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  1. Not always catching on AI in recent years but a great 4 days before the blow and rain. 2 drum 2 stripers and 1 blue. Also ran into a few big Ray's and experienced Skate city. All stripers and big drum released. Can't wait till next year!
  2. Miss Harbor Tackle and you both as well. AND I miss Moe❤
  3. Water temp is great. 52 to 55. Just Ocean is dirty from blow. Skates love it though. Threw everything and they hit hit all......... Again skate everywhere in AI. But have never seen a a Ray this size in early May. Hope all gets back to normal soon!
  4. Again skate everywhere on AI. But have never seen a a Ray this size in early May. Hope all gets back to normal soon!
  5. If catching skate was an Olympic sport I would have the gold medal.
  6. Omg. Great to hit OSV today. Caught 1000 tons of Seaweed and loved every minute of it!
  7. Agreed!
  8. I think the air station is the hold up. All we need is wipes, sanitizer as a part of the neccessary equipment (tire gage, tow rope, board, shovel). Or portable hand washing stations could be provided. Ready to lose my mind over this. .....
  9. I can imagine Va Earl's take on the situation. All be careful and tight lines.
  10. Is AI VA side open to fish?
  11. Hello All! Fished AI all last week. Va Earl in my thoughts everyday. Many cheers and toast to a great legend on sand! Kept thinking about his stories of watching the humans set up tents running from the black flys and skeeters at the campground. Makes me smile.
  12. Hope he his well. Saw him last June at Food Lion in Ocean pines. Thanked him for the great memories from the early 70's till now. I remember a zorro hat bike with horn and of course the kazoo.
  13. Hey va earl. All on bunker and blues on mullet. We dug some beautiful fleas lots of eggs. They soaked for a long time untouhed! Good luck with the Jeep!
  14. Hello all, read this forum all the time and have not posted in a while. Took my Brother in law and Son in law to AI 4/28 -5/5 caught 4 big Rocks and 13 blues. 4 citations. Great week. Missed seeing va Earl. Hope pics go through.
  15. From the album Forum Attachments