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    Sushi chef, Flyfishing guide
  1. Thread closed due to lack of interest. ThAnks Sol!
  2. Thread closed, due to lack of interest. Thanks sol!
  3. Sold pending payment.
  4. Ok pm coming.
  5. Squid and blue over white, good condition, were rigged at one time and very lightly fished. $40 shipped.
  6. Avid is sold pending payment and pick up, Emblem and Triumph still available. Take them both for $120.
  7. Looking to trade my good condition Mack superstrikes for other super strikes in fishable colors. Looking for 8 -10 darters in similar good condition. Bonus points for transparent colors and copper. Let me know what you think.
  8. The Avid is yours if still interested.
  9. I’d like to give Gulino a shot since he said next in line, but if he doesn’t want it That would be fine.
  10. Avid still available.
  11. What’s the word, never heard from you?
  12. Sure, if you pick up in Weymouth, I’d do 75$.
  13. The emblem pro is in fine working order, I did cut the bail trip off of the reel so it is totally manual. I snapped of one too many plugs on casts.
  14. -10 ft St Croix triumph 2-6 in good condition. 75$ -9ft St Croix Avid Surf, one piece, 1/2-2 1/2. Good condition. (Older model with fat fore grip) 80$ -Daiwa emblem pro 5500 with extra spool (one with backing one with 50# power pro). 60$ All items pick up or meet up only(Weymouth, Ma)
  15. Hi Dan, I’d like to order some bucktais please. Most of my fishing is in current, please dress with more of a medium buck tail(not to bulky) if possible. All smiling bill heads, no flash, matching thread is fine on colors other than white (red thread) -11/2 oz one each:white, wine, black. -2 oz one each:white,wine,pink,black -2.5oz 2 each: wine, yellow -3 oz : 2 each white, wine