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  1. Sure enough, the poaching has become rampant. I could not find a parking spot there this afternoon. Beautiful day and 20 vehicles already filled the lot . . . this is mid- November! Walked the dog on the beach instead.
  2. I believe DEM, not DOT, made the decision as Black Point is presumably managed jointly by Parks and Recreation and Fish and Wildlife. At least one member of the Narragansett Shore Access Committee contacted DEM about the rocks to no avail. Currently, some members of the Surfcasters are attempting to establish a rapport with DEM, exploring something in the nature of a Friends of Black Point group.
  3. At one point I happen to see the letter that Jason McNamee wrote to the Narragansett town administrator, who inquired about he removal of the boulders at the small Black Point lot. Essentially, he said the area was never intended to be a parking lot, but one parked vehicle led to another, pushing back vegetation. However, I heard that construction equipment was parked there when the Christian Brothers and DEM collaborated on clearing the loop trail to the north. He also maintained that access wasn’t an issue, because there are 2,700 available parking spots. Scarborough, of course, but that isn’t free access during the summer months. He added that people were building fires in the Black Point area, but I unable to see how six or so parking spots have anything to do with that. Then, of course, there are beach revenues. Ironically, one can ride a bus to the beach to avoid parking fees or park in the main lot at Black Point or elsewhere. None of it really makes sense. For those of us wishing to fish Stinky, it’s merely a longer walk, provided parking is available in the main lot. The rest of the story is the Black Point property has been virtually ignored by DEM since before Covid, despite the fact that the maintenance at state beaches and Fisherman’s Campground, for example, is impeccable.
  4. My days there were few, but a contingent of guys used to fish the old Jamestown Bridge. Only one side of the bridge had a sidewalk, and it was fished from the mainland side before the rise in elevation. The lamp posts provided fixed light that attracted bait and predators lurked in the darkness below the bridge. As a rule guys cast bucktails, ordinarily Smilin’ Bills at the time, upcurrent and drifted them into the shadows with the hope of a large bass, blue, or squeteague. Following a hookup they’d use a grapple gaff to hoist the fish. Needless to say it was both dangerous and illegal to fish there, and the police responded regularly. Also remember a gang livelining herring from the trestle over the Warren River.
  5. Is that why fish ladders were built on the Ten Mile River? Need some enforcement.
  6. In the spring I really don’t mind seeing an Osprey grab a stocked trout; however, watching a cormorant tear into trout kills me. Bird discrimination? I guess so.
  7. Small pollock from the Short Wall early spring years ago.
  8. While I don’t have all the details, I saw the bow of a power boat about 30’ in length sitting on the West Wall in the Harbor of Refuge. Presumably, the collision occurred around 8 PM Sunday. One observer said the boat hit the wall hard enough to put a hole in the hull.
  9. They must leap a lot, too, as guys are finding them in their boats.
  10. Reliable sources reported the drowning of a fisherman yesterday at Hazard Avenue. Presumably, he was attempting to retrieve a bucket, slipped and banged his head, and then slid into the stormy ocean. Caution has to be practiced at all times, especially around big waves.
  11. When Fishdoc was sick, he rode the beach with Eddie, who hooked a fish and then brought the rod to Fishdoc to reel in. We’ve lost another good guy.
  12. The boulders are still there, and frankly I’m skeptical that they’ll be removed. DEM has jurisdiction over Black Pt., not the town of Narragansett. BTW, only in the last couple of days has the grass between the road and fence at the main parking lot been mowed. The rest of the area including the trail hasn’t been maintained at all.
  13. Boat US seems popular.
  14. Agreed. Howard (Narrow River Rods) is the man to contact. Maridee Tackle on Pt. Judith Rd. Is another drop off shop.
  15. Wishing you well in all your endeavors. You’re young with lots of promise and activity awaiting you. Miss seeing you around town and on the water.