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  1. I totally dig that Mokes!! Always have!!
  2. Hoping so. Did realize these new frames point in, while the others out. Who knew. Still have no idea.
  3. Worth it if they aren't making your face explode! Confession...I have worn glasses in frames just like the ones I got, for fashion only, and never had a sinus reaction.
  4. Definitely looks good. Never had chili that looked like that. What's wrong with beans though? They are good for you. This now makes sense that people were telling me to cut the beef in cubes.
  5. Musta been! Gas of the face!
  6. I don't think they are heavy, but definitly not light weight. I don't have those little cushion guys that rest on my nose. They are thicker frames, with very thin lenses.
  7. Maybe!! But I'm cuuuuutue with glasses.
  8. To the touch, no. Someone did say I'd have to get used to having something behind my ear. I have sensitive sinuses... I'm hoping it's not the frames I got.
  9. Not trying to be a brat or anything, but isn't beef stew with chunks of meat, onions, potatoes, etc? Lighter sauce? I have no idea. Again, I'm no foodeh so what do I know? Any Chilli I've ever had, had beans in it.
  10. I know I should ask this in the food forum, but I don't wanna!!! Tonight, I plan on making Chili. My Dad made 5 different beans from scratch for Thanksgiving. I brought some home for leftovers. SO, I have the beans in the fridge...I bought a pound of beef, chili powder, jalapenos, scallions, and white onions. (many other spices as well.) Those are what I have to work with. What's the easiest way to throw together something yummy?! I've never done it before, so I thought I'd ask here. If you have some ideas, please let me know. Otherwise I'm just going to wing it, which might not be so bad either. Hehe. Thanks!!! ~freshy
  11. HAppy Birthday!!!!!
  12. I wish I remembered I had Triscuits. Dinner was so thick, this would have worked great!
  13. Seriously....Yards quote is following me! HAHA... Yah, maybe they do, but they are yummy.
  14. But beans are soooo good!! I'm new at the whole cooking thing, but beans are GOOD, and GOOD for you.
  15. HAHA Yard guy, you're drooling quote is stuck with me! I don't know why, but it is.
  16. Wish I did! It would have made it that much better. But, it was all straight up. I'm full enough without adding the bread, but Thank you. So good
  17. Homemade beans are delious! Even if maple syrup, and honey etc are added. My meal made my night. MmMMMm....
  18. Yes beans!!! They are why I started this thread!! I don't give a crap! My Dad made the beans from scratch, and I wanted to make something AWESOME! I did. I've always thought Chili had beans, but according to many, it doesn't. All I know, is I made something myself and Hubby loved!
  19. It's been made...and it was SOOO yumm!!! My Cell doesn't do a lot of justice but I am on bowl # 2 and hubby wanted 3rds! I guess I did good.
  20. Would have LOVED to use Habanero peppers! Hubby don't like too much spice, so Jalapenos it is.
  21. You may make the change when you end up with diabetes. It would be best to do it before you get that far. My Dad had Diabetes because he too ate too much candy and breads/pastas/potatoes/chips. He is overweight ,and once he found out he had Diabetes he did something about it. Changed his diet for the most part, and the great news, he is now off the meds they had him taking and has his blood sugar under control. He's still over weight, but is going GREAT! I was on my way there too, and I made the change.
  22. Sounds good to me. Time to experiment~!
  23. Ahhh Boo....I don't. Probably should have asked this Sunday morning before shopping. I'll make due with what I've got. Ain't looking to make anything fancy. Just needed an idea or 2.
  24. I'm not trying to win a contest here. Just have some awesome beans I want to add some meat and spice too. Thanks you guys
  25. I surely don't know beans about chili... I have a can of roasted garlic pasta sauce..think that would work? Besides a few friends saying the same thing, I didn't even know what I should buy.