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  1. I don’t have access to a shop that sells these reels so I don’t know how big they actually are. I’m torn between the 5500 and 6500 LC. I have an older Saltist 6500 (6yrs old) and an older Penn ssg 550. Can someone give me a size comparison of the LC’s in question compared to the two reels I mentioned. Pics would be a bonus. Thx.
  2. I cast OTG so the ones I have prob won’t work. I’ll pick up some of the splash downs and give them a shot. Dingle dangle...ha that sounds pretty damn funny. Thanks for the info.
  3. Trying to figure out what size reel I need for a 12’6” Century Slingshot 1505. Will be using the rod for Pompano/whiting in the gulf. I feel like I don’t need larger than a 4500. However I see many post on here w recommendations of 6k size and larger for only 10’-11’ rods. Why are people using such large sized reels from the beach and jetties? My thinking is this w the above mentioned rod paired w a Penn SSVI 4500 spooled w 20# braid. Can throw bait around 100yds and if a fish takes the bait it will prob run an additional 100yds max, leaving around 100yds on the spool. Why are people putting 6k and larger reels on their rods? Isn’t the smallest and lightest reel ideal? My 13’ distance casters are spoiled w 300yds of 18# test mono for bull reds and small sharks. Have never had an issue of not enough line.
  4. I checked the clips out that you mentioned. I dig them. I actually have something similar, breakaway imps. What are your thoughts on them? Unfortunately I haven’t built any rigs w them yet.
  5. Agreed. I do that when the bite is slow. Sometimes it’s all I can do to keep up w two baited rods.
  6. Ya. Here in Texas and Florida as well they can be in closer but usually the are in the second trough which is usually wayyy out there.
  7. I actually bought the SS 1505 and a nor’easter at the same time as blanks built them myself. However I built them to Ryan whites specs which worked for me. to Cabo it was fun and the rods turned out pretty good. When I took them to Cabo I only had the eyes zip tied into place and taped the reel to the butt. Rods are now fully built.
  8. Understanding balancing now curious if there is a chart or something out there that recommends reel ounces based on rod length/rod ounces. Prob a stupid question.
  9. Gotcha. However I didn’t buy the rod for pomp’s. I purchased it and the saltist 6500 for roosters when I went to Cabo about five years ago. Just repurposing the rod now for pomp’s and such and I feel that reel is overkill. Was considering the ssvi 4500 but sounds like it’s too small and unbalanced. Also considering the ssvi 5500 long cast. Also sorry for the misquote and I understand what you mean by overkill now. Thx.
  10. Not sure I understand how this rod is way overkill for pomps. Rod is rated for 1-4oz and has a soft tip for bite detection. Most pomp fishing is w 2-4oz weights and usually requires long rods for long casts. Ya sometimes they’re closer but most are out there. I know its not much of a fight but to get out there and to hold the bait down long rods rated for 3-4oz is ideal.
  11. Won’t be plugging w the rod. Basically weight + bait now. Have a 6500 saltist to plug w that I got when I bought the rod when I took it to Cabo for roosters. I just feel for my intended purposes now that reel is overkill.
  12. 2-3 oz mainly + fish bites.
  13. It’s just a rag. They come attached to each spike. Guess it’s for wiping hands but after I bait I always rinse my hands In the surf. Not sure I will leave mine on. Will at least leave it on the first time or two I use to see if I like.
  14. Believe the company is in Delaware. They make awesome looking surf racks too. I got mine through Tommy farmer. He says he personally uses them. Pretty sure they can be used for spin and conventional.
  15. I’m digging the OTW (Over the Waves) sand spike. Just ordered two but haven’t used them yet. Construction is awesome. All aluminum and 56-58” long.
  16. I would like to get some feedback on Sages warranty. Has anyone had trouble getting Sage to warranty a product. I have never had a warranty problem with any of my TFO rods whether from my fault or manufacturers defect, but they are only 1/3 the cost of Sage. The warranty for Sage states they do not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product. Is also says: Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidential or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. If I live in TX and bust my rod with a clouser and someone else lives in NJ and bust their rod with a clouser one of us may not be covered and be out $700.00? Let me know your experiences please.
  17. Tore my calf muscle. It was my first day on vacation surf fishing in Florida. Rod is getting a bite. I jump up from my beach chair running to my rod a feel something hitting my calf over and over. I look back thinking my beach chair was stuck to me and nothing was there. The sensation of something hitting my calf was my muscle tearing each time I stepped. I didn’t go to the Dr till I got home a week later bc I wasnt wasting my vacation/fishing time at the Dr. I continued to drag my surf cart to and from the beach house daily. What pissed me off the most is it wasn’t a fish. It was a damn seagull that got tangled in my line. Another time i was fishing on the jetties. Wearing my chacos/open toed shoes. Had used my filet knife and tossed it on the jetty rocks. Forgot I did and stepped straight into the blade. Almost cut the tip of my toe damn near completely off. It was hanging by a piece of skin. Diagonally sliced it through my toenail. The only way to get to and from the jetties is with a commercial boat. We always stay a few nights. The last boat for the day had already come. They had to send a boat that was out on a dolphin tour to pick me up at the end of its trip. Went to ER. Dr sewed it back on and said it may or may not reattach. Thank god it did.
  18. Got it. Thanks for the clarification. I would like to place an order please. 5- .75 5-1oz 5-1.5oz
  19. Been looking online, Facebook and through the forums and can't find a contact #. Would like a good quality rack as the commercial one I bought years ago I did not dig and sold it. Ive also heard of Rays racks. Any contact info on a good quality rack manufacturer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Got it. Thanks for the clarification. Understand 100%. I would like to place an order please. Spro white 5-.75oz 5-1oz 5-1.5oz 5-2oz 5-3oz
  21. Dan. How are these Spro Bucktails different from the ones you have listed in the other post Spro Bucktails in “New ultraminnow/Spro style jigs”. Asking because different prices.
  22. I've got a 5th gen 4Runner. I would like to see pics of the rack and of it mounted to your 4Runner if available.
  23. How much larger should the reel seat be vs the blank? I have a SS 1505 and a NE 1327. The blank diameter where the reel seat will rest on the SS is around 20.5mm-21mm. On the NE it's closer to 22. I know I need to build up bushings w masking tape. But can't find if there is a preference on how much the bushings need to be built up. Thanks.
  24. That's awesome. Thanks roughneck.
  25. Thanks ZA.