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  1. Yeah man I can do that. I'll send you a Pm
  2. Have this lot of three plugs: a lightly used ta Jr. darter, an old school Cordell Redfin very lightly used (has some storage marks), and a used 6" bomber. Asking 18 plus shipping and fees. PayPal, Money order or check as payment. Thanks
  3. Please close
  4. Bump, can't believe no one wants these
  5. Sounds good!
  6. Cmon guys! This is a good deal! I'll even add something to the lot of someone buys it!
  7. Price reduced to 30 plus shipping, I will cover the fees if paying thru PayPal
  8. Bump
  9. Have this soft plastic lot, some new stuff, some used stuff. Most of the lot is new. Asking 35 plus shipping and fees, money order or check will work for payment as well.
  10. No problem man, someone needs to scoop this up!
  11. If not no worries man
  12. Hey Chris, would you do a partial trade? I have a bm cowboy junior in parrot Mack
  13. Is that bottom one yellow over white? I can trade you a li fish in vt yellow popper if you want for it
  14. I don't have afterhours, I have some some new darters tho
  15. what do you value the darter at?