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  1. Although not a post by me, thanks SOL for helping me move this reel.
  2. Would have to add $15.00 for shipping and PP. Can meet in Stoneham.
  3. I'm in the North End.
  4. Sorry, thinning the herd.
  5. there's 2, one with Hi-Vis Yellow Super Slick and one with Depth Hunter.
  6. $225.00 cash spooled BNIB
  7. I'm in Boston.
  8. Also have a couple of BNIB 6000 Thunnuses loaded with Super Slick.
  9. Have a BNIB Baitrunner 8000D.
  10. 7'6" 40-60lb rating, but as with all rods, higher line weight is never a problem, and 2-4oz. Paid $100.00 but with paypal and shipping, need $135.00
  11. Have a Stingo 7' I believe. Also have 6 custom tuna rods. Can be used for popping and or jigging. One is on a Calstar blank and I don't re,]member tha other one. Brand new. Also, have a BNIB Saragosa 25000 or BNIB VS VR 275 loaded with 80lb Super Slick. to pair with either rod. $475.00 for either for Gosa set-up and $525 for the VS set-up, shipped.
  12. Where are you located?
  13. I have a BNIB BR8000D. $160.00 shipped.
  14. Have a 7'6 Connely MH and a M. Also have one 8' Teramar MH, one 8' H Teramar and one XH 8' Teramar. all brand new. $100 p/u in Boston or Falmouth.