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  1. My wife drew the name of the winner of “Keeping the dream alive - #10.” Congratulations, Crappie Attitude! Do I sense a touch of irony here? I’ll send a PM.
  2. A winner will be selected tomorrow. Thanks for participating.
  3. Having had the good fortune of winning the darter awarded by Jesgord, I’m offering a wood squid weighing 2 3/4 oz. The lure is a D.C. custom crafted plug of high quality made in Rhode Island by Dick Cournoyer. It’s black on top with an orange belly, VMC hooks and a tasseled tail. All you have to do is respond with “I catch and release”. A winner will be randomly selected on Monday, May 20th.
  4. Okay, my bad. Give me a couple of days to come up with something/
  5. I practice catch and release.
  6. Nice gesture, Ed. I certainly missed him on our traditional, opening day trout fishing ritual. The rain wouldn’t have kept him away. BTW, that striper is bigger than any I’ve been catching.
  7. I may be way off base, but I remember plugs that looked like that made by a guy (Plugman) in the Westerly, RI area.
  8. The "poacher-plug builder" is not participating as poaching certainly conflicts with the Surfcaster's code of ethics.
  9. Sunset Farm on Rt. 108 (Pt.Judith Rd.) in Narragansett sells locally raised beef. A couple of restaurants in the area purchase their meat for special burgers.
  10. Primarily salt water, but I suspect many of the guys coming to the show are also fresh water fishermen and women. New and used tackle . . . some great buys as well as an opportunity to cull the herd.
  11. Obviously, when he purchased a table to sell his lures, we were unaware of his background. He is not a member of the Narragansett Surfcasters.
  12. You could compromise on rod length and get a 9'6" Tsunami Airwave Elite for a very reasonable price. It's a light rod with backbone and lots of fun to fish.
  13. ... or bring them to Chatham where they can join their cousins.
  14. I just matched a 9'6" Airwave Elite with a Penn Slammer III 4500 ( 30 lb. max. drag). Happy with the set up; balanced and light enough to cast for hours.
  15. Chris Parisi addressed the Narraganswett Surfcasters earlier this week. The guy catches plenty of funny fish, and he uses in-line hooks. Admittedly, I haven't changed my trebles yet.