.
  3. must have been. that was my thought. i have seen snapping turtles doing it but never seen these type of turtles doing it.
  4. if you can reach them which i found i could today, but not yesterday, you put up a ladder climb up there and shake the cluster into a bucket hoping you get the queen in there then climb down and dump in a hive box. its nice when they are eye level but never has happened for me. you can also put out swarm traps which are baited smaller boxes you put on a tree and hope a swarm finds them. I have 2 boxes with swarms in them right now. Free bees figure a small hive of bees like this swarm will cost you about 175 to 250 if you buy them from a bee keeper. i have to transfer to hive boxes soon. Need to get more equipment.
  5. you wear a bee suit. no stings today and my bee yard was like armageddon most of the day. haha. Bees are somewhat docile when they swarm.
  6. yes my bees. caught 4 swarms today from my 7 hives. Chinese fire drill. it’s natural and this time of year it happens. Nice strong hives get too crowded or queen slacks off. they leave with half the bees but always leave behind cells to form new queens. there are was to avoid these issues but timing is everything and it looks like i guessed wrong on a few. always learning with these things. not an easy hobby but fun and fascinating
  7. well had a very interesting past 2 days. Had one hive swarm 3 times twice yesterday and once today. it had been split 2 weeks ago. tried to get it and put ladder up and as soon as it hit tree gently it took off for the hills. Bye. Had a good strong hive i did not split swarm yesterday. Watched it go too high up but i think it went in my swarm trap out back. maybe. . I also have another swarm trap that is full right now and bringing in pollen but i am out of equipment so they are staying put for a couple days. So today i am out in garden and 3rd swarm from that one hive. i did get this one. I turn around and another hive is swarming. i did catch that one but had to get it again as they escaped back up into a tree must have not had queen. Looks like my honey production will be down a little this year. Thought i took care of the swarming issue 2 weeks back but guess not. always learning. never a dull moment.
  8. Been a banana rama this week. Nice to finally get out and fish.
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