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  1. Boston
  2. Glad you ain't doubting me. I would never claim to drink everyone under the table, since I haven't met everyone but like I said, I can drink like the best of them. You may be one of the best of them but I may never know. I can hold my own. Cheers to all!! The more drinks, the better
  3. No problem. When you figure it out, let me know Ok?
  4. I've been posting my pics through photobucket. Upload the pics there, and use the insert imagine button. Paste the URL and there's your pic. I'm new here, so maybe there is another way, but that's what I've been doing.
  5. That was so funny and cute
  6. I just looked that up, and it looks delicious!! I'll have to give that a taste sometime soon.
  7. Turtle Rape Porn!! My favorite!!
  8. I turtles!!
  9. I'd rather have snow than Ice OR Rain. Nothing like commuting in pouring rain. Even still, I like rain. Just prefer snow.
  10. it sure is!! Wish it would snow like that around here. Happens about once every couple yrs if I'm lucky.
  11. I love snow so much, you'd think I should move up north. I had to visit the mountains frequently when I lived in Cali. Wearing shorts and a tank top on X-Mas morning, just wasn't cutting it for me.
  12. IF

    If it were only that easy. Somehow, I think it would come back to bite me in the butt.
  13. How'd you know??
  14. THAT'S a lot of snow? hehehe... Now THIS is a lot of snow. This was in '08. Hope it snows like that again!!!
  15. Kids love snow!!!! I'm almost 30 and i still love it! Great pic.
  16. Hey, New to the forum and just wanted to properly introduce myself. 29 yr old chick, looking to get back out on the water. It's been some time, work is taking over. You know how that goes. Been lurking around a bit and finally decided to join.
  17. I've only been on for 14 hrs (as an active member) and I'm already loving it!!!
  18. I'm from just outside of Boston, but I spend most of my time in Boston due to work. Thanks for all the warm welcomes Ah yes, my joke. Here goes nothing... Bacon and eggs walk into a bar...the bartender says, "sorry, we don't serve breakfast.."
  19. Thanks!!! you too!!!!
  20. Dropkick Murphy's.
  21. I wanted to wrestle!! Just because I don't have any grudges going on, shouldn't mean I don't get to wrestle! What does a chick have to do to have a lil fun around here?!
  22. I totally agree with charity, but how the hell am I supposed to take shots of whiskey with a mouth guard on!?!?!
  23. I don't have any any grudges going on here, but I am totally down with some jello wrestling. Especially if it involves whiskey.
  24. Best of luck. Hope all goes well
  25. Awwww that pup is soo cute!!! Always wanted a dog of my own.