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    I think about stripers when I am skiing.
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    Sushi chef, Flyfishing guide
  1. I’ll take the copper
  2. Interested in the copper and orange and gold if you split.
  3. 159 and 166 if available, thanks!
  4. I have a 5500 gold bailed I could ship to you for PayPal transaction.
  5. I have a copy of that I’d sell you. 35 shipped, PayPal?
  6. I’ll take the white darter please.
  7. New or like new, anyone got a stash?
  8. I’d take the black for asking if you reopen.
  9. I’ll pass. Thanks
  10. Would you take a personal check?
  11. I’ll take that olive /black
  12. PayPal sent, few days ago. Just checking if shipping is underway?
  13. 45$ shipped, I’ll take these
  14. I’m in Colorado, the rod is in Weymouth. Not sure it’s worth the effort to send pics, ship etc. might just hang on to it.