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  1. Yes, completely mad skills. . . you can spend hours on his website wishing you could do what he does with feathers, fur and such.
  2. Welcome, theoretically you need to tell us a joke as a newcomer. Brian will fill you in. You won't regret your Colton purchase. Nice fish, Whaler? PLEASE. . . don't do the rod in the teeth thing. . .
  3. Not to drift the thread, but I used to live in Brooklyn, DO NOT LAWN cast in the parks in NYC. If want to practice find some water. Why you ask? Well the dirt and grit in the city is so abrasive that I just about wore through my snake guides when I first started out. I was going to the park 3 or more times a week, looked closely at my rod when cleaning it one day and saw deep grooves in the snake guides. Couldn't figure it out until I saw the sun glinting off of the the dirt on my car, wiped some up with my fingers and rubbed them together, could feel the sandpaper quality and knew immediately what was sawing through my guides. I was out by Lincoln Terrace Park, maybe you are in a cleaner part of Brookyn, but I would not risk the rod.
  4. I like light, I just want a bigger spool so the heads fit on it.
  5. YES!!!! And it's not just blue water guys. I've been waiting to hang a big Terrapin on my Olly double handers.
  6. If you buy something else and have a problem, you talk to some schmo in God knows where. If you buy Colton and have a problem, you talk to the owner of the company. Seams a simple choice now, doesn't it? BTW you probably won't have a problem, unless you treat your gear like Mike O. . . That guy can kill anything.
  7. Very cool, and sad at the same time. There should be acres of splashing going on. . .
  8. Not mine, but my daughter has been rock painting these past couple days.
  9. Thanks again for the info.
  10. Fascinating, thanks for the posts. I assume you clip the branch the cocoon is on to collect it? I had no idea what those were. Now I'm gonna get some for our garden. And how do you place it in it's new home?
  11. Another vote for Bear's Den. Scott and his crew are great to deal with and they only charge actual shipping cost.
  12. All stellar information! Can anyone point me in the right direction for doing the calculations on the proper size boiler for my needs? I'm pretty good with minor plumbing projects, but when I start looking for contractors for the heating system I'd like to be able to check their calculations and make sure they are even doing them. I suppose someone in the business long enough could just look at the house and know what's needed, but I'd still like to see the math.
  13. Great, thanks very much for the information. Much appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the reply, and information. So we have cast iron radiators, just to confirm, this means a gas boiler is a no go for our house? Not sure I want to get into changing the whole system. They are copper piped. . .