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  1. Two pointers: One, the canal is in Massachusetts, so you might want to try asking in that forum. Two, there is already a ton of information in the archives of this website, so you might want to try the search function. Good luck. . .
  2. Exactly, how versed in boat construction do you think environmental police are? I deal with a lot of wooden boat, and you would not believe the bulls*t that goes on when the Coast Guard comes to inspect them. Anyway, just keep your wits about you and be safe, sounds like you are on the right track. Take the attitude that you don't trust this boat and you should be fine. Back to your original question, if those straps on the interior bottom are not covered with the wood floor, I'd tie off to that. Otherwise one of the rings on the tube, just use two. Tie to one, and then lead the bitter end of the anchor rhode to a second loop. That way if the one with the strain fails, you have a backup. Redundancy is your friend. Good luck.
  3. Who inspected the boat? Did you tell them your intended purpose? Ok, maybe if you are staying within swimming distance of the shore and dock. . . The damage at the bottom of the transom is worrisome to my eye, looks lie the rubber overlay from the bottom is chewed through where it was glued to the transom, if the plywood is compromised, it will suck water like a sponge and rot in short order. You should check that out and seal it up as best you can. Inflatables like this were really only meant to get you from the mooring to the dock, maybe with three people and groceries, max. Probably originally only recommended for two people and a small gas motor. How long is it? If you really intend to stay 50 feet from shore than I guess, but just be careful.
  4. Ok, forgive me, I work in the marine industry and all I have to say is that is the last "boat" you should be loading three people and gear into for a fishing trip. That said, tie that anchor to the strongest thing you can find on the boat, whatever it is. And make some kind of effort to repair the transom, so you don't sink. And for God sakes, wear PFD's and carry a water proof marine radio. Sweet Christmas but you really are nuts. . .
  5. Thanks for the kind words. No one to blame, it's just the reality of my work and family situation at the moment. If my local waters weren't so barren I might be more motivated to deal with some sleepless nights, but these days if you don't have a boat my area is devoid of bass. Irene and Sandy back to back really screwed the ecosystem around here. It's great to hear that there is bait a plenty your way, I'll take the good news where I can get it.
  6. I got nothing to add other than I wish I had the time and energy to put this much thought into my fishing. . . Haven't tied a fly in a year, literally and have yet to wet a line this season, and probably won't until I hit the Cape in June. Sucks. . .
  7. Absolutely STELLAR!!!! So amazing to have it recorded for posterity as well, a mountain of congratulations for keeping your cool and landing that fish. What I love is that most of us parade around at night, cause nighttime is the rightime, in $500 waders and jackets, waist deep to "reach" that spot, with special flies for this and that, and here you are strolling around during the day in shorts and hoodie barely getting your feet wet, landing a freaking COW on an 8 wt. A big hearty laugh to you for making us all look silly. . .
  8. Ok, I'm gonna stir the pot here, because that's what I do best. . . I'm gonna say that more critically it's the core strength of the line and the drag of your reel that matter when fighting a big fish. Really, you could point a 3 wt at at GT and if your leader system, line, and reel can handle the strain, land it. So I suggest that the rod really doesn't matter that much when it comes to fighting a fish, only when it comes to casting. Sure, we want some fun with feeling the fight, but the rod really doesn't matter. OK, some will argue about the rod taking some of the strain of a run before the drag kicks in, sure, I'll give you that, but still. . .
  9. Haha. Really? You’re getting serious and offended about a thread on fly line loops?
  10. That’s because you’re lazy. Get RID of that sh*t!! Do it, now!
  11. Hopefully Hilltop will chime in soon, he sort of knows things about engineering. Spooky things. . . he can sort you out.
  12. Cut that garbage off and install a braided mono loop. Never trust factory loops. . . never.
  13. You can still point the rod at the fish with a fore grip. . .
  14. My opinion? Who cares? If you want it build it, what does it matter? BTW, thanks for your efforts in the PG forum. I just don’t know how to address the madness there. You are a better man then I.