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  1. Unless you are buying flies specifically labeled as local ties, in a local shop, any fly you buy is most likely made overseas and mass produced. I think there's a Haiku in there somewhere. . .
  2. I’m preparing a stake and firewood as we speak.
  3. Success!! We went with Ruff House Rescue and found what appears to be a perfect fit for our situation. Appears to me to be a mix heavy with Jack Russell. Most of their dogs come from Texas, we jumped through their hoops, did a home inspection via FaceTime phone call, and went to an event today at a Rec center near Hempstead Lake. The wife and daughter found Freckles on pet finder and she was still available when we arrived. Tremendous work this group does with lots of volunteers, foster families and plenty of kids running around cleaning up after the dogs. Here is the happy duo!
  4. Just the last remnants of the Christmas spirit. I'll be back to my old knarly self in no time at all!
  5. So in the spirit of trusting your fellow surfcasters, I would bet the reason you were asked what you wanted to do with a 12wt is because for a beginning flycaster, a 12 is a pretty hefty outfit. I mean you can tame a 100# tarpon with a 12, and if you think you need it to cast big flies. . . So your fellow surfcaster is probably trying to save you some grief, if you are indeed a beginner. And my sound and friendly advice would be to not start out with a 12 wt setup.
  6. Not to be a jerk, but if you are new to fly fishing, how are you going to judge that the advice you get is sound? Plenty of discussions about Colton here, I own quite a few. You should give Bob a call and talk to him. Number is easy to find on the Colton website.
  7. Hey Mike, just checked out Gimme shelter, way to intrusive of an application and they require a fenced yard. We only have an apartment, so they are out. Thanks anyway.
  8. Hey everyone, thanks for all the input. We are definitely going for the mutt mix, as I said earlier, we did the pure breed thing and don't want to go that route again. Mike, will check out gimmeshelter. We are formulating the contract now, she's not getting the actual dog on Christmas, rather the "golden ticket". First we thought it would be a good idea for her to be involved in the process of choosing the dog, and second there is a lot to be done to puppy proof the apartment, particularly regarding the infinite amount of little edible stuff strewn about the daughter's room. So she will get the green light for the dog, but there is still some work to do before it actually arrives. I'll keep you all posted, and thanks for the help.
  9. What's the spool diameter printed on the side of the reel. Pics of case and letter? Thanks for the trouble. And if I may ask, who is Andre Pyon? Google search turns up nothing.
  10. Thanks, but no apologies necessary. Clearly was not that well presented.
  11. Not talking about skishing, was making a joke about the lack of fish.
  12. Seriously, when's the last time you heard of someone bobbing around M with their hands covered in bass slime?
  13. Congratulations! As has been said already, your steadfast good attitude and courage are an uplifting example. Prayers offered for a speedy recovery and a clean bill of health. Chris
  14. What a pack! My original decree after our first dog was "not until we have a yard" That aint happening soon. I'm guessing you have a yard. . .
  15. Thanks for the lead Sandflee. I’ll look them up.