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  1. I take random pics all the time, so I'm gonna post them here. Just for fun. Anyone can post pics here too, but the only rule is, they've got to be pics you've taken Here are two from yesterday. The clouds were amazing. I couldn't stop looking up. Good thing I wasn't driving...
  2. My favorite new show!!!
  3. If yah want funny horror sitcom...try Holliston!!!
  4. Dogfish I caught on my bday fishing trip. He's smiling.
  5. I'd go with: Cabin Fever I spit on your Grave House of Wax Last House on the Left Hostel (all of them) The Decent The Uninvited Orphan Teeth (another really weird one) Final Destination (all of them...Don't judge me ) I know some of these were already said. I could go on all day
  6. I agree with all these. Except The Ring. I never cared for that movie.
  7. Disturbing weird..
  8. Tam!! I got such a simular pic that I JUST posted. Sorry I've been slacking. Nice pics!!!
  9. Me too!! So cool!
  10. About 8 rows back from the dugout. Great seats!!!!
  11. Been too long... Not bad for a cell phone pic!
  12. Thanks for keepin her alive!~ I've been wicked slacking!!! Awesome pic!!!
  13. Wow good game! Bummed Pats didn't win, but it was a good game!!
  14. Awwwww "here we go" Pup Bud Light comm was wicked cute!!
  15. I said I can't believe they are still using Polar Bears for their comms!
  16. Let's go PATS!!!
  17. OOh what was that?! Oh yah, Another TOUCHDOWN! YAY
  18. Hey a girl can want!
  19. That and her losing her balance on the stairs...ALMOST FELL. ALMOST! Dammit.