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  1. debt.
  2. All I know, is that I have a huge obsession with Habanero's lately. I always want steaks and burgers so I can cook them with it! MmMmmMMmMmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. Nothing like the last photo, but I love clouds...
  4. Band
  5. I can attest to #3 being too strong. Mixed it with Sailor Jerry, and it knocked me out. Whoops.
  6. Government.
  7. 2 goals by the B's in 39 seconds, makes me smile. Regardless if SJ is currently winning 3-2.
  8. HAHAHAHHA Awesome!!! I LOL'd. What I found kinda weird, is don't the ZOmbies go by scents too? Why does hiding under a car work, but "playing dead" doesn't unless you're wearing a dead zombie. Or walking through a herd of them wearing the insides of them f'ers? In the first season they drenched 2 guys in guts to get through. Out of sight, out of sound? Guess I don't know how ZOmbies work.....
  9. Can I still join as a ref!??
  10. I just may attack him with many thanks!! He'll love it. He's got a loving family, and spent many nights doing his job. SO dedicated. Glad I could be a part of that. Will certainly let him know he's needed and many are proud. It will make his day. Wish it was January already.
  11. I am aware, and VERY careful. No more than 1 (shot) a night. My Bro in Law was in the Navy, left, and rejoined as a Corpsman when 9-11 took place. Dedicated! <3 him Thank you. Can't wait to witness his graduation. He's always wanted this.
  12. Let's drink to all those who have fought and are fighting for us. Just learned some awesome news. (few wks ago) My Bro-in-Law, has been training VERY hard...he's now graduating top of his class to be a medic for our Navy Seals. He's assigned to a team. Details are still so secretive. I'll be joining his graduation. He's worked so hard. I'm SOOOOO proud of him!!
  13. A shot = a beer, so let's do this!! Just chased my Absente with some beer. Strong stuff. Yaaouch! It's worth it.
  14. Pretty much the same. Working, living, waiting for the ZOmbie attack. Watching the Bruins! Drinking, A lot of my absence has to do with a new show I've been watching, and the fact that it takes my laptop like 20 minutes to work properly Now that the Bruins are back on, and TWD I've got some time to myself. Hubby could care less about both. Let's have a shot!!!!!!
  15. NOPE!! That was a mistake! I've watched all the games so far, win or lose, and I heard I missed a lot of penalties Tuesday night. And for what!? Stupid BS NON scary awards. First and last time. Sorry I've been gone so long. I've missed it here. Here's to the B's and a dead scumbag!! Party on guys
  16. I'm on my second beverage. YAY Bruins. Sailor Jerry. For THose about to ROCK, we saluuute you!
  17. I stopped watching the Bruins game to watch this. I don't think I've seen it before. Seems interesting to me. Anyone else up and watching the Scream Awards?!!?
  18. We got a network external hard drive from Best Buy. Big mistake. Thing was used. And other customer had a password setup. ***? WE DID NOT buy it open. Best Buy Stinks. Got all the $$ back. but it was a pain in the ass! Currently looking for something that works. My Dad bought me my last 2 DELLS. Never again. Just need the $$ to get a better laptop.
  19. I have to keep mine plugged in. If it gets unplugged, the whole thing shuts down. No more power to the battery EVER. DELL has made me get a new battery before, and now again, but I refuse. They cost like $120. GAH! This is the scariest thing I deal with. At some point, all my pics will be gone
  20. I'm thinking it's more about being a nerd than a horror lover!! WHOOPS!
  21. AWWW mannnnn. I'm sorry. Not intentional. I'm here so long my laptop can keep up. Things a POS!!!!!
  22. HAHAHA! Yah, glad I've got that going for me. I'm a girl, and I like horror. Scream awards don't seem as scary as I thought. Harry Potter? Scott PIlgrim.. I think you should shun me anyways.
  23. It's gotta happen!! Only so many humans can survive. With 13 episodes, I'm guessing more will lose their lives, but have a feeling the newbies will be first to go. Won't lie, where I'd rather pause a show, I didn't mind the commercials since I needed breaks to pee, and get more drinks. Towards the end it got annoying. This is the main reason my hubby doesn't care for TV shows. He'd rather wait for DVD. I can't wait for that. I've GOT to see what happens next week.
  24. Thanks to everyone that has continued to post on my thread in my absence!! Still love it!! <3 Boston Rainbow a few weeks back. Missed you guys!
  25. A HA! Before, I had no options, so I kept clicking on Full Page Editor and nothing would happen. Not to mention, my scroll bar keep scrolling down. I am such a newb.