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  1. First time making Chilly, so let's see I shall take the mean's my first leg....
  2. Glad you had a wonderful re-do birfday!! You needed it! Now knock off the health crap and start doing flips!
  3. While I do have some white meat left for sammiches, I CAN NOT wait to eat the other Turkey leg. mMmmmM...Since I have no bread, I'm thinking this guy will be my breakfast tomorrow. Maybe add some potatoes and gravy too. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Tomorrow evening, I'll be making some Chilly from the homemade beans my Dad made for Thursday. Can't let those guys go to waste! Going to be AWESOME!
  4. Love all the newest pics!!! I wish I had more to share.
  5. I had exactly what I said I'd have, plus booze infused fruit. My Dad always comes up with something. After lunch, we had shots of scotch. Man that was a long day!
  6. I just have no idea how that lady that did the spraying, didn't think she'd be in any type of trouble for doing this...
  7. Just wanted to stop in and say Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here in SOL land. I have so much to be thankful for...<3 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
  8. Hope everyone has a great day.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving everyone I am thankful for so much. SO glad you're finally feeling better Tam!! <3
  10. Let's see..I will start with some water. Once I get to my parents, my Dad will pop the Champagne. I will enjoy that and cranberry juice (separately) for lunch. Once i get back home and probably after a nap, I will enjoy Sailor Jerry and diet. It's gonna be a fulfilling day.
  11. Same to you I can not wait to go to my parents...the birdie should be done soon...I miss waking up to the smell of turkey cooking, but I am also so thankful for my wonderful hubby and the life we have together. Now I'm getting emotional!
  12. I got a new game
  13. It's true! If I or anyone else I knew happened upon a 2 yr old all alone, we would wait with the child and call the police. Regardless, if the boy is OK, or if she or any other sick person did something to him, the mother should be punished. I'm hoping for the latter, but these days, anything is possible
  14. Seee Porkies are AMAZING!!
  15. Maybe you're right!! I am weird. Zombies don't eat cold left overs....Glad I ain't a zombie just yet!
  16. Awwww wicked cute!!!! Sometimes it sucks living in the city.
  17. I don't remember the last time I had one. Probably YRS ago. It's amazing and disgusting how fast food companies make their food. Including their "salads". Seems as though you're better off making food at home.
  18. I made myself a salad. I only had a few veggies, so I had Lettuce, red bell peppers, red onions, 3 cheeses shredded and pork chops from last nights dinner. Actually REALLY tasty. People think I'm weird for putting and eating cold pork chops in my salad, but they taste yumm to me.
  19. Ok, I'm doing it again. Been watching the Bruins since they started the pre-season. I changed the channel once, to watch something STUPID, and vowed to not do it again. Well, tonight Zombie Apocalypse premieres, and well, I want to watch it. I want the Bruins to win, (they're down 3-1) but I'm going to change the channel. Anyone else tuning into this movie!? I'd like to have someone to talk to about it! COME ON! It's Zombies!! Zooooooooooommmbiiiiiiies!!!!! I've got my crowbar ready!
  20. Anyone watching this new series on AMC?? Classic, guy wakes up from a coma and the town is filled with ZOmbies!!! This will be my new show. As well as The Pacific come Nov 11th
  21. agreed! awesome pics!!
  22. Oh shooot, I see legs!! AAHHHHH!! Oh wait, that's just my Mom.
  23. My it my pretty...
  24. I know I am late, but Chipotles is soooo good!! THey've got an amazing hot sauce! MmmMm And I'd say a ton better than the MCpuke or 15 mini candy bars. What did you end up having? I made myself a salad with fresh veggies, fat free feta and a can of tuna. YUmm.
  25. :scared: Honestly, if Animals started turning we'd be screwed. I don't see why ZOmbies wouldn't attack animals. They've got flesh, they've got brains. What was that movie? One of the Days later, or Dawn of the Dead, I forget...crows were eating away at a dead "zombie" and a drop of blood fell into a humans eye and he later became effected. Why didn't the crows turn?