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  1. Breeding and stocking programs don't benefit a healthy ecosystem, they benefit the people that work on them. Search for the film Artifishal, it sheds a lot of light on the evils of stocking and breeding programs.
  2. Whaaa Hooooah there cowboy. I am not the OP. Good God, completely off the rails. it's OCTOBER people, if we are this low now, visualize February. . . Let that sink in.
  3. Have you made the slightest effort on your own to search out this information? Because rolling in with your first post asking for access information is libel to be met with a lot of silence. Didn't take me long to find the information you are looking for. If you're smart enough to join a web forum you should be able to figure this out.
  4. Good Lord! All this mamby pamby feel good crap. Get yer ass out of bed and get back in there man. The aircraft grade aluminum stock is getting low, so are the .003" end mills, lubricating fluid is back ordered, the milling machine x axis is off by .0000057", some numb nut put stainless steel swarf in the steel swarf drum, the recycler found one spiral that wouldn't stick to the magnet, AND the toilet paper supply is low. Not to mention a new stripping basket design, two rods to build, and the reinvention of the Clouser Minnow. . . Things need your attention. All the love and prayers we can muster coming your way. See you soon.
  5. I use the Orvis basket, because it was the best available and easy to find when I bought it. I'd give the one with a curved front a try if I had to get another one, maybe. The Orvis fits nicely in the bottom of my wader bag with my boots and I put my belt, plyers etc in it there for travel.
  6. Seadogg and Bait Tailer are correct and chimed in with the constructive criticism I left out. Sigh. . . still learning.
  7. If you're seeing your backing on a 28" fish your drag is too loose and you are taking too long to get that fish released.
  8. THAT'S the beauty of the boards. . .
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I'll check out the book and would definitely use the panels vs the membrane. Still have to make the decision to go forward with shower or just go for ease and do only toilet and sink. Way cheaper, but there are advantages to a second shower. . .. I've really never heard a bad report on the Schluter products.
  10. So it's time to start moving forward on putting the second bathroom together in our home. I demoed an old closet/pantry at the back of the house. The rough space is 45" x 63", small to be sure but I'm used to the heads on boats so this will be larger than that. Not worried about code, probably regret that if we ever sell but right now that's not a concern. Plan is to make the whole area the shower, pitch the entire floor to the back wall. I've been looking at the Schluder products, I really like their Kerdi-Line linear drain, plan is to put that along the back wall and position the toilet just in front of it. They even have a flexible shower "curb" which is designed for wheel chairs to roll over which I may employ, though I think the pitch on the floor will keep water from the doorway. I've done plenty of old school tile work, shower pans and mortar beds, but I've never worked with products like the Kerdi boards. Thoughts of this product? Substitutes? I like the lightweight aspect of the product very much as I would like to keep the overall weight of the installation as light as possible. Thanks for your help.
  11. There are two videos that shop produced, in the second one they embed the section with Flip and go into more detail. They decide what butt section to use based on the diameter and point out that the stiffer products will have a smaller diameter for the same breaking strength. I think the example was the Cortland leader was .023 for 40# and Maxima was considerably less, so you want to up the Maxima poundage to get close to the diameter you want. All this based on 7wt line. I like the simplicity of the snell to the fly line, I'm just curious how many times you can change out the butt before you begin to mess with the front taper? And is that really a big deal? I would think so if we are concerned about the size and weight of the welded loop.
  12. I see his point completely, I was just stupefied by the concept of a permanent butt section. Disclaimer I have very little knowledge of freshwater fly fishing, so for what I do, I find myself changing out the entire leader sometimes a couple times a night. I'll have to break out some of my lines and look for that "bell curve" with my braided loop one butt section looped on. I do like the idea of a longer butt section. . . STOP it. Shame on you. . .
  13. So the leader formula thread got me searching and I ran across a video of Flip Pallot and the dude from Mad River discussing attaching leader to fly line. Flip cuts the welded loops off and snells about 7' of 40# mono onto the fly line as a butt section for the leader he then constructs. He hates the welded loop of the fly line because of its weight and stiffness, and argues for a long butt section to deliver energy better to the end of the leader. Who am I to argue with Flip Pallot? Anyway, seems reasonable enough, y'all should google up the video and come back for some discussion. I like the slim profile, but what happens when you burn through the butt section? then you are nipping bits of fly line off to attach a new butt section. Maybe this is really splitting hairs, I've never noticed the adverse affects of my braided loops on the end of my line, but that's not saying much. There's a lot I don't notice. What am I missing here?
  14. You might very well assume that, being as you have a modicum of common sense, but then again, you have never seen Mr. Oliver with breaking fish on the horizon. . . his eyes kind of glaze over and little marks of spittle form at the corners of his mouth, he starts to twitch all over and breaks into a sort of hopping, looping gait at he makes for the mark. Good Lord no time to climb onto a rock, get the fly in front of the fish no matter what it takes. Floating neck deep, he gulp for air as he bounces off the bottom, casting as his shoulders pop above the surface. Simple and effective.
  15. If I'm chest deep with the two hander, I'm usually not stripping a whole lot, it becomes more of a Tenkara game. You can roll cast an amazing amount of line with these rods. Otherwise just think of moving the casting stroke up your side like the next floor on the elevator, generally there is less range of motion in this position but all the casting intentions stay the same.