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  1. Not only do we have turkey vultures in the area, but more and more black vultures are moving here as climate warms.
  2. At this point the 28th works for me.
  3. Sounds like a plan. DZ, initiate a date. Maybe before the 9th, but not the 8th, which is opening day for trout.
  4. Agree on both counts. DEM raises the trout; they stocked them; they want people to catch them. The limit was lowered from 6 to 5 several years ago. Maybe lowering it again to 3 or 4 would be a good idea. A friend who did not fish on opening day last year made the rounds to different ponds out of curiosity. At one particular pond in northern RI that used to be for kids only families were leaving with buckets full of trout. Everyone limited out- grandma and even the kids in diapers.
  5. Should RI close trout waters at the end of February until the 2nd Saturday in April? It killed me yesterday to watch trout boiling on the surface at a local pond, where by the way I wouldn’t consider fishing on opening day because of the pandemonium.
  6. Dave’s fine. He has a prediction post today.
  7. Agree. Let them breed. Release the females.
  8. True enough. I’ve been driven out of backwater spots during a hot bite because of swarms of mosquitoes.
  9. Good point. The sand has a permeable liner beneath it, and I heard it’ll be compacted. Nevertheless. I wonder if adding a little stone dust would have helped? Still maintain rocky gravel should have been used, based on my observation of work along the Canonchet Trail, for example.
  10. Multi-million dollar view for those with cash to spare. In light of the cost to relocate the house nearer the Dunes Club entrance and the money some buyers are willing to spend for the right location, maybe a buyer will come along, but it’s been on the market for several months.
  11. Narragansett Dockworks has been working on the trail for about a week. Timber and small rocks have been used to make steps from the trail to access the Quahog Rock area where erosion had occurred. Similarly, steps have been constructed going down the hill to the point with larger boulders on the hill’s downside for water drainage. All’s well so far. Working in the wet season had a price. Heavy equipment dug up, rutted, and muddied the trail from the parking lot to the hill. So, fill is being deposited there now; however, fine sand (beach sand) is being used instead of a rocky gravel. Little do I know, but it hardly seems to be the right material to use as it has no integrity with the natural character of the area. i’m not sure how much more work remains, but I do wonder who the consultants were.
  12. Ditto. Simms Tributary. I tried them on indoors, and they feel pretty good. Bought them on sale.
  13. At our previous residence we had several mail carriers, all pleasant and sociable. One had issues with his supervisor, however, and was fired. I guess it was the result of some kind of crack down dealing with efficiency. Two houses up from us they had to key in on a time clock or some such thing. No squandering time allowed. Now we have a young woman delivering to a rural box across the street. She noticed my dog helps retrieve mail and now leaves him a daily dog treat. As a student I had a summer job delivering mail, which was a hell of a lot better than previous mill jobs, but then again I wasn’t dealing with cold, snow, or slush.
  14. Definitely a concern. The state’s “Carry in, carry out” policy is ignored, and some people simply don’t care. Often trash, including food discard, bait boxes, tangled fishing line, etc., is left behind. Even along the Avenues where the town of Narragansett has trash barrels, littering prevails. It’s a way of life, seemingly. Throughout the offseason I walk my dog there, bagging his poop; nevertheless, the trail often looks like a mine field. As beautiful as the area is, it loses some of its aesthetics as a result. A core of individuals pick up litter there regularly, but it’s a daunting task.
  15. Lots of possibilities. I’d suggest a rod between 7 and 8’, making sure the butt end isn’t too long.