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  1. God bless Andy blessings from here Alan
  2. Yup unless ya get lucky enough to get one that some astute individual did a John baker,cox free spool correctly!! Nice Alan
  3. Yea some day buddie and ya should know how much faith i have in ya just on that right?? Rough few months over here man. Cheers Brad Alan
  4. As cnnashman said.Adjust your game.Position a boat at the end of an outgoing creek ,river, etc. to take advantage of the strong current.Most guys that hate fishing these conditions are unproductive because they do no adapt.My 2 cents fella's Thanks Alan
  5. That sure is a beauty Brad. I love those man. Cheers Alan
  6. You guys condolences and concerns are the absolute best!!! here is dad with a lil 32 inch holding it out no less LOL!!!! Thank you all for being there.Cheers Alan
  7. You guys do not know how much you matter so THANKS!!!! lil story on my father.He was 14 yrs. my moms. senior and how he sold it back in the day was he swooned her with the concept of {i will take us to Fla. for our honeymoon}. Big deal back in the day compared to A.c. or niagra falls right/?He forgot to include they would be driving with a canoe on top the car to the everglades for mosquitoes, alligator's and MAYBE? large mouth bass.God bless all of us. Cheers Alan
  8. We met ,you blinked Ron. Thank you
  9. Larry and biscuit you encapsulated it perfectly. I left home at 15 and if i were not called here probably would feel much less pain in the loss of my father who died in my arms,but never would have experienced the last 3 yrs. that i did at his side.THANK ALL YOU PEOPLE HERE THAT DO MATTER. Cheers Alan
  10. Dawia Dogfight 66 lbs of drag.Big 27 zee 40 lbs.Big boy stella or accurate twin spin are up there as well.Now some of the lil roid reels like the alutecnos gorilla 12,,accurate twin drag extreme boss, power spell jigging master, pro gear albie 280 282 special etc. have come a long way in the torque,drag dept. but i think you need to go to a small tuna style reel to stay with these modern spinners if just pure smooth drag torque is the apples to apples Brian.My 2 pennies Cheers alan
  11. A MONTH!!!!!
  12. My ex wife's father is a retired engineer.The greatly subsidized Amtrak(you and me ) made him a millionaire LMAO .
  13. Amen. my junior and senior yr. of high school i cut a deal with the principle.I took off half the days and knew they got paid daily for my attendance.I needed to work and support myself and met much resistance(6 day rule you fail) as though they cared about my education lol!!! A +avg. to boot.Deal i cut was i will come in and sign the attendance roster and they look the other way when i scoot. Got a diploma anyway LMAO!!!!! AND THEY GOT PAID. Politics one O one.CHeers Alan
  14. My buddie owns institutions that employs said degree holders.He went to the school of hard knocks with honors in street smarts not the norm but it is what it is.Cheers Alan
  15. Irony.Grandparents came to this country to give a better life to the parents of these kids.In doing so they spoiled them rotten and prevented many of the character building struggles they themselves had to endure.Hence the strength,drive,etc. has been bred out of the bloodline. Ooooops. Cheers Alan