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  1. I can do that, PM sent.
  2. Lightly fished (two trips) ************** 20oz mojo and 8oz trailer set in white and chartreuse. I haven’t used these as much as I thought I would in the areas that I fish. Also included is a white/red head bomber CD30 that I ran down the middle way back while pulling the mojos. The Xrap (second plug) isn’t for sale. I’m looking for $70 shipped. The two 20oz mojos were $25 a piece new. Thanks for looking.
  3. Also have a friend in the Seaside area that can pick them up if absolutely necessary.
  4. I’ll take them if you can wait to meet up the week of the 28th. Thank you.
  5. I’ll take it, thanks.
  6. $60 shipped?
  7. Interested in the black jr and the white blast needle. Are you willing to split?
  8. Hi all. The humidor is cherry and comes with the humidifying sponge that sticks to a magnet on the inside cover. It’s in good shape with some light scratches from sitting atop a desk. I’ll throw in a wooden BI Cigar box as well. The watch box is black faux leather with cardboard/cloth pillows and will hold five watches. I have the small key for the latch. I’m open to any offers, but particularly interested in BM blast needles, Guppy pencils, and any SS. Thanks for looking.
  9. I purchased the whole, original magazine from eBay and subsequently removed the cover and article to frame them. I’ve since lost the magazine. I hope this answers your question.
  10. Thanks for the offer, I’m going to let it ride for a bit.
  11. These hung in my apartment for some time, but I can’t seem to find a place for them in my new home. It’s time for someone else to enjoy them. I purchased the magazine off eBay after scouring the internet once I discovered the article in the SI vault ( and framed them myself. The cover is mint and the article has a tiny bit of water damage on the upper right side. One frame has small scuffs on the lower right (pictured). I’d like to sell them together since they belong together. I’m asking $75 shipped OBO. Thanks for looking.
  12. I’m interested in looking at the avids and the premier and possibly working out a package deal. I’m in Mystic.
  13. The answer is likely no, but you're not looking for a lefty vs, correct?
  14. Sure, PM sent. Thanks SOL.
  15. I’ll take it.