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  1. Congratulations are in order. . . but you're still ugly.
  2. Ughh, can't wait for the epoxy river/ocean table craze to fade away into oblivion. Sure they look good when they are new, if you like plastic and wood, but I want to see some of them after 4 or 5 years when the resin is scratched and faded and messed up from harsh chemical cleaners and UV damage. And I don't believe they have any decent UV protectant no matter what they say, take marine varnish, packed with UV inhibitors, but you still have to re do the top two coats every year, because of UV damage. . . Sorry, the mixing of plastic and wood is a particular peeve of mine.
  3. You can do that, I would also take several tiles from different boxes and measure the tiles from corner to corner to see if they are “square”. There can be variations in dimension which you need to think about as you lay your field.
  4. My only thought is 1/8 grout line seems small for that size tile. If the client wants dead straight grout lines I'd check and make sure your tiles are square before you start setting. Small variations in tile dimension with that size tile don't leave much room for correction with such a small line.
  5. If you were to tell us what brand and how big it actually is, we could help you more. "it is a bit small" doesn't mean anything to us. You could be 7'8" tall and consider a 30 liter pack small.
  6. Nail on the head!! look back through the pages on this forum, probably one in 30 posts is an actual trip report about catching fish.
  7. First of all, I did not say his "experience" was worthless. I said his opinion was worthless because he provided no quantifiable data that would give us something to relate to. His experience may well be worthwhile but how are we to know? As for your own experience, fine, but again, how does that help anyone? You may never fish in winds over 5 mph, and if you're unwilling to even take a guess at the wind you cast in then your point is worthless. No one has any concrete information to gauge your experience. So someone goes and drops heavy coin on a set up like yours, thinking it will get the job done only to find out it folds in any wind over 10 mph? How does that help? I don't care how different you want to fish or with what gear you want to fish, but if you come here and offer unsupported opinion, how does THAT provide anything positive for the sharing of fishing information? Again, no one can relate to unquantifiable opinion, so it's useless.
  8. Then don't come tell a respected member that what he says isn't true if you're not willing to put up the goods. You give no real field data to back up your assertions so your opinion is worthless here. The reason no one is asking the other member to put up the goods is he has been putting the goods up here for quite some time and his reputation precedes him. And furthermore, many of us have fished with him and know what he can do. So go back to your seat and be quite please.
  9. Define "stiff" in something we can all relate to, like mph. Measured on the beach with an anemometer or just a guess? Next post a video of you casting this rod with 500 grains so we can see what you consider "like a cannon". Once you have done that we will have some concrete information to evaluate your claims.
  10. You don’t have to retract, if the OP wants to sell for your price I’ve no problem.
  11. I'd take it for the asking price. PayPal. Send me the info.
  12. Idiots! Why would anyone post that to the public? Save the memories for yourself, and keep your mouth shut.
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