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  1. THIS, AGAIN! FACT! I have owned both MPI 4 and 6-cyl YJ's (1991+ engines) with 5-speed transmissions. Get the 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  2. My first Jeep was a 2.5L 4-cyl, have not owned one since. The 4 and 6 get about the same fuel mileage since you have to push the 4 so much harder to make it move. Highway acceleration is marginal to non-existent, 5th gear is unusable with larger tires (unless you re-gear). As the previous poster said, the AX5 is crap (comes behind the 4-cyl), where the AX15 is a nice transmission behind the 6-cyl. I can't really think of any benefits of the 4-cyl, besides price (if that is true). If you want to really convince yourself, test drive one of each.., the 6 will feel like a torque monster compared to the 4. Get the 4.0L!
  3. Awesome, post pics! I have always liked the TJ's, sounds like a nice rig.
  4. Nice locker! Definite plus on the beach, less wheel spin the better! I have an Eaton E-Locker, similar to the ARB, but uses 12V instead of air pressure.
  5. Curt stuff is really nice. The rear hitch I put on the XJ (5 years ago with minimal rust) is a nice round tube curved down, instead of a straight, square box.
  6. Brand new vehicle... use your warranty, have dealer document/fix it!
  7. My DD (daily driver) is a 1999 XJ. Currently have 197,000 miles on it, running strong. Tow a small trailer and have lightweight snow plow on it. The XJ Cherokee started out in 1984, got the 4.0L Renix injection in 1987, and the HO 4.0L with Chrysler injection in 1991. In 1997 it got a facelift and modern dashboard with two airbags. Year 2000 was the first year of the coil rail vs distributor ignition. This first year has had some head crack issues (0331 head, casted with ears for the coil rail mount bolts), most are fine though. The Cherokee's AW-4 auto transmission is excellent, but needs a cooler for beach use, I suggest a temp gauge too (I did that on mine due to plow). [img= http://www.stripersonline.com/content/type/61/id/1758294/]
  8. good point, that makes sense. More flotation, easier to move.
  9. 15 years ago I MAY have tried that. Especially with another built Jeep present it's sometimes hard to not give it a try (hey, there's no signs saying not to, let's do it!), or see who can make it further out (especially at a young age), either one could have acted as a recovery vehicle (unless both got stuck, lol). Today, taking pics and bragging online is quite motivational too. They may very well be there just to drive off-road. There are no rod racks visible. One has no spare tire (could be inside). Being more "mature" (lol), I would not try that today for several reasons.... -Part of me can't believe we are even allowed to drive on the beach at ALL here on Long Island and don't want to fuel opposition (environmental crazies). -Sand is enough off-road for me, I enjoy driving my Jeep and don't want to risk breaking anything on rocks. -Risk looking like a total azz if you had to be towed out. BTW, where was there bragging online about this? Facebook?
  10. LOL at Ford haters. For some reason they sell far more pickups than anyone, can't be because they suck. Why can't people like one vehicle without hating another? BTW, I don't have a Ford, but would consider one if looking for a pickup. Sounds like something else is going on there.... lack of maintenance and/or abuse? Over 150K miles with original plugs? ALL vehicles have issues now and then, but they can all basically make it to 200K. This! That would get expensive. But the more people that think this, the more likely I am to find a good deal! I have a 1998 BMW M-Roadster... 78K miles... in the past 5 years replaced the battery, tires, and rebuilt front brake calipers, that's it!
  11. Because 20" wheels aren’t cheap, and generally found on more expensive vehicles.
  12. Re-treads? I would consider if I put more mileage on, but I only use this vehicle in the summer, my BFG Muds have some sidewall cracking and dry cracking, they happen to be very low on tread, but I would keep longer if not leaking, who knows where the carcass for the retread came from.