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  1. Thanks for all the advice. Been a couple days and still a bit sore after a few hours of wearing them. Definitely getting better. Probably from dealing with blurry vision for so long. If after the weekend, I might have to get them loosened. Tonight I even wanted them to watch TV. Still on. Can't believe how good I can see now...I have heard you need to get used to glasses...they are so different. Especially after 31 yrs...



  2. Just the nerves in your face causing phantom pain. Famous people use Cocaine to combat this problem. I suggest getting them readjusted and

    red wine.


    I would buy that if my nose wasn't running now....Thought maybe the straps were too tight, maybe still are, but now I'm sniffing left and right. Can't imagine wearing a pair of glasses for 6 hrs would make my face hurt and run this bad. I don't do drugs, and Sailor Jerry ain't helping me any tonight.


    My Sinuses are sensitive. And wicked weather change always makes them act up. It was in the 50's this morn, and I took a walk and ventured out and it was crispy cold. Maybe all of the above. Will call to adjust if my sinuses still suck tomorrow.


    I can't imagine what my face feels like right now is because of my new glasses :(

  3. 333

    Mmmmmm... chili :drool: :drool: :drool:

    See sans legumes.


    Definitely looks good. Never had chili that looked like that. What's wrong with beans though? They are good for you.


    This now makes sense that people were telling me to cut the beef in cubes.

  4. Are they heavy glasses or light weight? Glasses with any weight at all gives me problems. I now wear light weight, indestructable, twist any which way framed glasses that don't cause any problems. I wear mine from wake up to sleep time.


    I don't think they are heavy, but definitly not light weight. I don't have those little cushion guys that rest on my nose. They are thicker frames, with very thin lenses.

  5. So, after 31 yrs of living, I finally needed to get glasses. Everything outside of 3 feet from me, is blurry.


    Fine, so I got glasses. They came in last night. I was SSOOO excited to get them. I could see! I could see very well. I was making myself dizzy at first reading every sign etc that I passed. Even worn them to watch TV. Much clearer.


    Today, was the first full day of wearing them. I could see great. Now, the eye Dr did say, that even though I don't need them for close up/computer work, I should wear them all the time to get used to them. So I did. Up close made no difference.


    Here's my concern. I know I have to get used to them, but even though they don't feel tight, or heavy, about mid-day my sinuses started to really bother me. Taking the glasses off for a few hours didn't seem to matter. I wore them home. Even now, while home, my sinuses continue to bother me.


    Has anyone ever experienced this before? Total coincidence?? Or because of the glasses? Just looking for any input. Didn't get much from a google search.

  6. Not trying to be a brat or anything, but isn't beef stew with chunks of meat, onions, potatoes, etc? Lighter sauce? I have no idea.


    Again, I'm no foodeh so what do I know?


    Any Chilli I've ever had, had beans in it.