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  1. Pretty much same as bolting to table but the holder is adjustable but you can also take the template off the holder modify it as need be and then put back on holder and it will be dead nuts where it was before. Helps as you want to fine tune the diameters. The holder remains in same spot and template bolts back on in same spot. If you have to take your template off to modify you are going to have to screw around with it to get it back in same spot. I like my fixtures to be as adjustable as possible for a wide variety of plugs. Same fixture multiple adjustments. I’ve probably made hundreds of fixtures over the years at work and that helps me in my visions of what I need especially looking down the road.
  2. Haha we may have seen same one.
  3. Saw my first buzzard on Sat. going off Cape.
  4. I have used maple templates for years without any problems.
  5. Steve I have to get me a few lengths of that. You have any lying around like 10 feet maybe ?
  6. 1/16 diameter 308L stainless tig welding rod. Comes in 3 foot lengths at any welding supply store or any on line welding store.
  7. Yes 5/32. Nose grommet size and a less flexible drill. Darters I do 1/8 as I want a tighter fit.
  8. I don’t thin what I use because it is thin already. but other guys do. Maybe they will chime in.
  9. Haha. I wish they paid their help that good. I need to charge more.
  10. Not healthy. Regular less toxic epoxies will work just as good
  11. You will perfect it each time you do it. Stainless conducts heat fast. Need a bucket of water close by to cool it off every few seconds. Titanium is even worse. Gets so friggin hot super fast. Burns the hell out of your fingers.
  12. Haha. You should see my hands after 40 years. Hardly a spot without a scare and I’m no klutz. You might want to bend the lip down a bit. How many times did you burn your fingers sanding them.
  13. On my list next year. Been thinking about it past years or so. I think I got the fixtures in my head. No time this year. Fixtures will be paramount in my thinking much like darters for consistency. good luck let’s us see what you come up with.
  14. Good man. I’m sure he will appreciate it.
  15. Throwing Timber. Vic.