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  1. You can still point the rod at the fish with a fore grip. . .
  2. My opinion? Who cares? If you want it build it, what does it matter? BTW, thanks for your efforts in the PG forum. I just don’t know how to address the madness there. You are a better man then I.
  3. HT Correct me if I'm wrong but the Laser line is just an oval mono, not a cored line, unless they have changed it? On another note, SWEET CHRISTMAS man, can the performance really be all that different? Have you tried the Airflo running line? I mean I know you like to beat things to death, but twisting mono and stuffing braided spectra, and then overcoating?????? You SERIOUSLY need another kid, or another job, or a hobby to take your mind off of fishing. At the very least an intervention. Actually WEED, a little ganga might slow that brain down a bit. By the way, how are you coming along on world peace? Spring is in the air! See you soon.
  4. Like I said, flies that imitate what they might be feeding on. . .thank you and you're welcome. BTW, what reels are you guys using? Great pics and better memories.
  5. Flies that imitate what they may be feeding on.
  6. Channel 6 is ship to ship, safety, search and rescue only Channel 8 is general boater communications. Channel 13 is internship navigation generally monitored by ships over 20 meters Channel 16 Hailing and Emergency ONLY, seriously don't fill this channel with garbage. Channel 17-20 is commercial and port operations Channel 22A is Coast Guard Search and Rescue, they will jump here after a hail on 16 Channel 24-28 Marine Operator Channel 68, 69, 71, 72 are for general boater communications Look up when to use Securité, Pan-Pan, and Mayday. There are other channels used for various things, but this should get you started and keep you out of trouble.
  7. EASY there killer. . .step away from the grammar. . .and spelling. . . and . . .
  8. Rich's book is quite the tome. It spoke to me because I have a scientific mind, and am anal about everything. Not everyone gets it. Have some Conomo variations tied on 9/0 hooks I'be been toying with for the TH. Glad to see someone else on his coat tails. . .
  9. Except if you are in the Southern Hemisphere where the water swirls counter clockwise down the drain. . .
  10. Ahhhhh winter. . .
  11. I was wondering when someone would try and wrangle us back on topic. Seems the OP has left his thread to the dogs. And I mean that in the fondest possible way.
  12. No, my intention was not to get you to forget flatwings, just merely to try to get across how difficult it is to diagnose a problem like this over the internet. As Steve says, keep at it and eventually you will come up with what you are looking for. Sorry for the overzealous negativity.
  13. Again, this is going to be nearly impossible to diagnose without feeling the materials and the build. Maybe a video of the fly in the water would help, but I doubt it. Stiff hackles? Too much expectation? Really no way to help, people will continue to throw sh*t at the wall and see what sticks but how can you expect good answers without someone actually feeling what you have there?
  14. Well tough to diagnose without seeing the fly in person, but if you are holding in a constant flow it’s just going to stream the feathers back. Let it float and this long slender hackles should wiggle like a two dollar hooker.
  15. True enough, I meant the break off part. . .encomium, that's a damn fine word.