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  1. Have 2 BNIB Shimano Stradic 5000FKs, both loaded with 30lb Super Slick. $165.00 each p/u in MA or $175.00 shipped.
  2. PM me your cell. Pics are on phone and can't figure out how to post. Plus have a nice 7' Star Stella Lite.
  3. Have some Speed Smoke 40 and 50s, along with a good 5-6 rods from Shimano to Connley customs that would fit your needs. Reels are bnib and already spooled with 20 and 30lb Super Slick respectively. I'm in Falmouth right now.
  4. Its that time. Diamond jigs are still available.
  5. All sold. Thank you SOL.
  6. Like I said, I could bring all of the rods and you pick.
  7. Forgot, 7'6" mh Connley. I could meet you with all of them and you can take your pic
  8. Medium. Also have an 8" Teremar Medium.
  9. Have an 8' heavy Northeast Teremar, Brand new. $100.00 meet at BPS. Also have a 7'6" Teremar and two Connley 7'6 m and one mh. $100 each.
  10. three left. $23.00 shipped.
  11. 4 more sold. Thanks SOL.
  12. That will work, PMing you PP info.