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  1. Thanks for the heads up Red! Good work.
  2. This^^ And the copy sounds like it was written by someone who has a degree in marketing and never fished a day in their life. Sounds sketchy to me. . . Maybe DIY?
  3. I have never used and don't trust the pre made loops, always make my own. I overcoat the loops with pliobond, it soaks into the braid and once cured remains very flexible and gives the loops a stiffness equal to the fly line. I've never notice a hinging problem.
  4. Look up Dan Blanton's site and look for his tutorial on making mono braided loops. Really makes head construction easy and smoothish through the guides. Much better than doubling the line back. . .
  5. I've gotten a lot of fish on a Heddon Tiny Torpedo.
  6. I think that's gonna be tough. From my costume shop days, we always held that you could only successfully dye natural fibers, synthetics had to be fabricated with the color. You may have to color the line with a blue sharpie.
  7. That's funny right there! I like how they brought the fish all the way indoors and are unhooking it in front of the baseboards.
  8. Is there video of this thing? 'Cause I look at that and I think. . .WTF?. What's the big loop on the top for and how in the world is the line going to come cleanly off the bottom loop? At least in the stripping basket I can Balentine my line so the coils lay on top of each other, looks to me like they are just gonna get all jumbled up down at the bottom. If they have money to burn developing this, good for them.
  9. No mike, it's not a reference political incorrectness, it's crude reference to gender and to the often referenced smell of the female sexual organ. No subtlety with you is there?
  10. That is funny, I'd never seen my leader leave a rooster tail until I hooked a pink. Slime Rocket is a very good nickname, good name for a metal band too.
  11. I have not yet had the pleasure of catching a carp on the fly, I would like too. I am not sure I want my first to be in the LA river, but it seems they have a better chance of hooking up than I do here in Brooklyn so more power to 'em. I wonder if any of Jesse's editors questioned leading off the article with a story of how a lesbian ". . . waxes rhapsodic about the scent freshly caught carp leaves on one’s hands . . . " ?
  12. Unfortunately most insecticide and herbicide is not that water soluble, they want it to stick around. . .
  13. How long have you been using this set up?
  14. $175 Pay pal, pick up Monday late afternoon/evening? Or I can bring cash if you prefer. . .
  15. Indubitably my dear Hilltop, indubitably. . .