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  1. Shutting it down as there in so interest.
  2. Have 20 new Jigs, ranging from jig heads to parachute Jigs. From Stripers to Black Sea Bass. Weights from 1oz to 3oz. $95 pu in MA. Because of the weight shipping will be a good $15-$25.
  3. 5 new WaxEings. 4 x 118g and one 128 g. Due to sitting in the basement, two sets of hooks need to be replaced. $40 picked up in Mass and $55 shipped. If shipping is less than $10, I'll put the difference in the package.
  4. Thank you. Weekend bump for some great reels.
  5. Ballistic LT 6000 sold. Thanks SOL.
  6. Go $160 PP F&F shipped and it's yours.
  7. Yes, bought here used. PM and I'll send more.
  8. 6 Diawa spinning reels. Bought most here and belive all are new and one is in as new condition. Lexa 400HSPL loaded with 50lb HiVis PowerPro. $250 pu in MA, $265 shipped PP F&F. 6000 MG BQ loaded with 30 depth hunter. $175 pu in MA. $190 Shipped. 4000 BG MQ, loaded with 20 SS. $150 pu in MA. $165 shipped. Barely used Balistic LT 6000, bought here-selling here. Loaded with 30lb SS. $150 pu in MA. $165 shipped. 4000 Balistic, loaded with 20 SS. $150 pu in MA. $165 Shipped. Brand New Certate 14000. $500 pu in MA shipped, $515 shipped. All reels except the 4000 BG MQ and Balistic 4000 come with boxes and papers. I know $15 sounds high for shipping, but, if shipping is less that $15, I will put the balance in the box. PM me for more photos. If using PP, Will only do F&F. If in person, cash only. The reels are available for pu between Boston and Falmouth. 93/3 N/S or 24/495 N/S. Will not venture more than 2 miles off the highways. THANK YOU SOL for allowing me the opportunity to post.
  9. Have an Okuma Titus 50 two speed in good shape, paired with decent Fin Nor 6' rod. $300 for the combo.
  10. Left hand retrieve with a hi speed retrieve. $250 p/u in Mass and $275 shipped PP F&F.. If shipping and fees are less than $25, I'll put the balance in the box.
  11. If interested, I have a brand new Lexa 400HSPL.
  12. I'll take it for$130 shipped to Boston, PP F&F
  13. OK, thanks. if you change your mind, give me a holler.
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