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  1. Thanks....I noticed this when I smashed a Ava jig into the rocks later in the day and it cracked in two.
  2. Fished the yellow/black fly for roughly an hour in some heavy structure with a 350 grain. The chart. fly it appears the hour-glass eyes just slipped out. I tie all my eyes on, what I thought was fairly secure, plus I add a thin coat of super glue. Some patterns that where field tested and NOT approved.
  3. From the album A fly a day

  4. Fished Sandy hook via Horseshoe Cove. Had throwback flounder all day, with only one keeper going 20". Didn't see any blues/bass or bunker all day. Boat traffic drove me out of one spot, just to crowded.
  5. My plan is Sunday, most likely launching from Horseshoe Cove. Subject to change. Green Tarpon 120
  6. 4/26 & 4/27 Roughly 22 hours of fishing over a two-day period in RB. Mostly clammed while at anchor. Slow pick of shorts on Saturday. Very, very slow pick of shorts on Sunday. Did some trolling with stretches & shad umbrellas with no takers. Back at the dock both days and heard about tons of fish & large pods of bunker. Didn't witness either one.
  7. Is there more information on this event some where?
  8. Great work! I have enjoyed your videos over & over again throughout the course of the year, especially this Winter. I have gone to the IF4 two years in a row, those full features have nothing on your films! A DVD collection would be a great offering!
  9. This happens to me constantly, with my wife, kid, friends, etc... I took a buddy to the Salmon River, his first fly fishing excursion ever. Get him set-up with some of my back-up tackle and put him in the spot. WHAM! He hooks and lands the biggest fish of that trip! Last year my wife went fishing (kidless) for two days total the whole season, caught the biggest flounder of the year for our boat. Just goes to show.....
  10. I went to IF4 in Lancaster. I was impressed with the quality of the films. Although I was alittle disappointed in the selections. After doing some research, most of the films are produced by the same group of people. Some of the original people involved in Fly Fusion. I had expected a more "amateur" film experience. Personally, I would like to see more amateur 'shorts', then the longer feature films. On another note, the whole experience is cool. But I'd gladly pay the $$ to have a log-in and continuous access via the web.
  11. I deal with this same issue or very similar. I travel to Baltimore/DC/MD/VA weekly for work. I'm in sales, so I use my vehicle. I receive mileage reimbursement, which is done monthly. My regular monthly expenses are also submitted with my mileage/trip log, cell phone & internet. For my travel expenses, hotels, lunches, dinners, supplies, corp. events, etc... I try to submit them in two week periods. Per my company policy I was supposed to submit all expenses weekly. It just became to much of a regular chore, that I found doing it this way affords me time elsewhere. Plus its not so hard to keep track of in this fashion, for me. My expenses are then paid in my normal pay cycle, weekly. I use a credit card, a personal one in my name. They offered to get me one, but I declined. This way I can get the rewards points for using it. Be surprised how much you can get for a Disney trip from the company. My real issue with this set-up, is I drive my vehicle. So maintenance, wear & tear, insurance, depreciation are on me. The real kicker is traffic violations are on my record and insurance. Also, if I was ever in an accident, it would really cost me! I talk with alot of other guys within the construction trades. Some are site workers, estimators, etc...Not to many of them have full on paid automobiles, corp. credit cards, etc...So in the long & short of it, I feel my deal is pretty normal or at least not that bad. Plus the fact that my boss doesn't question my expenses, makes it a good thing too. Often times he tells me to take my wife out to dinner once a month or something of that nature for working off-hour times, while on vacation or something like that.
  12. Great idea, never thought to glue other style eyes on those tabs. You are correct though, the tie tabs make those eyes tough and rarely do they fall off. Thanks
  13. I think this is one of the sexiest flies in this whole thread! Maybe this was already covered, but what type of eyes are you using here? I've found smaller version of the tab eyes, but never a large 3D style. Somerset show is going to be heavy shopping day for me. Looking for lots of materials I've never used after this thread!!
  14. Here is a few I tied and took to the beach last week. Nothing super special or that talented. The sandeel pattern is with yak hair, tied very long (10"+) and then field modified to length to 'match-the-hatch'. My 'jetty eel' is a large black, heavy fly with trailer hook. I tie this fly in several lengths, 8"/10"/12"....Great pattern for night time or before sunrise around hard rock structure. Its bulky, heavy and very hard to cast! But the payoff is very rewarding, sometimes. My third fly is the first out of the vise version of this fly I ever tied. Its a kinky, sandeel imitation. Not my best tie ever, but with a few repetitions on it, they are much more stream lined and compact. The hook is to large for the pattern (IMO). The overall fly length is 6"+. My next batch will have a different hook and I plan on getting the 'kink' closer to the eye. Low grade pictures, taken with my cell phone. The fishing reports where HOT, so my pictures and ties where quick, down and dirty!!
  15. From the album Fall is here